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Proto:Tails and the Music Maker

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tails and the Music Maker.

Prototype 0608

Dated June 9, 1994, the game is nearly completed at this point, though there are some minor differences.

  • The header reads "PUT TITLE HERE".
  • Tails doesn't fly across the Pico screen.
  • A beeping noise plays every time the screen transitions into black or if you decide to play a minigame.
  • The final page's music is completely different.
Proto Final
TailsAndTheMusicMaker-608.png Tails and the Music Maker-title.png

Tails' sprite is much less detailed at this point. The brightness on the title screen is also slightly dimmer, and no "TM" symbol is present. There's also a sound test in the bottom-left corner.

Proto Final
TailsMusicMaker-EarlySonic.png TailsMusicMaker-FinalSonic.png

Sonic's sprite seems to have been drawn from SatAM concept art. This actually makes it more on-model in the prototype.

Prototype 0623

Dated June 24, 1994, this build seems more complete.

  • An additional instrument plays during the title music.
  • Tails still doesn't fly across the Pico screen.