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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/iQue

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

To do:
Add full file paths for everything (or at least everything that isn't in the standard directories)
This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Add a description of what this is and how this got leaked.

Dump all your content here. GlitterBerri will organize. Make more categories if needed.

Useful Links:


ROM Versions

  • ROM_C: C++ ROM
  • ROM_D: Debug ROM for use on an emulator board
  • ROM_F: Final ROM
  • ROM_S: Show ROM
  • ROM_X: Debug ROM for use on real hardware

Unused Functions

Player Abilities

z_ocarina2/z_player.h contains a number of items of interest in its many sections.

Status Flags 1

The following two entries are commented out of the list.

#define	P_ACTION_TURN			(1<<1)	/* Turning Flag */
#define	P_ACTION_FIGHT			(1<<2)	/* Battle Mode Flag */

Player Ability Classes

While nothing in the item list below is commented out, z_player.h has numerous references to items being on A. As such, it clearly dates from a time when players could set an item to a C button, then press the C button to transfer it to and use it by pressing A. 

A Button Items

Enum Name Notes
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_DARK_BOW Magic arrows removed from the final game.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_TWISTAR_BOW Magic arrows removed from the final game. Misspelling of "Twister", relating to the Forest Medallion once being a Wind Medallion.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_SOUL_BOW Magic arrows removed from the final game.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_ICE_MEDAL Magic ability removed from the final game. Relates to the Water Medallion once being an Ice Medallion.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_LIGHT_MEDAL Magic ability removed from the final game.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_DARK_MEDAL Magic ability either reworked into Nayru's Love or removed from the final game.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_TWISTAR_MEDAL Magic ability removed from the final game. Misspelling of "Twister", relating to the Forest Medallion once being a Wind Medallion.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_SOUL_MEDAL Magic ability removed from the final game.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_FIRE_MEDAL Magic ability either reworked into Nayru's Love or removed from the final game.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_HANDY_COCK This unfortunate item name stems from the Pocket Cucco being called "Cucco That Sits on Your Hand" in Japanese.
PLAYER_ABILITY_A_ITEM_MAGIC_GRASS Misspelling of Magic Glass, the Lens of Truth.

This list of boot abilities is found directly below the item list above. Nothing akin to the Pegasus Boots exists in Ocarina of Time, but putting on the Bunny Hood in Majora's Mask does cause Link's speed to increase.

enum {

Compass Display

To do:
Add more info from the patent and about what functionality remains, incorporate the notes below, and get this working in-game.
the home field of the player struct looks interesting
they might've wanted to change the direction the compass points to during gameplay
the code at the bottom implies it would just point "north" when you're outside of a dungeon
(although if you removed the #if 0s the code at the bottom would still never run)

I feel like there might just be a missing } before the "yes field" conditional.
Or well, a misplaced } rather

in a dungeon it would appear white and outdoors it would appear blueish

so if you look at the code
compass_modelT is used when the room type is ROOM_TYPE_FIELD gets colored by IREG 75 to 78, which are 100,100,255,255 (RGBA) by default
for other room types (although the code is slightly broken) it uses tetra_model with IREG 85 to 88 which are 255,255,255,255 by default
so the compass "4" gets colored blueish and the tetra model is just white
shown outside and inside of dungeons respectively (assuming that's what room type field means)
not sure if that clears it up

I wonder if this compass was meant to point you to treasures in a dungeon; that is, be literally the compass item you get in every dungeon.
Or at least help you find them.
oh it uses different models for dungeons and non-dungeons too
"tetra" vs "compass"
and i think it would appear semi-transparent at your feet and point with a fixed length

compas_model is literally a single triangle
it uses G_TRI1 once and returns

no because the draw function just takes link's coordinates
the sx sy sz sr stuff is for computing the angle

iirc the home position is used for collision as well
since trying to change only your world coordinate to teleport somewhere will typically result in you just slamming into a wall since it presumably draws a line between the two points during collision checking

#define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_GROUND         (1)     /* On Ground */  having this bit on is another requirement for getting the compass to display.

Assuming you can only have one ENVIRONMENT_INFO enabled at a time, then these states don't let you see the compass: 

> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_LANDING        (1<<1)  /* Moment of Landing */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_GROUND_LEAVE   (1<<2)  /* Moment of Leaving Ground */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_WALL           (1<<3)  /* Collide w/ Wall */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_ROOF           (1<<4)  /* Collide w/ Ceiling */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_WATER          (1<<5)  /* In Water */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_WATER_DIVE     (1<<6)  /* Moment of Hitting Water */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_GROUND_HIT     (1<<7)  /* Collide w/ Floor */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_SANDWICH       (1<<8)  /* Between Ceiling & Floor */
> #define ENVIRONMENT_INFO_FRONT_WALL     (1<<9)  /* (Player Exclusive) */

(Source: jrra, notwa, GlitterBerri)

Quest System Patent

While it seems that the developers didn't end up implementing all of its features in the game, the full intended functionality of this scrapped system is actually outlined in an old patent that Nintendo applied for on 1997/11/20, during the middle of development.

OoT-Compass Patent Fig 13.png

According to the patent, the user would have the ability to place a marker from the menu screen.

