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Proto:The Pagemaster (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Pagemaster (SNES).
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A very grave version of the final game spotting quite a few differences such as being thrown into a level select menu at startup and musical differences.

General Differences

  • Musical differences
  • Level Select
  • Error Handler Messages

Level Select

Pagemaster, The US Prototype Level Select.png

The game throws the player in a level select screen giving access to all levels and bonus levels.

Bonus Book

A remix of the World Complete theme from the Game Boy version replaces the Bonus game music heard in the final version.

Stormy Sea

A slightly more developed version with added cymbals than in the final.

Error Messages

Pagemaster, The Prototype US SNES ERROR 1 FuF.png

There are plenty debug asserts through the code with various error messages. PAR code 7E0025A2 will trigger one of the error handlers (see the picture above). The full list of error messages can be found at 0x1D8000. Note, some debug asserts uses different strings with the same text, so there are few duplicated strings in this list.

unknown endgame token
copper list
panel copper list
copper hdma record
non $80 colis char
COLIS_GetOldYVel is unwell
Carrying Unknown Object
Carrying Unknown Object
Carrying Unknown Object
Carrying Unknown Object
Carrying Unknown Object
run out of bonus maps
Funny stuff in fall hat
Here I Am
Panel inited but object module not
We are in the world of Odd
Error creating VRAM dump file
Error writing to VRAM dump file
Error closing VRAM dump file
Vram sent to VRAM.SF4
map width plus height exceeds max
Obj has minus X Coord
Obj has minus Y Coord
can't find player
can't object not to regen player
Run out of Mats
Run out of Sprs
Fucked you fucker
Run out of sprites
Run out of sprites
Compacted sprite
Compacted sprite
objs in this map exceeds max
NGEN_TAB_SIZE exceeeded
colis width of zero
colis height of zero
colis width > MAX_OBJ_WIDTH
colis height > MAX_OBJ_HEIGHT
couldnt alloc a HDMA channel
Scr off/on copper
Scr off/on copper
space for multi scroll copper lists
somthing fishy
space for copper list copy
cant prioritise line
no space for uncomped matrix
no space for new plane structure
no space for new dump buffer
no space for deblocked back parallax

(Source: nensondubois)