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Proto:Unreal Tournament/Version 222/Deathmatch Levels

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Unreal Tournament/Version 222.


DM-Liandri is a completely different level in this prototype!
V222's DM-Tutorial has very little in common with its final version.
DM-Barricade couldn't hold out from map makers changing it.
The CliffyB secret and a chunk of the level are missing!
The Shock Rifle section goes MIA.
You can still see this level's differences, despite the Superman 64-caliber levels of fog.
DM-Grinder gets the texture makeover it deserves, not wants.
Who put all of these crates and wooden boards in the middle of the level?
DM-Oblivion has a completely different skybox in this build.
DM-Peak's texturing gets grimdark with dark bricks on every wall.
The pressure chamber is tiny and there's a Sniper Rifle in the level.
Ooohh, pretty-looking weapon stands and strange ammo placement.
This version is cleaner looking than it is in the final.
Someone hates red lights.

Missing Levels

DM-Deck16 II, DM-Hyperblast, DM-Morbias II, DM-Morpheus, and DM-Phobos do not appear in this prototype.

Unreal Deathmatch Levels

The most common distribution of this prototype comes with all of Unreal's deathmatch levels, including the ones used as promos for various Unreal-related goodies. The person who repackaged them seems to have thought that these levels were meant to be included with the prototype for some reason. However, a look through the game's code shows that the default deathmatch level list never lists any of Unreal's deathmatch levels. In addition, this video, which shows an earlier build, has DM-Barricade listed as the first Deathmatch level around 1:00 instead of DmAriza, an Unreal deathmatch level, which would be the first level shown in the level select menu if the Unreal deathmatch levels were included with Unreal Tournament at one point.

Therefore, it is very likely that the Unreal deathmatch levels included in the most common distribution are not an actual part of the prototype and were added by a third party under a mistaken belief that this prototype had them at one point, but were removed by someone else.



DM-Fractal will quickly crash after loading if there are any bots in the level. The only way to explore the level is to play it without bots.

Lower Computer Screens

The computer screens on the lower floor are a scrolling and futuristic-looking wall texture with various shapes on them.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222fractalcomputerscreen.png Unrealtournamentfinalfractalcomputerscreen.png

Electric Beams

The insta-kill electric beams at the top of the level use a different texture in v222.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222fractalbeams.png Unrealtournamentfinalfractalbeams.png

Missing Spawn Points

The lower spawn points are missing in v222.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222fractallowerspawn.png Unrealtournamentfinalfractallowerspawn.png

Upper Spawn Points

The upper spawn points do not have computer screens on them.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222fractalupperspawn.png Unrealtournamentfinalfractalupperspawn.png



All of the props in the level, such as the traffic cones and wheels, are missing in this prototype. This makes getting the Body Armor a bit trickier, as there isn’t a mechanic tool box for the player to stand on before they jump to the Body Armor.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartprops1.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartprops1.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartprops2.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartprops2.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartbigkeg.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartbigkeg.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartwheel.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartwheel.png

Car Garage

The garage with the car that can be seen through a window is not in this version of the level. There is a light fixture where it should be that was removed from the final game.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartcar.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartcar.png

Left Garage Door

The garage door and the Health Vials on the left side of the level are absent.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartgarage1.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartgarage1.png

Center Garage Door

The center garage door, along with the small area in front of it with Health Vials, is gone as well.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartgarage2.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartgarage2.png

Right Garage Door

The right garage is missing. One of the barrels and the Medkit on top of the barrels have been removed, while the surviving barrel has been moved to the opposite corner of the area.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartgarage3.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartgarage3.png

Moved Crate

In v222, the crate near the wheel in the Pulse Gun room is further away from the wheel than it is in the final level.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartcrate.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartcrate.png


DM-Stalwart does not have any music in this build.

Removed Sound

The path to the left garage door from the center room has a computer ambient sound that was removed from the final version of this level.

Body Armor and Thigh Pads

The Body Armor and Thigh Pads have swapped locations in v222.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartbodyarmor.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartbodyarmor.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartthighpads.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartthighpads.png


V222’s DM-Stalwart has an Enforcer and two clip ammo pickups, which were removed in the final version.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament222stalwartenforcer.png Unrealtournamentfinalstalwartenforcer.png

Big Keg O’ Health Crate

In v222, the pack of Rocket ammo in the Big Keg O’ Health crate is not destroyed when the crate is opened.