OoT-Compass Patent Fig 08.png

The game would be able to simultaneously track a target, a marker set by the player, and the cardinal directions of north and south.

To paraphrase the patent, the target could include an article, such as an essential item (e.g., a treasure, weapon, etc.) that the player would be required to obtain; as well as a destination, such as a destination for an article to be delivered, a goal point, an exit, etc., to which where the player has to proceed.

The "marker" could refer to a sign which is to be put at a point, e.g., an entrance, etc., which the player has passed at least once. The player could use the marker to help them easily find their way back.

OoT-Compass Patent Fig 21.png

This system could be used in conjunction with the minimap to help a player used to 2D games to find their way around the 3D environments of the game.

(While the map in this illustration appears to be Room 1 of Fstdan, the mini-map seems to depict an early version of the first floor of Dodongo's Cavern.)


To do:
What does this code do? Once its function is described, maybe it's better to remove the source code from the page.

Searching for "compass", "コンパス", and "mark_model" in the file z_actor.c reveals some disabled code for a compass display.

 *	Actor Data Class Construct


#if 0    
     * Compass Data (For Debugging)
    IREG(75) = 100;
    IREG(76) = 100;
    IREG(77) = 255;
    IREG(78) = 255;
    IREG(79) =  70;

    IREG(80) = -25;

    IREG(85) = 255;
    IREG(86) = 255;
    IREG(87) = 255;
    IREG(88) = 255;
    IREG(89) = 40;

    IREG(90) = 0;
    IREG(91) = -40;
#if 0
 *	Compass Display

extern Gfx compas_model[];
extern Gfx compass_modelT[];
extern Gfx tetra_model[];

static void compas_draw(
    Game_play 	  *game_play,
    xyz_t	  *center,
    float	  scale,
    float     	  offset_r,
    float     	  offset_h,
    short     	  rx,
    short     	  ry,
    unsigned char r,
    unsigned char g,
    unsigned char b,
    unsigned char a,
    Gfx		  *shape
    gDPSetPrimColor(NEXT_DISP, 0, 1,
		     center->y + offset_h,
    Matrix_rotateY(((float)ry * ((2.0f * F_PI)/65536.0f)), MULT_MTX);
    Matrix_rotateX(((float)rx * ((2.0f * F_PI)/65536.0f)), MULT_MTX);
    Matrix_scale(scale, scale, scale, MULT_MTX);
    gSPMatrix(NEXT_DISP, Matrix_to_Mtx_new(game_play->g.graph), G_MTX_MODELVIEW | G_MTX_LOAD | G_MTX_NOPUSH);
    gSPDisplayList(NEXT_DISP, shape);
 *	Actor Display (actor.h not access "Game_play" !!)


#if 0    
     * Compass Display
    if ( game_play-> != ROOM_TYPE_FIELD &&	/* Display Fixed Compass (N)? */
	 bitcheck(player_actor->actor.environment_info, ENVIRONMENT_INFO_GROUND) &&
	 !bitcheck(player_actor->action, P_ACTION_DONT_COMPAS) ) {	/* Compass Display OK? */
	sx = player_actor->actor.home.position.x - player_actor->;
	sy = player_actor->actor.home.position.y - player_actor->;
	sz = player_actor->actor.home.position.z - player_actor->;
	sr = sqrtf((sx * sx) + (sz * sz));

	compas_draw(game_play,					/* Target Compass */
		    atans_table(sr, -sy), atans_table(sz, sx),
		    (unsigned char)IREG(85),
		    (unsigned char)IREG(86),
		    (unsigned char)IREG(87),
		    (unsigned char)IREG(88),

#if 0	
	if ( game_play-> == ROOM_TYPE_FIELD ) {	/* Display Fixed Compass (N)? */

	    compas_draw(game_play,					/*  Fixed Compass (N) */
			0, 0,
			(unsigned char)IREG(75),
			(unsigned char)IREG(76),
			(unsigned char)IREG(77),
			(unsigned char)IREG(78),


To do:
What does this code do? Once its function is described, maybe it's better to remove the source code from the page.


To do:
Is this the same as the gameplay_keep mark_model?

The leak contains an object called zelda_marker which isn't present in the final game.


Models and textures for the compass display can still be found in the final game's gameplay_keep:

Filename Identification
compas_model A single, textureless triangle.
compas_v Vertices for compas_model.
compass_v Vertices for compass_modelT.
compass_modelT A single triangle that uses the texture c_north_txt. When the player was outside of a dungeon, it would have pointed north using the "4" texture in c_north_txt. When the player was inside a dungeon, it would point towards a "home" position, which still exists in the actor struct. In this case, the "home" position would be where Link was a frame earlier.
mark_v Vertices for mark_model.
tetra_v Vertices for tetra_model.
tetra_model Four triangles with no texture.
c_north_txt The texture used by compass_modelT.


To do:
What does this code do? Once its function is described, maybe it's better to remove the source code from the page. Given that the top of the file says "Generic Soft Sprite Effect for Defeat by Enemy", does that mean the compass would have shattered when you were killed?

