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Proto:The Simpsons: Road Rage (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)/May 12 2001 E3 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Simpsons: Road Rage (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox).

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A prototype build from E3 2001. Because the game had a short development cycle and some hasty revisions, this version has some noticeable differences to the final release.

Main Differences

  • The title screen is different, using the video game's boxart instead of a black screen with the logo and is stated as being "50% Complete".
  • The character selection screen is different which includes three cut characters: Moleman, Principal Skinner and Jasper.
  • You can only play as Homer, Apu and Willie. There are also character animations for Bart, Marge, Lisa, Snake and Mr. Plow.
  • You can only play in Evergreen Terrance and Entertainment District (known as Moe's in this version).
    • In the game's files, some models and textures for the Springfield Dam, Nuclear Power Plant and Downtown levels are present, but the levels are evidently far from complete. There doesn't seem to be any trace of the Springfield Mountains level.
  • The game provides a brief explanation of the plot before the level starts.
  • Before the level starts, there is a cutscene where Mr. Burns mocks the player before his limo drives off. This cutscene takes place in the Nuclear Power Plant level.
  • Most of the graphics look different and more cartoony to fit with the show's style.
  • Most of the voice clips are different, some using voice clips from the show and The Simpsons Wrestling.
  • There is no loading screen.
  • After the level ends, Mr. Burns pops out of the game's logo and complains.

Gameplay Differences

  • The Road Rage mode music uses the same music as Sunday Drive.
  • The headers, time and even the arrow are different, with the arrow bearing resemblance to the one in Crazy Taxi.
  • The "Avoid the traffic" task instead makes the player avoid all obstacles.
  • Mr. Burns' limo is stronger than the player's vehicle and easily pushes the player around.
  • There are plutonium rods lying around the level which the player can pick up although they don't seem to have any purpose.
  • Passengers reward more bonus money.

Map Differences

  • Evergreen Terrace and Entertainment District are a single level and not blocked off from each other.
  • The image of where the passenger wants to be dropped off is a moving video instead of a still image like in the final game.

Entertainment District

  • The Duff Blimp that is shown flying around the Duff Factory is flying faster than the final. This is also the case with other moving objects such as rotating signs.


To do:
Upload the early textures (there are, unsurprisingly, a lot of them).

The more cartoon-like style of this version meant that most textures were different to the final release.

Title Screen

Proto Simpsons RR Title.png

The background image depicting the box art.


An unused file depicting an early placeholder logo. The image suggests that Road Rage was originally going to be a racing game but this was not actually the case. In fact, the game was pitched as a taxi-based game, which helped Radical win the license due to the fact it wasn't another racing game, which other studios had pitched.

Proto Simpsons RR Title1.png

A sign which is also unused.

Main Menu


Burns Transit building used for the main menu, which has the aforementioned more cartoon-like style than the final release.

Proto Simpsons RR Level Start Bus.png
Mr. Burns strikes again!

This time he's bought the
Springfield Public Transit
system, converted the buses
to nuclear power and raised
the fare to $99.95.

The citizens of Springfield
refuse to ride on the
monstrosities. The streets
are clogged with traffic and
people are desperate to find
transportation, so get going!

Before the level starts, this image of a bus with a stop appears next to some text (in the form of an image) explaining the plot of the game.

Proto Simpsons RR Buil.png

An unused set of buildings and road that would have been used in the menu screen.

Proto Simpsons RR 2P.png Proto Simpsons RR 2P1.png Proto Simpsons RR 2P4.png Proto Simpsons RR 2P3.png

Unused shadow images of Homer, Marge and Maggie plus a sign and text reading "How many players?". The image of Homer running indicates an unused "Quick start" option. These presumably were intended for an early "game mode" menu screen. A "Quick start" option does exist in the non-E3 prototype.

