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Proto:Super Mario Kart/kart */Early Audio

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To do:
Upload missing themes and sounds

Menu Themes

Title Theme

Proto Final

Snare drum is quieter and some instruments are played slightly longer.

Award Ceremony

Proto Final (4th Place)

The theme used when you get rewarded your trophy has a completely unique theme. It sounds very similar to the 4th place ending theme heard in the final game.

Track Themes

Mario Circuit

Proto Final

The snare drum and some other instruments are quieter. Some instruments were also distributed on other sound channels, which can interrupt certain main instruments much more often by soundeffects.

Ghost Valley

Proto Final

Played in a lower tempo. The chord at the beginning is much quieter

Vanilla Lake

Identical to the April 13, 1992 build, but has received some minor changes, such as a different channel placement for instruments, an echo added to the whistle in the second half of the first part, and is missing the tremolo in the organ heard in the second half.

Driver Themes

Peach's Theme

Proto Final

The sampling for the bassline was changed.

Yoshi's Theme

Proto Final

Played in a lower tempo.

Donkey Kong Jr.'s Theme

Proto Final

Uses the same melody as the April 13, 1992 build. This time however, it uses a simpler drumbeat.

Sound Effects

Donut Plains Bridge

The sound effect when crossing the wooden bridges is different.

Flattened Sound

Getting stomped by a Thwomp plays a different sound. Oddly enough, the earlier April 13 build used the final version of the sound.

Proto Final

Enemy Hit

Hitting an enemy with an item plays a slightly lower-pitched sound.


There is an extra taunt heard when Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Koopa Troopa pulls ahead of the player as an opponent. In the final, no sound plays when they pass you.

Ranking Out Warning

On the final lap when you are 5th or below a different sound plays, which is different than the one Lakitu plays when going backwards.

Other Sound Differences

  • The menu theme is still missing the organ instrumentation.
  • Rainbow Road plays Bowser's Castle's music, as the final Rainbow Road music has not been added to the game yet.
  • The Vanilla Lake theme is the same as the April 13, 1992 build, as opposed to the seemingly later undumped prototype, which has a unique song not heard in any leaked prototype or the final release.
  • Placing 2nd-4th plays what would eventually would become the "No Record" jingle heard in Time Trials. In the final, placing 2nd-4th plays the 1st place jingle instead.
  • Going over a bump with a Mushroom causes no sound. In the final, it causes a higher-pitched bump sound.
  • Using Lightning plays no sound.
  • The engine noise throttles down when drifting as if going off the gas.
  • Going the wrong way plays a slightly different Lakitu sound.
  • The sound effects of driving on terrain tiles such as the Donut Plain's grass or Bowser's Castle tiles are different or missing.
  • Using a Boo gives a 'proceed menu' sound when you steal an item and a 'go back to previous menu' sound when stealing no item. Likely placeholder sounds.
  • Finishing does not give the finished sound. Instead, the victory jingle (or defeat) will immediately start playing, proceeded with the character's victory theme.
  • Going over a bump in Choco Island plays the same sound as going over the holes in Donut Plains.