The leak contains a header file for an effect file that appears to have been removed from the final game. Ocarina of Time contains ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Db, ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Dd, ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Ds, and ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Sound, but not ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead or ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Dk.

The header file contains commented-out code for a compass shatter effect.

#if 0
    /* Move to z_eff_ss_dead_dk.h */
 * Generic Compass Shape Shatter Data Set 1
extern void Effect_SS_Dk_ct0(
    Game *game,
    xyz_t *ppos,
    xyz_t *pvec,
    xyz_t *pacc,
    short sc,
    short sc_deff,
    int      frame);
 * Generic Compass Shape Shatter Data Set 2
extern void Effect_SS_Dk_ct1(
    Game *game,
    xyz_t *ppos,
    short sc,
    short sc_deff,
    float size,
    int      count,
    int      frame);

Early Flag List

Early Flag List
Old plot progression and cut events ahoy!

Early Text Routine

Early Text Routine
A much more cumbersome way of handling dialogue.

Early Fishing Experiment

To do:
Is it possible to get this working?

A file called z_actor.h in the folder z_ocarina2 contains the following commit log note.

* Revision 1.204  1998-04-09 23:36:13+09  morita
*       For those who want to know the secrets of the secret project I'm
*       working on, put 1 in SEX(69) (using controller 2, hold R and press
*       L 6 times), then select "79: Water Temple Boss"....
*       When you do... there are details on the control scheme in 
*       /home/morita/JOY_FILES/secret.lst

The source code indicates that a memory register called SEX, known as Rs in the Debug ROM, was named by Kazuaki Morita. Morita is credited with the programming the bosses in Ocarina of Time. Additionally, according to an Iwata Asks interview celebrating the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, the Fishing Pond was also his side-project and brain child.

Morita: The Water Temple is in Lake Hylia. Aonuma-san designed that dungeon. The boss that appears there is Morpha. Just when I was making that, there was a landform like a pool.

Iwata: Morpha rises up out of the pool and fights Link.

Morita: Right. When I was making that boss, I casually…

Iwata: "Casually"? (laughs) I doubt you had that kind of time!

Morita: But for some reason I did. (laughs)

Morita: I just happened to have a model of a fish, so…

Iwata: You "just happened" to have it? (laughs)

Morita: Yes! (laughs) A model of a fish for putting in an empty bottle. I borrowed that and had it swim in the pool in the dungeon, and when I saw it swimming around, I thought, "Oh! I can go fishing!"

Iwata: What did you do for a fishing pole?

Morita: I took the model for something and made it a cylinder, and then… (gestures as if casting a fishing pole)

Haruhana: You used the motion for Link swinging his sword.

The aforementioned note seems to be instructions from Morita to the other staff for checking out the in-progress version of the fishing functionality he was working on. Following the instructions in the note verbatim produces no noticeable results upon entering Morpha's boss room from the Map Select screen, regardless of Link's age. Even with SEX69 (Rs69) [no comment...] set to 1, the Morpha battle starts as normal. This may indicate that the "secret" that was accessible via this method may have been removed sometime in the 7 months between the commit log note and the game's release.

However, one additional point to keep in mind is that the Water Temple Boss is now number 80 in the Map Select options, while the Water Temple is number 79. This may indicate that Morita's fishing preview was created at a time before the boss rooms were split off from their temples into separate map files, as they are in the final game. As such, if one were to attempt to enter Room 0x16 of the Water Temple (the boss transition room) without automatically being loaded into the map file for Morpha's boss room in the final game, one could still see the intended effect.

Spawn an Arwing

To do:
Add the chest spawn stuff from Link's actor, too.

The source code indicates that a memory register called KAZ, known as RK in the Debug ROM, was named after Kazuaki Morita. Morita is credited with the programming the bosses in Ocarina of Time.

A file called z_actor.c in the folder z_ocarina2 contains the following code used for spawning the Arwing.

    if(KAZ(0) == -100) { /* Treasure Chest Fail Test */
    Player_actor    *pla = (Player_actor *)get_player_actor(game_play);
    KAZ(0) = 0;
    /* Secret Set */
                  (Game *)game_play,
                  pla-> + 100.0f,

As it suggests, setting KAZ00 (RK00) to -100 spawns an Arwing above the player, then rolls the value back around to 0.

Unused Resources

Actors & Objects

OoT-Iron Knuckle Eyes.png
Unused Actors & Objects
Some of the earliest content ever made for the game.


Grab some popcornǃ z_ocarina/data/shape2/zelda_tool_scene contains several early and unused cutscene files that aren't present in the final game. Many of these cutscenes contain outdated music or message IDs from an earlier point of development.

Ice Cavern

Serenade of Water

Link learns the Serenade of Water and holds a music note above his head, which isn't loaded since the object ID is missing from the object list. This scene is from zelda_tool_scene/Ice_doukutu/ice_doukuto_demo00.o.

Temple of Time

Meeting Sheik

The famous 40-second pre-release footage showing Link and Sheik in the Temple of Time can now be seen, with contextǃ This cutscene is in zelda_tool_scene/Tokinoma/tokinoma_dm_siku.o and shows Sheik's first encounter, where Link is bestowed knowledge of his upcoming quest.

