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Proto:The Legend of Zelda/Levels 5-8

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Legend of Zelda.

Level 5

Almost looks like a Tetromino.

Five rooms with changes here in the Lizard Dungeon.

Prototype Pols Voiceseses.
Final Blue nuts.

The Zol room had a complete design change in the final version, and the bomb pickup was turned into a key. The Dodongo room is missing the bomb pickup in the prototype, and the right door is locked.

The bottom-left room was altered to remove the orange Darknuts and Pols Voices. Three blue Darknuts were added in their place. Another complete room overhaul can be seen in the Gibdo Room. The item-carrying Gibdo has a key in the prototype and a bomb in the final build.

Prototype Final
Don't fall in the lava now! Zols reproduce by budding.

Two more Zols, and the key is a 5 Rupee pickup in the final.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Level 6

This dungeon blows.

Various sundry changes in this slog of a dungeon.

Prototype Final
Wizards are bad news. Oh, thanks, I've missed them.

This room, with traps and wizrobes, was changed to feature fireball-spitting statues...and Keese!! The upper door was closed as well.

Prototype Final
Orange you glad they're not all blue? Feeling blue? That's the last color pun, I swear!

Another blue Wizzrobe is present in the upper-left room of the final build, and the bottom door is locked in the prototype. One of the orange Wizzrobes in the upper-right room was changed to a blue Wizzrobe in what will become a common sight throughout this level.

Prototype Final
They're raising the roof! It's happening again!

See? Again, an orange Wizzrobe changed to a blue one.

Prototype Final
A refreshing change of pace. That's a dick move, game.

And yet again, this time in both rooms. Oh, and the bottom room was changed from a distraction to a trap with the addition of a closed door.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Level 7

There's a secret in the tip of the nose!

The Demon Dungeon lives up to its name.

Prototype Final
Guarding all exits. Looks like an arrow. Pointing to DEATH!

This room poses more of a challenge in the final version, with two more Goriyas, and the addition of two fireball statues.

Prototype Final
Goriya overload! Scaling back on resources.

In an odd reversal, the prototype actually has two more enemies than the final version does. This could either be a straight difficulty change, or a change for peformance issues. Firing a projectile in this room will slow down the game.

Prototype Final
Maybe the skeletons are hungry. Grumble, grumble..

All rooms with Goriyas had one orange and blue Goriya removed. The room with the hungry Goriya isn't present in the prototype, making the Meat item completely useless. The locked room was moved from the upper-right to the bottom-right room, and the key in said room was changed to a 5 rupee pickup. Four fireball statues can be found in the final releases' Digdogger room.

Prototype There's too many of them!
Final Still a bit much.

Yet more enemy removal in the Orange and Blue Goriya rooms. The Rupee bonus room doesn't have a black floor in the prototype, something that was fixed for the final release. The upper-right room is missing all enemies in the prototype.

Prototype This is the right hand for the job!
Final Dodongo dislikes floor tiles.

There's no prize in the Moldorm room, making the room pointless. Two fireball statues were added to the Dodongo room, and the sand removed. The Wall Master room was made more challenging with more narrow passages.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Level 8

Out like a lion. Wait..

The last dungeon, or is it?!


Prototype Final
If only there were more fireballs in this room. Fireball danmaku.

Since this game still didn't have enough fireball-shooting statues, two more were added to the first Manhandla room.

Prototype Final
Hmm.. Harder enemy configuration go!

This seems familiar. The orange Darknuts and Pols Voices were removed and replaced with 3 blue Darknuts. Oh, and even more fireball statues. All open doors are closed by default in the final version.

Prototype Final
Hmm.. Harder enemy configuration go! Again!

See above.

Prototype Final
Darknuts-a-poppin'! Balls of fire!

The pickup in the upper room was changed from a key to a bomb. This change was due to both locked doors turning into closed doors.

Oh, and four more fireball shooters.

Prototype Final
A nice dungeon lake. Damn it, we can't have nice things!

This room design was changed. Why? Fireball statues, of course! That should be obvious by now.

(Source: Original TCRF research)