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Proto:Tomba!/Preview Prototype/Event Changes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Tomba!/Preview Prototype.

Name Changes

Prototype Final
Grandpa's Keepsake Grandpa's Bracelet
A Monkey's Favorite A Hungry Monkey
The Legendary Leaf Butterfly Leaf Butterflies
Save the Dwarf Save the Dwarves
The Lost Dwarf A Lost Child
Magic Mirror A Magic Mirror?
Camp Memories Something's Cookin'?
Healing Herbs for Your Wounds Healing Herbs for Baron
The Forest's Evil Pig Bag The Evil Pig Bag
The Flower Forest The 100 Flower Forest
To Giant Bird Mountain... To Phoenix Mountain...
Lost of fire Where'd the Lights Go?
The Spirit of Stormy Mountain A Stormy Pig Bag
The master of the skies The Master of the Skies
When the Wind Dies Down When the Wind Dies Down...
Delicious Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge Delicious Knowledge Fruit
The Infamous Digger! The Famous Digger
The Suspicious-Looking Door A Large Key Hole!
A Precious Treasure Box? A Precious Treasure Chest?
Where did you come from? Where did I come from?
Fire's Worst Enemy The Fire Pig Bag
Just Wanna Be Myself Again The Mouse Pig Bag
The Road Leading to the Lake Road to Baccus Lake
Gather and ComeBack... Some Cheese Please
The Road Leading to the Lake Road to Baccus Lake
The Thief's Wish The Haunted Pig Bag
Friends of the 100 Year Old Man The 1,000 Year Old Man?
Door with the Small Key A Small Key Hole!
Hidden Powers Red Hidden Powers
Where are you, my son... Take Out
Hungry? I'm So Hungry
The Deep Jungle The Jungle Pig Bag
Banana Juice A Refreshing Drink
Solve the Pump Rock Puzzle The Pump Rocks
Baron' sStrengt Baron's Strength
We Need Power.. We Need Power...
Please Give Me the Tear Bottle I Need a Tear Bottle
How to Make a Bomb I Need a Bomb
The 10,000 Year Old Man and the Puddle The 10,000 Year Old Man
Cutie? Mizuno the Witch... The Cute Witch
What's Underground in the Forest? What's Under the Forest?
The Village Undersea The Underwater Pig Bag
Math Beads of the 10,000 Year Old Man The 10 Math Beads
The Mermaid's Memories The Mermaid's Necklace
BBQ'D Almighty Fish Mighty Fish Food
Hidden Powers 2 Blue Hidden Powers
Magic's Energy Source? Source of Evil Magic
Let's Make Candy Let's Make Candy!
Look and see?! Look and See?!
Safe Mushrooms A Safe Mushroom?
Jungle The Deep Jungle Pig
Giant Bird's Mountain Phoenix Mountain
Funga Drum What's a Funga?
Invincible Wire Unbreakable Wire
Dream? Illusion? Find the Treasure Underground Treasure
The 100,000,000 Year Old Man's Wish Million Year Old Wish
Tears, Please Tears from a Flower
A Real Magic Pig The Real Evil Pig
7 Friends Seven Friends
Stop the Fight Stop the Fight!
Underground Robber The Great Escape
Hidden Powers 3 Green Hidden Powers

Description Changes

Event Name Prototype Final
Grandpa's Bracelet Find the bracelet stolen by the Komabuta. Find the bracelet stolen by the Koma Pigs.
Inside the Kokka Eggs Collect the things inside the eggs. Collect the chicks inside the eggs.
Save the Dwarves Find the missing dwarfs in the forest. Find the missing dwarves in the forest.
The World's Greatest Smile! Can you make everyone smile? Can you make a convincing smile?
The World's Greatest Pout? Can you make everyone cry? Show him how to cry.
To Phoenix Mountain... The old man said you should head for the Great Bird Mountain... Head to Phoenix Mountain.