Early Footage Loaded in Final

Early Minuet of Forest

Link walks all the way back to the Temple of Time in order to learn the Minuet of Forest, presumably after trying to find his friend Saria. From zelda_tool_scene/Tokinoma/tokinoma_dm_zd.o.

Song of Time

The temple altar taught Link the Song of Time at one point during development. Upon learning it, the Door of Time opens, allowing Link to obtain the Master Sword. As seen in zelda_tool_scene/Tokinoma/tokinoma_dm_tama.o.

Sacred Forest Meadow

Minuet of Forest

An early take on Link learning the Minuet of Forest. Portions of this cutscene can be seen in pre-release footage. Found in zelda_tool_scene/Spot05/spot05_demo00.o.

Death Mountain Crater

Bolero of Fire

This cutscene is in a very rough state. Due to some incompatible coding (possibly around Sheik's early object being replaced) Sheik does not appear. Found in zelda_tool_scene/Spot17/spot17_demo_00.o

Zora's Fountain

Zora's Sapphire

Princess Ruto excitedly shouts Link's name after completing Jabu Jabu's Belly. She swims at a lower depth, and the text is missing where Link ponders how he doesn't know what she's talking about with "her most precious possession". Found in zelda_tool_scene/Spot08/spot08_demo00.o.

Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia is Restored

Apparently someone believed in Link before Prince Sidon did in Breath of the Wild. During a touching moment when Lake Hylia is restored, Sheik instills confidence that Link will succeed with his quest. This can be seen in zelda_tool_scene/Spot06/spot06_demo00.o.

Desert Colossus

Requiem of Spirit

This cutscene looks mostly complete, aside from Sheik's absence, possibly owing to an incompatible object code.

Kokiri Forest


The introductory cutscene is mostly consistent with the final, but check out Navi's alternate flight path toward the end. She is keenly observing Link's home, and might even be hesitant to meet him. From zelda_tool_scene/Spot04/spot04_demo03.o.

Chamber of Sages

First Visit

Link encounters a denial-of-service attack, as the Sacred Realm is not yet ready to serve him. This is yet another cutscene containing outdated message IDs. From zelda_tool_scene/Kenjyanoma/Kenjyanoma_demo01.o. All of Rauru's original text for this scene was repurposed for the final game. The textboxes that the cutscene contain expect context sensitive actions which can't occur, therefore loop. If some of the textboxes are set to dummy variables, we can see that it appears to be another variant of the awakening cutscene, though the camera is oddly low when Link is looking himself over.

Castle Courtyard

Zelda's Lullaby

New angles for learning the song, and Link once again holds a music note above his head (not loaded due to missing object ID). From zelda_tool_scene/Nakaniwa/nakaniwa_demo01.o.

Gerudo Fortress

Ending Credits

Blink and you'll miss it. The ending credit scene in z_ocarina/data/shape2/zelda_scene/Spot12_OLD(ver2)/spot12_demo01.o doesn't pan quite as far as the final version, making the duration slightly shorter. It doesn't show the wall on the far left.

End-of-pan Early End-of-pan Final
Zelda OoT SPOT12 01 early spot12 demo01.png Zelda OoT SPOT12 01 final.png



z_parameter_h.h contains early names for some items, as well as identifications for others that were dummied out of the final item list.

ID Filename Description Translation Final Name
0A H_S_hookshot 10『ショート・フックショット』 10: "Short Hookshot" Hookshot
0B H_L_hookshot 11『ロング・フックショット』 11: "Long Hookshot" Longshot
0F H_magicglass 15『まことの虫メガネ』 15: "Magnifying Glass of Truth" Lens of Truth
1B H_bottle_7 27『ルトの手紙』 27: "Ruto's Letter" Letter
1C H_bottle_8 28『炎』 28: "Fire" Blue Fire
37 H_reserve_30 55 大人『ゴロン刀引換券』 55: Adult "Goron's Sword Claim Check" Claim Check
3B H_sword_0 59『ナイフ』 59: "Knife" Kokiri Sword
50 H_bracelet 80『銅のブレスレット』 80: "Bronze Bracelet" Goron's Bracelet
56 H_purse_2 86『大人のがま口』 86: "Adult's Purse" Adult's Wallet
57 H_purse_3 87『大金持ちがま口』 87: "Wealthy Man's Purse" Giant's Wallet
5A H_melody_1 90『風のメヌエット』 90: "Minuet of Wind" Minuet of Forest
66 H_seal_medal_1 102『サリアの封印』 102: "Saria's Seal" Forest Medallion
67 H_seal_medal_2 103『ダルニアの封印』 103: "Darunia's Seal" Fire Medallion
68 H_seal_medal_3 104『ルトの封印』 104: "Ruto's Seal" Water Medallion
69 H_seal_medal_4 105『ナボールの封印』 105: "Nabooru's Seal" Spirit Medallion
6A H_seal_medal_5 106『インパの封印』 106: "Impa's Seal" Shadow Medallion
6B H_seal_medal_6 107『ラウルの封印』 107: "Rauru's Seal" Light Medallion
71 H_N_coin 113『Nコイン』 113: "N Coin" Gold Skulltula
76 H_map 118『マップ』 118: "Map" Dungeon Map
77 H_key 119『ダンジョンの鍵』*/ 119: "Dungeon Key" Small Key
7A H_heart_1 122『ハートの欠片(1/4)』 122: "Piece of Heart (1/4)" Piece of Heart
7B H_heart_2 123『ハートの欠片(2/4)』 123: "Piece of Heart (2/4)" [Removed]
7C H_heart_3 124『ハートの欠片(3/4)』 124: "Piece of Heart (3/4)" [Removed]
7D H_note_1 125『音符:上』 125: "Note: Up" [Removed]
7E H_note_2 126『音符:下』 126: "Note: Down" [Removed]
7F H_note_3 127『音符:左』 127: "Note: Left" [Removed]
80 H_note_4 128『音符:右』 128: "Note: Right" [Removed]
81 H_note_5 129『音符:A』 129: "Note: A" [Removed]
87 H_rupy03 135『大ルピー(50ルピー)』 135: "Big Rupee (50 Rupees)" Purple Rupee
89 H_rupy05 137『銀のルピー(10ルピー)』 137: "Silver Rupee (10 Rupees)" [Removed]

