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Proto:Tails and the Music Maker

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tails and the Music Maker.

0608 - June 08, 1994

  • Header reads "PUT TITLE HERE".
  • Tails does not fly across the Pico screen.
  • Tails has a different sprite on the main title screen, and the title has lower brightness than the final.
Prototype Final
TailsAndTheMusicMaker-608.png Tails and the Music Maker-title.png
  • Title screen has a sound test in the bottom left corner.
  • No different music for credits.
  • Completely different music for final page.
  • Different Sonic sprite.
Prototype Final
TailsMusicMaker-EarlySonic.png TailsMusicMaker-FinalSonic.png

0623 - June 24, 1994

  • Additional instrument plays during title music.
  • Tails does not fly across the Pico screen.
  • No different music for credits.