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Proto:Trouble Shooter

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Trouble Shooter.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.


This prototype was built on May 28, 1991, about six months before the release of the US version and over nine before the Japanese version's release.

While the levels appear to be finalized in terms of graphics and design, there are various presentation-related things throughout the game that remain incomplete.

ROM Header

Proto Final (US) Final (Japan)
(C)SEGA 1990.MAR
exercise only
(C)SEGA 1991.MAR
GM T-23016   
(C)VIC  1992.FEB
GM T-23013- 00

The game's serial number isn't present in the prototype header, instead stating "exercise only". The build date is one year earlier than in the initial US release. Director and programmer Takayan stated in a 2004 interview:

There were actually very few man-hours spent on the project, although it’s impossible to know exactly how many now. Because of its slightly strange development process, I finished the game in 1990 but it didn’t get released until 1991.

(Source: shmuplations.com)

General Differences

  • The Super Famicom stomping Easter egg hasn't been implemented yet.
  • The stage select code hasn't been implemented, or is at least different.
  • Aside from the ending, none of the unique between-level cutscene graphics have been implemented yet. The scenes also all use the same music.
  • The text on the left side of the continue screen hasn't been implemented.


Proto Final
BattleMania-Intro-Proto.png BattleMania-Intro-Final.png

Maria's hair isn't tied back in her portrait here, though it is in all her other appearances. The early version actually matches the hand-drawn art seen in the Japanese manual.

Title Screen

Proto Final
BattleMania-Title-Proto.png BattleMania-MD-Title.png

Looks completely different. It's much simpler, featuring no animation and only having basic shading. The copyright text reads ©SEGA, perhaps suggesting they were intended to publish it rather than Vic Tokai themselves.


Stage 1

Proto Final
N/A BattleMania-Stage1Intro-Final.png

This first line of dialogue from the Colonel was added to the final release.

Stage 2

Proto Final
BattleMania-Stage2Intro-Proto.png BattleMania-Stage2Intro-Final.png

A single hiragana character was changed in this line from the villain: (zu) to (dzu). This is just a typo that was fixed, as かねづる (kanedzuru; financial backer) is a word while かねずる (kanezuru) is not.

As mentioned above, the cutscene graphics aren't implemented yet.


Proto Final
BattleMania-Ending-Proto.png TroubleShooter-MD-Fredrick.png

The cheerleaders are missing from the background. Instead, the corner of a black vehicle can be seen on the left side of the screen.

(Screenshot from English version used for comparison as it's an earlier build than the final Japanese release.)


  • The little dancing Mania and Maria, who appear based on the level of difficulty cleared, are not implemented yet.
  • The villain doesn't appear tagging along for the ride.
  • No level select code mentioned at the end.
Proto Final
BattleMania-Staff1-Proto.png TroubleShooter-MD-Credits.png

This opening line was rewritten to be less awkward.

Proto Final
BattleMania-Staff2-Proto.png BattleMania-Staff2-Final.png

Fumito Tamayama had his pseudonym changed from "M.C. TAMAR" to "BAKKIN! TAMA".

Proto Final
BattleMania-Staff3-Proto.png BattleMania-Staff3-Final.png

"PROPELLER WADO" had the spelling of his pseudonym corrected.

Proto Final
BattleMania-Staff4-Proto.png BattleMania-Staff4-Final.png

"SHO-CHAN" was added to the Special Thanks.

Proto Final
BattleMania-Staff5-Proto.png BattleMania-Staff5-Final.png

"MENTAL CARED BY" was changed to "AND MY FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD" (a Spider-Man reference?). "& THE FELLOWS OF LANCE" was changed to "& FELLOWS OF THE LANCE".

Proto Final
N/A BattleMania-Staff6-Final.png

This bit of text was added to the final release...

Proto Final
BattleMania-Staff7-Proto.png BattleMania-Staff7-Final.png

...and here too.