Additionally, Silver Rupees are worth 5, not 10, in the final game.


3D Maps

OoT room 9 0.png
3D Maps
Unused and alternate 3D maps.

File Select Map

To do:
Add proper image when one gets uploaded.

OoT room 9 0.png
File Select Map
A very, very early Map Select.


OoT-Unused Prerender.jpg
Unused and early versions of prerendered maps.

Alternate Scene Setups

OoT bdan DD bak 0 0.png
Alternate Scene Setups
Lots of interesting actor and object setups.

Removed Maps

The following maps are referred to by text only, and no other leftovers of them are currently known to remain.


This map is mentioned in the commit logs of z_ocarina2/src/spec. It was added to the game on 1997/05/22 by chief programmer Kenzō Hayakawa.


This map is mentioned in the commit logs of z_ocarina2/src/spec.segment. It's unknown when it was added to the game, but it was removed on 1998/04/08 by Hayakawa.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


This map is commented out in the "Set Message Test" portion of z_actor.c, indicating that it was removed prior to the removal of K_HOME, K_HOME2, and LONRON, to which this section of code refers as though they were still part of the game.

Based on the naming scheme of the final game, where the suffix-less version of a scene (e.g. "MARKET_ALLEY") is the daytime version, the _N suffixed version (e.g. "MARKET_ALLEY_N") is the nighttime version, and the _R suffixed version is the ruined Adult Link version, it can be inferred that the "MARKET_ALLEY_R" scene would have been a ruined version of the Back Alley. In the final game, the entrances to the back alley in the Hyrule Castle Town market are blocked off with rubble when the city is in ruins.


This map is commented out in the "Set Message Test" portion of z_actor.c, indicating that it was removed prior to the removal of K_HOME, K_HOME2, and LONRON, to which this section of code refers as though they were still part of the game. It may have been renamed to or replaced by LONRON_SHOP.


See house_a2.


See house_a2.


This map is mentioned in the NATURAL SOUND INIT FLAG section of audio_game.h.

#define NA_NS_INIT_SPOT14       0x0e


This map is commented out in the "Set Message Test" portion of z_actor.c, indicating that it was removed prior to the removal of K_HOME, K_HOME2, and LONRON, to which this section of code refers as though they were still part of the game.

It is listed as being part of the Death Mountain maps and thus using message bank 0x3000.

    case SPOT16:
    case SPOT17:
    case SPOT18:
////////    case SPOT19:
    case DDAN_BOSS:
    case HIDAN:
    case FIRE_BOSS:
    mes_b = 0x3000;

It is also mentioned in the NATURAL SOUND INIT FLAG section of audio_game.h.

#define NA_NS_INIT_SPOT19       0x13



Early Equipment Screen and Medal Icons

There are some early equipment subscreen icons that were found in the files of Majora's Mask, located in z_majora\data\shape\TEXTURE\DMA_MAKE\ICON_ITEM\others\rgb.

We can barely detect them in photographs of Shigeru Miyamoto taken during SpaceWorld 1997.

ZeldaOoT-Prerelease Cart EGMmag.jpg
Filename Texture
MM h ep 0.png
MM h ep 1.png
MM h ep 2.png
MM h ep 3.png
MM h mb 0.png


The file contains unused textures visible in an old screenshot released in April 1997.

OoT-April Interface NPS.jpg
OoT zelda tool rom 0.png
OoT zelda tool rom 1.png
OoT zelda tool rom 2.png

64DD Tag

OoT-H file 64dd.png

A Disk Drive icon which would have been part of the file select screen, possibly under File 3.

Fishing Lure

A hard-coded image in unused code within z_fishing.c at line 9327.

Test rua lure txt.png


Dungeon Minimaps


The file contains the textures for the dungeon map subscreen of the _dd / _ddtes dungeons. Each texture is split into "l_" and "r_" files, so the images below show them stitched together.