Character Selection


Proto Simpsons RR Krusty.png

Proto Simpsons RR Barney.png Proto Simpsons RR Wiggum.png Proto Simpsons RR Apu.png Proto Simpsons RR Moe.png Proto Simpsons RR Otto.png Proto Simpsons RR Frink.png Proto Simpsons RR Snake.png

Proto Simpsons RR Lovejoy.png Proto Simpsons RR Flanders.png Proto Simpsons RR Moleman.png Proto Simpsons RR Skinner.png Proto Simpsons RR Jasper.png Proto Simpsons RR Homer.png Proto Simpsons RR MrPlow.png

The portraits used for the character select screen. The images are smaller and the characters are in different poses compared to the final release. Principal Skinner, Jasper and Moleman are included among the characters here, but they were ultimately removed from the final game (but still remain as passengers).

Proto Simpsons RR CS1.png Proto Simpsons RR CS2.png

Some other early character portraits. These ones aren't used in this version.

Level Selection

Proto Simpsons RR Level.png Proto Simpsons RR Level1.png Proto Simpsons RR Level2.png Proto Simpsons RR Level3.png

The level selection screen. The billboard is again more cartoony than the one used in the final game.


Proto Simpsons RR H2H.png

An image of Ganesha holding gasoline pumps below the money counter. This is unused as Head-to-Head mode is unavailable in this version but it is present in the non-E3 prototype. In the final game, the image instead depicts an exploding oil rig.

Game Progress


A high score sign, which is grey instead of blue like in the final game and is also at a different angle.

Proto Simpsons RR Progress.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress1.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress2.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress3.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress4.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress5.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress6.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress7.png Proto Simpsons RR Progress8.png

A number of images for the progress screen. There would probably be a fire hydrant "explosion" animation if a new record or milestone was reached.


Proto Simpsons RR HUD6.png

Traffic lights used as the countdown for the level to start. This image is noticeably different to the one used in the final game.

Proto Simpsons RR HUD.png Proto Simpsons RR HUD1.png

Beer bottle images used for the "avoid obstacles" and "destroy stuff" tasks. In the "avoid obstacles" task, a broken bottle indicates how many objects have been hit and a full bottle indicates how many objects need to be hit before the player has failed the task.

Proto Simpsons RR HUD5.png

The timer used for dropping off passengers. Once again, it has more of a cartoon-style than the one used in the final game.


An unused piggy bank, which was most likely intended to show next to the total money earned so far.

Proto Simpsons RR HUD2.png

Unused Pixel art of a Duff can.

Proto Simpsons RR HUD3.png

A map of a small section of the "Evergreen Terrace" level. It is unused.

Proto Simpsons RR HUD4.png

Another timer which is unused.

Both the map and the unused timer are shown in a prerelease screenshot. [1]

Proto Simpsons RR Game Over.png

The "Game Over" sign. It has less detail than the one used in the final game.

Sprite Differences

Certain sprites are much larger than the ones used in the final game. Specifically, objects that fly out of obstacles such as garbage cans and mailboxes.

Prototype Final
Simpsons RR proto banana.png Simpsons RR final banana.png
Simpsons RR proto duff 1.png Simpsons RR final duff.png
Simpsons RR proto duff 2.png Unused
Simpsons RR proto fish.png
Simpsons RR final fish.png
Simpsons RR proto letter.png Simpsons RR final letter.png
Simpsons RR proto paper.png Simpsons RR final paper.png
Simpsons RR proto shoe.png Simpsons RR final shoe.png
Simpsons RR proto wine box.png Simpsons RR final wine box.png
Simpsons RR proto glass 1.png
Simpsons RR final glass 1.png
Simpsons RR proto glass 2.png
Simpsons RR final glass 2.png
Simpsons RR proto glass 3.png
Simpsons RR final glass 3.png
Simpsons RR proto glass 4.png


The only music that is used in this prototype are ingame02.rsp (Sunday Drive theme) and frontend.rsp (Main menu theme) both of which are also used in the final release.

Unused Music

There are four audio files that contain famous rock songs:

These songs were likely either intended as placeholder music or would have been used in levels in a similar vein as Crazy Taxi. It is also worth noting that Highway to Hell and Two Tickets to Paradise were previously featured in episodes of The Simpsons.

ingame.rsp plays generic rock music, again possibly intended as a placeholder or level music.

ingame01.rsp contains similar music to ingame.rsp.

gameover.rsp presumably contains music that would be used at the end of every level.

themlnge.rsp plays a remix of the Simpsons theme.