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Proto:Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom

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  • Screenshots and a LOT of them
  • Trial+ has several song differences comparing to the final release, with some songs using similar tones from the previous game of the series (the three most different ones being "Crystallized Silver", "The Fantastic Tales from Tono" and "The Doll Maker of Bucuresti", but even similar ones like "Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes" are slightly different than the final ones).

This page details one or more prototype versions of Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Random fact: The price tag for v0.01 demo disc that is currently for sale in Kbooks Akibahara is 150,000 Yen.


Stage Differences
All three kinds of versions, different spellcard designs.

Version Differences

There are various versions of Perfect Cherry Blossom demo, starting from the initial v0.01 (aka trial version Plus) that is sold in Comiket 63 on December 30, 2002, and the last trial at v0.11, uploaded on July 12, 2003 at Team Shanghai Alice's website.

Because the former has been published in very early development stage for the game, the overall initial style of Perfect Cherry Blossom follows the previous game closer. Subsequently the graphics, scoring mechanics and other various things were changed significantly in v0.08 onwards, with later versions more closer to the final version of the retail game.

Internally, the files are also organized similarly to the previous game in the series.

Early Demo will refer to the demo versions starting up from v0.01 to v0.07a, late demos refers to v0.08a until the final demo iteration.

Gameplay Differences

  • Extra lives are not awarded by collecting enough blue point items as it does in the final, instead extra lives are awarded by reaching certain amounts of score.
  • The Cherry Point system works completely different in the early demos. Upon reaching 50,000 Cherry Points (which is earned by shooting at enemies and collecting the pink cherry blossom blocks) all enemy bullets on-screen will be turned into star blocks and automatically collected. In the late demos, getting to 50,000 Cherry Points activates Supernatural Border; an item auto-collection state for roughly 10 seconds, which also dims the screen. If the player is hit during this duration, the Border will terminate and turn into cherry blossom petals which is auto-collected as well.
  • When bosses or mid-bosses appear, enemy bullets will continue to drift away, but in the late demos and final version, the bullets will turn into automatically-collected star blocks.

Character Graphics

In Trial Plus version, most character portraits are radically different. The portraits also stops at the waist, whereas the final version they are redrawn with full proportions, which can be seen fully during character spellcard activation. Oddly enough, the character select screen portraits resemble their late trial overhauls more than their early trial dialogue portraits.


Reimu's portraits are completely overhauled in the later demos. She appears to be wearing gloves, which is the only time she does so in the games. The gloves remain on her character select screen portrait, however.

Trial Plus Final
Th07 trial plus Reimu 1.pngTh07 trial plus Reimu 2.png

Th07 trial plus Reimu 3.pngTh07 trial plus Reimu 4.png

Th07 trial plus Reimu 5.pngTh07 trial plus Reimu 6.png
Th07 final trial Reimu 1.png
Th07 final trial Reimu 2.png


Marisa's portrait were completely changed by the time the late demo rolls in as well.

Trial Plus Final
Th07 trial plus Marisa 1.pngTh07 trial plus Marisa 2.png

Th07 trial plus Marisa 3.pngTh07 trial plus Marisa 4.png

Th07 trial plus Marisa 5.pngTh07 trial plus Marisa 6.png
Th07 final trial Marisa 1.png
Th07 final trial Marisa 2.png


The same can be said to Sakuya as well.

Trial Plus Final
Th07 trial plus Sakuya 1.pngTh07 trial plus Sakuya 2.png

Th07 trial plus Sakuya 3.pngTh07 trial plus Sakuya 4.png

Th07 trial plus Sakuya 5.pngTh07 trial plus Sakuya 6.png
Th07 final trial Sakuya 1.png
Th07 final trial Sakuya 2.png

Letty & Cirno

Cirno's early trial portrait is slightly edited from her portrait from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It would replaced with the original from the same game in later demos leading to the final version, due to how awkward the hand was edited in.

Additionally, Cirno appears to have a white sash bow (due to her arm no longer blocking it). Notably, this is the only time Cirno has ever been shown wearing this bow, no other games after Perfect Cherry Blossom has ever added this accessory back (neither in any other type of Touhou media, such as the print works).