The file contains the textures for the onscreen dungeon minimap of the _dd / _ddtes dungeons.

Both files also include textures for the regular Ice Cavern, which are not included in the list below.

Inside the Deku Tree

Filename Texture
OoT Dd ydan 1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_ydan_00_txt OoT dd ydan 00 txt.png

Dodongo's Cavern

Filename Texture
Dd ddan 1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_ddan_00_txt OoT dd ddan 00 txt.png
dd_ddan_01_txt OoT dd ddan 01 txt.png
dd_ddan_02_txt OoT dd ddan 02 txt.png

Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Filename Texture
OoT Dd bdan 1 txt4 0.png
OoT Dd bdan b1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_bdan_00_txt OoT dd bdan 00 txt.png
dd_bdan_01_txt OoT dd bdan 01 txt.png
dd_bdan_02_txt OoT dd bdan 02 txt.png
dd_bdan_03_b1_txt OoT dd bdan 03 b1 txt.png
dd_bdan_03_txt OoT dd bdan 03 txt.png

Forest Temple

Filename Texture
OoT Dd Bmori 1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_Bmori_00_txt OoT dd Bmori 00 txt.png
dd_Bmori_01_txt OoT dd Bmori 01 txt.png
dd_Bmori_02_txt OoT dd Bmori 02 txt.png

Fire Temple

Filename Texture
OoT Dd HIDAN 1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_HIDAN_00_txt OoT dd HIDAN 00 txt.png
dd_HIDAN_01_txt OoT dd HIDAN 01 txt.png
dd_HIDAN_02_txt OoT dd HIDAN 02 txt.png

Water Temple

Filename Texture
OoT Dd MIZUsin 1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_MIZUsin_00_txt OoT dd MIZUsin 00 txt.png
dd_MIZUsin_01_txt OoT dd MIZUsin 01 txt.png
dd_MIZUsin_02_txt OoT dd MIZUsin 02 txt.png

Spirit Temple

Filename Texture
OoT Dd jyasinzou 1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_jyasinzou_00_txt OoT dd jyasinzou 00 txt.png
dd_jyasinzou_01_txt OoT dd jyasinzou 01 txt.png
dd_jyasinzou_02_txt OoT dd jyasinzou 02 txt.png

Bottom of the Well

Filename Texture
Dd hakadan ch b1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_hakadan_ch_00_txt OoT dd hakadan ch 00 txt.png
dd_hakadan_ch_01_txt OoT dd hakadan ch 01 txt.png

Shadow Temple

Filename Texture
OoT Dd hakadan b1 txt4 0.png
Filename Texture
dd_hakadan_00_txt OoT dd hakadan 00 txt.png
dd_hakadan_01_txt OoT dd hakadan 01 txt.png
dd_hakadan_02_txt OoT dd hakadan 02 txt.png

Overworld Minimaps

To do:
Compare differences.

The file map_grand.o contains old versions of the overworld minimaps seen in prerelease screenshots. They seem to be based on renders of the map and drawn over by hand. Playable area appears to be outlined in black.

Hyrule Field

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Hyrule-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Hyrule Minimap Final.png

The earlier minimap is missing the overhangs near the entrances to Kakariko and Gerudo Valley, which also exhibits other missing terrain features that can be seen in the final version.

Kakariko Village

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Kakariko-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Kakariko Village.png

The earlier minimap shows several differences, such as the missing gate to Death Mountain Trail and the location of the well besides the potion shop instead in front of the windmill, which itself also shows no playable area behind it. There is no visible fencing where the Cucco Lady would be and in the area between the bazaar and potion shop.


Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Graveyard-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Graveyard (Shadow Temple explored).png

There seem to be two additional small fences besides the path to the Royal Family's Tomb.

Zora's River

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-River-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Zora's River.png

The shortcut to the Lost Woods seems to be missing.

Kokiri Forest

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Kokiri-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Kokiri Forest.png

The earlier minimap lacks the maze where you get the Kokiri Sword and also shows another house where the Kokiri Training Area would be. There is no trace of the small pond in front of the passage that leads to the Deku Tree and the pillars connected by small bridges near Saria's Home are also missing.

Sacred Forest Meadow

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Meadow-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Sacred Forest Meadow.png

The earlier minimap seems to lack the maze and shows a slightly larger entrance area.

Lake Hylia

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Lake-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Lake Hylia.png

The fishing pond and the place where Link would get the fire arrows are both missing.

Zora's Domain

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-ZoraDomain-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Zora's Domain.png
OoT-Zora Pillar NCL.jpg

The spiral ramp that leads up to King Zora's chamber is completely surrounded by water, whereas in the final version it's connected with one path to the entrance and another one leading around the structure to the Zora Shop. The platform in front of King Zora is shaped differently and the hallway leading to Zora's Fountain heads to the right, instead to the left in the final version. The small isle and the pillar in the water also seem to be missing.

Zora's Fountain

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-ZoraFountain-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Zora's Fountain.png

There is a longer pathway coming from the entrance which leads to the place where Jabu-Jabu would be on the left side and to a longer passage on the right side. The top of the map shows an larger area where the entrance to the Ice Cavern would be and it looks like the trees in the water are located in front of that area instead at the bottom of the map.

