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Proto:Unreal Tournament/Version 348 demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Unreal Tournament.

Version 348 is the final version of the Unreal Tournament demo. It was released on October 19th, 1999; about a month and a half before the retail game was released. Most of the demo is exactly like the final game, but there are a few differences between it and the final game.

The demo version 348 can be downloaded here.

V322 Minigun Sound

The Minigun sound used in v322 is used in v348.

Walking Sounds

Strangely, v348 removes the walking sounds used in earlier demos and the final game.


The v348 demo adds DM-Tempest to the levels that demo users can play. However, the version of DM-Tempest has some aesthetic changes and one major level design change compared to the DM-Tempest found in the final game.

Quarter Circle and Red Hallway Path

The path connecting the quarter circle and the red hallway is missing in v348.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament348dmtempestredpath1.png Unrealtournamentfinaldmtempestredpath1.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament348dmtempestredpath2.png Unrealtournamentfinaldmtempestredpath2.png

Windows in the Quarter Circle Area

The windows in the quarter circle area are different in v348. The windows are much smaller, but are wider. V348's windows have multiple bars in them instead of one.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament348dmtempestupperwindows1.png Unrealtournamentfinaldmtempestupperwindows1.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament348dmtempestupperwindows2.png Unrealtournamentfinaldmtempestupperwindows2.png

Pulse Gun Window

The window behind the Pulse Gun is cross-shaped in v348. The final game changes it to a smaller version of the windows seen in the final's quarter circle area.

In addition, the lights near the Pulse Gun are not as intense as they are in the final game.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament348dmtempestpulse.png Unrealtournamentfinaldmtempestpulse.png