Road to Baccus Lake Run fast through the dangerous to get to the Lake. Head through the Haunted Mansion to Baccus Lake.
The 1,000 Year Old Man? An old man in captivity? Free the 1,000 Year Old Man from captivity.
A Large Key Hole Find the small key that fits the door. Find the large key that fits the door.
The Mouse Pig Bag Return the mice to their original selves. Find the Evil Pig Bag to restore Baccus Village.
The Haunted Pig Bag The thief that lost his hideout. Find the Evil Pig Bag to break the spell on the Haunted Mansion.
A Stormy Pig Bag Find the hidden Evil Pig bag. Find the Pig Bag for the Stormy Pig.
The Fire Pig Bag Subside the raging flames that block our way! Find the Evil Pig Bag for the Fire Evil Pig.
Smile! The Laughing Door only opens for people who are smiling. A locked door with a large grin.
The Phoenix's Favorite Make the old Giant Bird healthy again. Collect five Bunk Flowers for the Phoenix.
The Master of the Skies Meet the Giant Bird at Stormy Mountain. Meet the Phoenix at Stormy Mountain.
Find Charles! The miner has got taken away his hat by Charles... he's very concerned... Find Charles and return the miner's hat.
A Refreshing Drink Give something Charles likes to learn something new. Quench Charles' thirst to learn a new ability.
I Need a Bomb Something that goes, boom! A bomb that looks like a coconut?
Break the Rusty Door! The door that is rusted shut. Find a way to open the rusted door.
The Jungle Pig Bag Find the hidden Evil Pig Bag. Find the Evil Pig Bag for the Jungle Pig.
The 10,000 Year Old Man Sink or swim! Visit the 10,000 Year Old Man.
The Mermaid's Necklace Search for the mermaid's memoirs... A beautiful necklaces that belongs to the Mermaid.
What's Underwater? The Invisible underwater that looks almost visible... Learn to dive underwater.
The 10 Math Beads Seek for the hidden beads of ordeal. Find the 10,000 Year Old Man's Math Beads.
The Underwater Pig Bag Seal the powers of the Evil Pig in the bag. Find the Evil Pig Bag for the Underwater Pig.
Unbreakable Wire Where is the invicible wire? Find the unbreakable wire at the Haunted Mansion.
Source of Evil Magic Where does the evil power derive from? The Million Year Old Man knows where it comes from.
Dig Like a Mole Let's proceed the path that doesn't have ways... A digger trying to dig a new path.
Million Year Old Wish The 100 million year old man's wish is to seal the Magic Pig... The Million Year Old Man's wish is to seal all the Evil Pigs...
The 8th Evil Pig Bag? Why? I found the eighth Evil Pig Bag. Seal the powers of the Master Evil Pig.
Seven Friends All of us should get together if one cannot do alone.. Find seven friends to open the last gate.
A Real Evil Pig Another Magic Pig inside the Magic Pig? ! Seal the powers of the final Evil Pig!
Take Me Home Catch the frog. Bring the frog home.
A Hungry Monkey Find some food for Charles the Monkey. Find some food for the monkey.
Who are you? Talk to the person peeking from the window. Who is this mysterious person?
I Need a Tear Bottle Where is the Tear Bottle? Get the Tear Bottle from the Yellow Bonsugee.
Where'd the lights go? Too dark to see. Re-light the lantern.
Stop the Fight! Break up the fight among the dwarfs. Break up the fight among the dwarves.
The Great Escape The great thief tried to escape...but? The thief is trying to escape.
Ready, Set, Go! Race up the hill. Who's faster? Race the thief up the hill for his treasure.
The Mysterious Mushroom Biting makes you laugh and cry. A mushroom that can make you laugh or cry.
A Safe Mushroom? Just one bite turns you back to normal self.. A mushroom that returns you to normal.
A familiar Looking Mansion Have seen this mansion before...but where? I've seen this mansion before...but where?
Charles' Pants My precious pants got torn!! Find and return Charles' pants.