Gerudo Valley (Child)

Early Minimap Final Minimap

Gerudo Valley (Adult - Bridge Broken)

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-ValleyBridgeless-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Gerudo Valley (broken bridge).png

Gerudo Valley (Adult - Bridge Intact)

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-ValleyAdultBridge-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Gerudo Valley.png

Desert Colossus

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Colossus-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Desert Colossus.png

Gerudo's Fortress

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Fortress-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Gerudo's Fortress (Horseback area explored).png

The guarded gate in the path to the Haunted Wasteland seems to be missing.

Hyrule Castle

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-CastleOutside-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Hyrule Castle Exterior.png

There is no walkable terrain where Link would climb up the vines to sneak around the gatekeeper and the soldiers in front of Hyrule Castle.

Ganon's Castle (No Bridge)

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-GanonCastleOutside-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Ganon's Castle Exterior.png

Ganon's Castle (Bridge)

Early Minimap Final Minimap

Death Mountain Trail

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-MountainTrail-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Death Mountain Trail.png

Death Mountain Crater

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-Crater-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Death Mountain Crater.png

The central area where the warp pedestral is located, features a slightly different shape and the bridge leading to it is not broken. There also seems to be an alcove on the bottom left which cannot be seen in the final map. Only two platforms are visible in the lava area, the third one is missing.

Goron City

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-GoronCity-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Goron City.png

Lon-Lon Ranch

Early Minimap Final Minimap
OoT-LonLon-OLD-Minimap.png OoT-Minimap-Lon Lon Ranch.png

The storage tower is not visible in the earlier version of the minimap.

Place Names

z_ocarina/data/shape2 contains a file called zelda_scene_name, and another called zelda_scene_name2. While both hold location name textures, the former is an earlier version of the latter.

First off, zelda_scene_name contains g_pn_01 to g_pn_45, while zelda_scene_name2 contains g_pn_01 to g_pn_57. The former is missing location text for the following places:

Royal Family's Tomb
Fairy's Fountain
Fishing Pond
Bombchu Bowling Alley
Thieves' Hideout
Happy Mask Shop
Treasure Box Shop
Sacred Forest Meadow
Gerudo's Fortress
Bottom of the Well
Desert Colossus
Bombchu Shop

(The "?" is used in the windmill.)

Because the mini-game locations were some of the last areas added during development, it is not surprising that their names are among the textures missing from the earlier version of the file. However, as spots like the Sacred Forest Meadow, Gerudo's Fortress, and the Desert Colossus existed for a large part of the game's development, their absence is more curious.

In addition to these missing textures, zelda_scene_name features some alternate titles or spellings for location names that exist in zelda_scene_name2.

zelda_scene_name zelda_scene_name2 Notes
Filename Texture Filename Texture
g_pn_15 OoT Leak-zsn g pn 15.png g_pn_15 OoT Leak-zsn2 g pn 15.png The former literally translates to "Target Shooting Place", while the latter literally translates to "Target Hitting Shop".
g_pn_27 OoT Leak-zsn g pn 27.png g_pn_25 OoT Leak-zsn2 g pn 25.png The former leaves off the optional and assumed hiragana character "ri" in the word "hakamori" (gravekeeper).
g_pn_33 OoT Leak-zsn g pn 33.png g_pn_31 OoT Leak-zsn2 g pn 31.png The former translates to "Kokiri Village", while the latter is the familiar "Kokiri Forest".

Finally, and of most interest, zelda_scene_name contains a few location names that aren't in the final game at all.

Filename Texture Translation Notes
g_pn_19 OoT Leak-zsn g pn 19.png My House This texture reads "bokunchi", a cute and childish way of saying "boku no uchi", which translates to "My House".
Link's House has no location text in the final game.
g_pn_23 OoT Leak-zsn g pn 23.png Talon's Shop Location text for the removed shop at Lon Lon Ranch.
g_pn_24 OoT Leak-zsn g pn 24.png Adult Shop Location text which may have been used for the Adult version of the Bazaar once it has relocated from the Market to Kakariko Village,
which uses a separate object set rather than a separate map in the final game.



To do:
Find a better formatting and add in-game images of both versions.

Earlier versions of the textures from the vr_cloud*_static files.

Prerelease Final
Filename Texture Filename Texture
h_bg_cloud0_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 f txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud0_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 f txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud0_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 b txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud0_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 b txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud0_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 l txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud0_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 l txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud0_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 r txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud0_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 r txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud0_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 t txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud0_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 t txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud0_u_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud0 u txt 0 back.png
Prerelease Final
Filename Texture Filename Texture
h_bg_cloud1_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 f txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud1_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 f txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud1_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 b txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud1_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 b txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud1_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 l txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud1_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 l txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud1_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 r txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud1_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 r txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud1_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 t txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud1_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 t txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud1_u_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud1 u txt 0 back.png
Prerelease Final
Filename Texture Filename Texture
h_bg_cloud2_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 f txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud2_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 f txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud2_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 b txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud2_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 b txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud2_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 l txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud2_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 l txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud2_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 r txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud2_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 r txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud2_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 t txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud2_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 t txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud2_u_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud2 u txt 0 back.png
Prerelease Final
Filename Texture Filename Texture
h_bg_cloud3_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 f txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud3_f_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 f txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud3_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 b txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud3_b_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 b txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud3_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 l txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud3_l_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 l txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud3_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 r txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud3_r_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 r txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud3_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 t txt 0 back.png h_bg_cloud3_t_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 t txt 0.png
h_bg_cloud3_u_txt_0 OoT h bg cloud3 u txt 0 back.png

