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Proto:Thunder Force V (Sega Saturn)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Thunder Force V (Sega Saturn).

Demo version of the game compiled on April 25, 1997.


Sample Version Final Version
Thunder Force V-SSSample-title.png ThunderForceVTitle.png

The trademark became registered and the texts were raised a little for the final game's title screen.

  • Options menu is inaccessible.
  • There's no stage order select.
  • Stage 1 has a different layout from the final, there are more enemy placements that make the game harder.
  • Some enemies have different textures.
  • Pressing A increases the Craw count.
  • The stage's boss has different animations.
  • The stage's boss has additional spots for skipping the second phase, featuring an unique animation.
  • The ship slowly flies away when finishing the stage.

Voiceline Warnings

The game features a boss summary audio that plays before every boss. The sample version lacks any sound effects and many voice lines were rerecorded in the final.


The intro uses some scenes from the Thunder Force Gold Pack games, and PCM audio instead of CD for the music.