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Proto:The Simpsons: Road Rage (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)/September 17 2001 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Simpsons: Road Rage (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox).

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A build of the PlayStation 2 version with a date of September 17 2001, around three weeks older than the final build.


  • The GameCube and Xbox exclusive ending with Kang and Kodos is present in this version.
  • The options screen allows the player to view both the opening and closing videos instead of just the closing video in the final game. The former options are present in the retail GameCube version.
  • Three of the secret camera modes unlocked with a cheat code do not have names and instead appear as ???. These are Look Camera, Tracking Camera and Kull Cam. However, Overhead Camera is named.

Debug Display

The performance metrics display is slightly different from the one in the final build. It can enabled in this build with the following code: 2011172C 00000000

  • The framerate is displayed with one decimal point of precision after it.
  • The memory usage has the same value represented in MB next to the value in bytes.
Prototype Final
SimpsonsRoadRagePS2-20010917 DebugDisplay.png SimpsonsRoadRagePS2-FIN DebugDisplay.png
(Source: Edness)


  • Particle effects such as smoke and flowing water continue to move when the game is paused.
  • Several drop-off location names were altered, most of which were to correct grammatical mistakes.
Prototype Final
Milhouse House Milhouse's
Patty & Selma Patty and Selma
Baby Sitters Baby Sitter's
Krabappels Apt Krabappel's
Moleman Apt Moleman's
Moes Moe's
King Toots King Toot's
Bowlerama Bowl-A-Rama
Stonecutters Stonecutters'
Jittery Joes Jittery Joe's
Legitimate Club Social Club
Comic Book Apt Comic Book Guy's
First Bank Springfield S+L
Veterans Veteran's
Jebadiah Springfield Jebediah Springfield
Bumblebee Apt Bumblebee's Apt
Krusty's House Gold House

Evergreen Terrace

Extra layers of forest textures were added to the background at the water bridge.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Evergreen proto.png Simpsons Road Rage Evergreen final.png

Springfield Dam

Mountain textures are visible in the background that were removed from the final game.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Dam proto1.png Simpsons Road Rage Dam final1.png

The dam has one wooden platform instead of three.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Dam proto.png Simpsons Road Rage Dam final.png

Some of the dam pillars are textured differently.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Dam proto2.png Simpsons Road Rage Dam final2.png

The railings on the broken bridge are not present.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Bridge proto.png Simpsons Road Rage Bridge final.png

Nuclear Power Plant

The barn with the crashed truck at the beginning of the level is not present. The player is able to drive into the void from both the road and the river.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage NPP proto1.png Simpsons Road Rage NPP final1.png
Simpsons Road Rage NPP proto2.png Simpsons Road Rage NPP final2.png

The fencing surrounding the level is in different positions at several points.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage NPP proto3.png Simpsons Road Rage NPP final3.png
Simpsons Road Rage NPP proto4.png Simpsons Road Rage NPP final4.png
Simpsons Road Rage NPP proto5.png Simpsons Road Rage NPP final5.png
Simpsons Road Rage NPP proto6.png Simpsons Road Rage NPP final6.png


The train tunnel entrance is further back than in the final game.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Dowtown proto.png Simpsons Road Rage Dowtown final.png

Springfield Mountains

Several parts of the level are missing, although they exist as invisible collision. Specifically, the objects missing are: parts of the mountain geometry, bushes, rock piles, railings, large trees, the train tunnels, the log archway, the blue building and background tree textures.

Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Mountains proto1.png Simpsons Road Rage Mountains final1.png
Simpsons Road Rage Mountains proto2.png Simpsons Road Rage Mountains final2.png
Simpsons Road Rage Mountains proto3.png Simpsons Road Rage Mountains final3.png
Simpsons Road Rage Mountains proto4.png Simpsons Road Rage Mountains final4.png


  • Comic Book Guy makes comments more frequently and at one point says the line "We don't have deflector shields you know", from his in-game dialogue. Conversely, his lines "Worst designer ever" and "Worst programmer ever" are not present.
  • Some names are missing in the Core Testers section of the credits.
Prototype Final
Simpsons Road Rage Credits 17-9-01 1.png Simpsons Road Rage Credits final 1.png
Simpsons Road Rage Credits 17-9-01 2.png Simpsons Road Rage Credits final 2.png


To do:
Inspect the SNPROFIL.IRX file.
  • The prototype build includes a file titled SNPROFIL.IRX.
  • The final version has two large blank dummy files titled data1.dat and data2.dat which are not in the prototype.
  • The game's menu graphics are stored in an archive titled scrooby.rcf while in the final game they are split into fe1.rcf, fe2.rcf and fe3.rcf. In the prototype archive are unused images that are also present in the final GameCube version.

SRR Wiggum sprite.png

Proto Simpsons RR HUD.png Proto Simpsons RR HUD1.png

SRR Coin.png SRR HourGlass.png

SRR Blackboard.png