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Proto:The Curse of Monkey Island

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Curse of Monkey Island.

To do:
Rip and compare demo music.

The executable of this Demo is dated April 16, 1997. The final game was released October 31, 1997.


Cutscene Differences
The Monkeys are listening...
Monkey3 demo - skull.gif
Unused Items
Hmmm... no.


  • The opening cutscene is shorter than the final version (see its section for more details).
  • No difficulty select or "Chapter 1" screen.
  • Object names will not appear if you hover the mouse over them.
  • When characters talk, their lips are not synced.
  • There's less sound effects.
  • Guybrush doesn't say anything before cutting the rope with a cutlass.
  • The audio files are more compressed. Conversely, the movie files are actually in a higher quality than the final version.
  • After using the cannon, the animation of Guybrush crashing through the door is in-game instead of a pre-rendered cutscene.
  • Leftovers from the final release, like text about Guybrush's fear of porcelain, animation of tying a rock to a balloon, audio about the pasted skeleton arm, Plunder Island audio about giving Murray back his arm, and Treasure Hold audio were left inside the game's files.

Boot Params

Like the final game, this demo has a special number meant to load to a specific part of the game for testing purposes. Unlike the final game, it doesn't work. The descriptions are written as they appear in the game data.

Param Description Notes
205 beginning the cannon puzzle Plays the intro. While marked as a boot param, any number that's not 1 could be used and it would do the same thing.

Text Changes

Demo Final
Demo Final

Dialogue text placement was modified. The font itself was changed in order to be more easily read.

Demo Final
Demo Final

The verb coin subtitles list the object name right below the verb coin. In the final version, it lists the object and the action at the bottom of the screen. The object font color was also changed.

(Source: dustbin.mixnmojo.co/cmistuff.html)

Unused Graphics


Demo Final
tbullseye-icon bullseye-icon

An unused bullseye cursor can be found inside the files of the demo and final version of the game.

Demo Final
dialog-decrement-icon dialog-decrement-icon
dialog-increment-icon dialog-increment-icon

The dialogue arrows were changed from brown to red.

Demo Final
tnext-page-arrow-icon next-page-arrow-icon
tprev-page-arrow-icon prev-page-arrow-icon

The same change was applied to the page arrows.


Demo Final
Demo Final

The treasure chest was redesigned and refined. The helium balloons' graphics have also been remade. Item highlights were changed from yellow to red.

Placeholder Image


An inventory placeholder image which says "Icon."

Room 1

Base Active
Base Active

This image which appears when using the debugger to go to room 1 is present in the demo as well as in the final game.

Verb Coin

Unused Final
Monkey3demo-unusedcoin.png Monkey3demo-coin.png

An unused, badly drawn version of the verb coin hand.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Dialogue

Player's Inventory

Unused lines about 'Piracy: The LeChuck Way.' Originally, chapter 3 was going to cover this, while 'Chapter 4' would have covered 'Mermaids or Manatees? Does it really matter?'

Audio Filename Transcript
CANNON.014 "'Lice.'"
CANNON.015 "'It's what's for dinner.'"
CANNON.016 "'Chapter 4'"

Wally Dialogue

When first talking to Wally, you need to select pretty much every dialogue option (asking if his eye-patch is real, if his hook is real, if his beard is real, etc.) before Guybrush realizes he is talking to Wally. In the final game, the dialogue triggers were changed and Guybrush realizes sooner.

Example: After asking about his fake beard in the demo, you'll get the "Ya' scurvy sea dog!" option which cannot be accessed in the final game.

Audio Filename Subtitles
WALLYDLG.041 Guybrush: "Ya' scurvy sea dog!"
WALLYDLG.093 Wally: "Oh, yeah?"
WALLYDLG.094 Wally: "Well, I want a cracker!"
WALLYDLG.095 Guybrush: "What kind of comeback is that?"
WALLYDLG.096 Wally: "That's not terrifying?"
WALLYDLG.097 Guybrush: "Not in the least."
WALLYDLG.098 Wally: "How strange."
WALLYDLG.099 Wally: "I'm sure I said it right."

An unused line where Wally clarifies where he got his hand torn off.

Audio Filename Transcript
WALLYDLG.064 "In Madagascar, it was!"

A cut line about Wally's gun.

Audio Filename Transcript
WALLYDLG.080 "You won't be touching this weapon of destruction!"

This unused exchange would have occurred after Guybrush recognizes Wally.

Audio Filename Transcript
WALLYDLG.108 Wally: "How did you know it was me?"
WALLYDLG.109 Guybrush: "You have 'Wally' embroidered on your hat!"
WALLYDLG.110 Wally: "Darn."

Cut Wally lines endorsing the motivational seminars. This would have occurred after Wally says "But thanks to LeChuck's seminars, motivational lectures, and audio books-on-parrot, I've become a vicious corsair!"

Audio Filename Transcript
WALLYDLG.117 "They gave me the skills I needed for a rewarding..."
WALLYDLG.118 "...lucrative career as a pirate!"

Unused Wally threat that would have happened after Guybrush dared him to shoot.

Audio Filename Transcript
WALLYDLG.204 "I'm gonna feed you so full of bullets..."
WALLYDLG.205 "...you'll get a job as a beanbag chair!"

A sad Wally thanks Guybrush.

Audio Filename Transcript
WALLYDLG.223 "Thanks, M-mr. Brush."
WALLYDLG.224 "I'll just be over here."

Treasure Hold

There's placeholder dialogue where Guybrush narrates what happens when he cuts the porthole inside the treasure hold.

Audio Filename Transcript
TREASURE.001 "In this scene, I cut open the porthole."
TREASURE.002 "Then a huge firehose of water will flatten me to the back wall."
TREASURE.003 "Then I'll float up to the top of the ship and climb out."
TREASURE.004 "Like this!"
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Partially Unused Audio

Player's Inventory

This line is heard in-game with a pitch effect after using the helium balloons. Here's what it actually sounds like:

Audio Filename Subtitles
LOGO.002 "That's made my voice sound funny."
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Changed Dialogue

The demo has different audio for certain events.


Guybrush has a different reaction if you try to use cutlass with Wally.

Demo Final
"No." "I don't want to disembowel poor Wally."


If you try to give gaff to Wally:

Demo Final
"Scraping a hook on that would be pointless." "I don't think he'd like that."
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Wally Crying Animation

When Wally is on the floor crying, there is an animation of tears flying from his eyes. This is not present in the final game.