Stitched Images


To do:
Rip me, I'm unused.

This skybox, labeled "Night", is commented out in the spec.segment file. It includes vr_end_static and vr_end_pal_static, which have no equivalent files in the final game.


This prerender is mentioned in the commit logs of z_ocarina2/src/sys_segment.h and z_ocarina2/src/spec. It was added to the game on 1997/05/22 by main programmer Yasunari Soejima.

According to z_ocarina2/src/spec, "Fairy Fountain (256x256)" was added by Soejima on 1997/07/08, suggesting that Fairy Fountains were once prerenders, rather than 3D maps.


To do:
Rip final versions to compare them.

Earlier versions of the textures from the vr_fine*_static files.


There is no vr_fine9_static file in the final game, but the filenames of the textures within match the textures in the vr_fine*_static files.


This prerender is mentioned in the commit logs of z_ocarina2/src/sys_segment.h. It was added to the game on 1997/05/30 by Soejima.


This skybox, labeled "Lost Woods", is commented out in the spec.segment file. It includes vr_bg_woods_static and vr_bg_woods_pal_static, which have no equivalent files in the final game.

According to z_ocarina2/src/spec, "Lost Woods" was added by Soejima on 1997/07/18.



To do:
Volunteers with keen ears can help determine what is causing the byte differences in particular tracks

They're not new masterpieces from Koji Kondo, but near-final music sequences exist in z_ocarina/data/ZeldaAudio_music.o. Rather then having new melodies, small differences can be heard in the notes of a few tracks. These are very close to the final sequences used in z_ocarina/data/lib/ZeldaAudio_music.o.

Water Temple

Around 00:39 in the track, the dulcimer seems to be louder and more staccato.

Unused Text

Text Comments
Comments from the developers shine line on unused text.

Ura Zelda Leftovers



Early File List

OoT-Cucco Stable.png
Early File List
An early file list that looks to date from around May, 1997.

Lodgenet Gateway Build Information

To do:
Thoroughly research all references to GATEWAY_VERSION

Lodgenet was a service predominately used in North America that allowed hotel guests to play Nintendo 64 games from their rooms. Each game featured on Lodgenet had to follow a list of guidelines to be published to the service, namely remove the ability to save and remove multiplayer features (as can be seen in a Star Fox 64 video here). The Ocarina of Time Gateway version is technically the only released version of OoT that has yet to be documented and analyzed. Thanks to build information found in the source listed as GATEWAY_VERSION, it offers insight of what was included in this undocumented build.

Here is a function to clear the saves for Lodgenet usersː

# endif    /* GATEWAY_VERSION /
    / ゲーム前CLEAR─RAM /
    ZCommonSet(game_info.restart_flag, 0);
    ZCommonSet(game_info.restart_data[0].scene, -1);
    ZCommonSet(old_bgm, 255);
    ZCommonSet(old_env, 255);
    ZCommonSet(game_info.name_display, ON);
    ZCommonSet(game_info.dog_flag, 0);
    ZCommonSet( event_fg, Event_MD0 );
    ZCommonSet( total_event_fg, TEvent_MD0 );
    ZCommonSet(event_inf[0], 0);
    ZCommonSet(event_inf[1], 0);
    ZCommonSet(event_inf[2], 0);
    ZCommonSet(event_inf[3], 0);
    ZCommonSet(last_time_type, 50);
    ZCommonSet(game_info.shield_magic_timer, 0);
    ZCommonSet(life_mode, 0);
    ZCommonSet(magic_flag, 0);
    ZCommonSet(keep_magic_flag, 0);
    /[ファイル選択時 に お願いしたい物]*/
    ZCommonSet( NottoriBgm,   0 );
    ZCommonSet( kankyo_time,  0 );
    ZCommonSet( next_wipe,    0xff );
    ZCommonSet( next_daytime, 0xffef );
    ZCommonSet( doukidemo,    0 );
    ZCommonSet( Kenjya_no,    0 );
    ZCommonSet( next_zelda_time, 0xffff );
    ZCommonSet( game_info.next_walk, 0 );

According to the section "ロムヘッダ定義(仮)" (ROM Header Definition (Temporary)) in GNUmakefile,v the initialization for the PAL Gateway version is NZLL, while the default Gateway version is CZLG. (In comparison, the codes for the other versions of the final game are CZLJ (Japan), CZLE (North America), and NZLP (PAL).)

Information to Add