The Broken Statue Revive the statue. Revive the statues.
Flower Seeds Pick up some seeds. Where should I plant the seeds?
Where did I come from? Don't know where the road leads. How could the path take me here?
Healing Herbs for Baron It's said to be especially effective for animals' wounds... Find the Healing Herbs to heal Baron's wounds...
Cry Baby The Crying Door only opens for people who are crying. A locked Door with a sad face.
Red Hidden Powers Unleash the hidden powers. Find the Jewel of Fire to unleash the hidden powers from within.
Hide and Go Seek Find out the name of the person hiding. Play hide and go seek with Yan.
I'm So Hungry Give something to eat to Taro. Find something for this person to eat.
Leaf Butterflies The legendary butterflies with strange powers. Collect as many Leaf Butterflies as you can.
Food for Fuel? Food for energy? Bring back a bucket of wine for the GoGoCar.
What's a Funga? Ask the Masakari People to move out of the way. Bring him a Funga.
The Cute Witch I heard there's such cute looking witch down there... Visit Mizuno in the Village of All Beginnings.
What is this? The broken elevator that's hidden from view. Something was hidden from view.
Delicious Knowledge Fruit Somewhere across this big continent there's said to be a tree fig that gives you an eternal memory... Find the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge for the dwarf healer.
Seaweed for Your Health On which shore does the seaweed that makes everyone healthy get washed up? Find the seaweed to keep the Dwarf Village healthy.
A Man's Best Friend Help the injured Baron. Help the injured puppy.
Baron's Strength This dog must possess some special hidden power... This dog must possess some special, hidden power...
Tears from a Flower Are the tears needed to revive the statue? Will the tears revive the fountain?
What the Witch lost... The witch is in deep trouble...? Find and return the Crystal Balls and Mirror to the witch.
Lost and Found Three Crystals that the witch left behind Find the remaining crystal balls and return them to their owner.
A Magic Mirror? A mirror too dirty to see. Who's mirror is this?
Let's Make Candy! Make a magic candy by compounding the six items! Make magic candy by combining the six items!
The Famous Digger Meet the Infamous Digger. Visit the Famous Digger after he's finished digging his hole.
Power Up for Tools!? Tool receive a power up!? Tool receives a power up!?
Take Two of These Early application for cold symptoms... The cute witch needs something for her cold.
Underground Treasure Is the true treasure box somewhere in this world? Find the underground treasure.
Some Cheese Please Gather unusual items for the collector and receive an item in return. Gather ten slices of cheese and return them to the collector.
Blue Hidden Powers Find new powers from within. Find the Jewel of Water to unleash other hidden powers.
The 5 Golden Items Very rare five items Collect the five rare items.
Mighty Fish Food Is that fish edible? Catch a Mighty Fish?
The Blue Fortune Teller To know the best of yourself, seek fortunetellers. ! To know the best of yourself, seek fortune tellers!
The Pump Rocks All the Pump Rocks have secrets. Jump on all of the Pump Rocks to feed the Tree of Knowledge.
Green Hidden Powers Awakening the last potential power... Find the Jewel of Wind to unleash your remaining hidden powers.
Something's Cookin'? The sweet smell coming from the burning leaves. A sweet smell is coming from the burning leaves.
Biting Plant Flower Beautiful flowers bloom from dangerous flowers. Beautiful flowers bloom from dangerous plants.
Take Out Son, I know you love hiding game but aren't you hungry? Bring Yan his lunch.
The Troubled Thief Lost something, worried... Find what the thief lost and return it to him.
What the Thief Forgot Forgotten something, worried... Return what the thief left behind.
The Boss' Treasure The boss's memory loss?! He says you have his treasure.
Where The Barrel Rolls... The barrel sinks all the way to the bottom. The barrel sank all the way to the bottom.
Peach Flower Gas A Baby Komabuta? A Baby Koma Pig?
The Flower Tower How old is a million? What's inside the Flower Tower?