Letty on the other hand her eyes redone with the final's colors and shading. The crosseyed Letty portrait from Trial Plus is also fixed.

Trial Plus Final
Th07 trial plus Letty 1.pngTh07 trial plus Letty 2.png
Th07 trial plus Letty 3.pngTh07 trial plus Cirno.png
Th07 final trial Letty and Cirno.png


Chen gets an extra unused portrait in later prototypes, which has her missing her long red nails.

Trial Plus Final
Th07 trial plus Chen 1.pngTh07 trial plus Chen 2.png
Th07 trial plus Chen 3.png
Th07 final trial Chen.png


There's not much changes done to the puppeteer's portrait, aside from her late demo frustrated portrait slightly altered to add more neck length to her, and slight eye gradient alterations.

Alice's loss portrait however were changed due to how off it was in the early trials.

Trial Plus Final
Th07 trial plus Alice 1.pngTh07 trial plus Alice 2.png Th07 trial plus Alice 3.pngTh07 trial plus Alice 4.png
Th07 final trial Alice.png

Player Differences

  • ReimuB's unfocused shot has 8 needles (4 side by side) in the early demo, which was reduced to 6 needles in late demos and the final release and thereby reducing her range. Furthermore, her early demo shots fire at slow rate, which increases tremendously as Power is raised.
  • SakuyaB's unfocused shot doesn't have extra diagonal knives, which was added in later demos. This makes her shots less similar to Reimu B.

Text Differences

Crystallized Silver music comments

To do:
Check if the punctation was added back in the small patches released for the game after v1.00.

On the Music Room, Crystallized Silver's comments had an extra punctation that was removed on the final release.

Trial Plus Final


  • Boss' life bar is a simple colored bar, which gained some gradient colors in later versions.
Trial Plus Final
Th07trialbosshp.png Th07retailbosshp.png
  • Boss marker do not dim when the boss is shot, it stays static in earlier demos.
  • Unlike late demos, neither the player nor the bosses has the "Power of Spiritual Border" cut-ins when their spellcard is activated in early demos. Their portrait cut-in differs when they appear as well - in early demos they appear from the left of the screen and fades out as it enlarges, similar to Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's cut-in. Late demos has theirs fading in from the bottom and panning upwards before fading out.
Trial Plus Final
Th07trialplayerbomb.png Th07retailplayerbomb.png
Th07trialbossspellcard.png Th07retailbossspellcard.png
  • Pause screen does not display the chosen difficulty level at the bottom right corner of the play screen. In addition to that, Trial Plus demo does not play the pause jingle and the music will continue playing.
Trial Plus Final
Th07trialpausescreen.png Th07retailpausescreen.png
  • Graphics that appear with the stage's introduction is absent in the early demos.
Trial Plus Final
Th07trialstageintro.png Th07retailstageintro.png
  • Like most Touhou demos until Phantasmagoria of Flower View, all music in the game are played only in MIDI synth. Final release have the option for both MIDI and WAV synth. This is however not the case with Trial Plus demo as it allows the use of both WAV and MIDI synth.
  • Replaying demos in Trial Plus lacks the three playing speed options offered in the final, which allows playing the replay normally, slow mode (simulates in-game slowdown) and boss mode (speeds up stages and plays boss fights at normal speed).
EOSD Trial Plus Final
Th06 replay.png Th07 trial plus replay.png Th07 final trial replay.png
  • The HUD for the Cherry Bonus behaves differently when the player character flies close between the earliest demo, v0.05 and the late trials. When there is a player character at the left corner of the screen in v0.01, the Cherry Bonus bit will slide to the left and appear to the right side of the playing screen and vice versa. Starting from v0.05, the Cherry Bonus display will dim when the player character is on top of it. The whole Cherry Bonus display is overhauled by the late demos.
  • In the score tally screen, the Player Penalty text for the Trial Plus version bleeds to the edge of the playing screen, and this is fixed by v.0.05.