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Proto:Watch Dogs (Xbox 360)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Watch Dogs (Xbox 360).

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Specifically: Incredibly lackluster in both content and information.
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To do:
Absolutely everything:
  • The build is public, so replace the YT playlist with actual screenshots and assets from it.
    • A lot more graphical differences and sound differences (there's a TON of them).
    • There's a lot of mission differences, even scrapped objectives.
    • The scrapped gas tanker truck can be spawned.
    • Model differences:
      • May Stadium's basement is completely different than in the final version.
      • Tobias has a different face.
      • The gas stations have interiors that in the final game were deleted.

September 2013 Build

This is one of several builds, each with different targets, including one meant to be played on development kits. Video gameplay of this build is here

  • The "retail" and "release" executables have a debug HUD during gameplay, which shows how much system memory is available and what build is being played.
  • Loading screen is different.
  • This build has a console.
  • Prologue video is different.
  • Some sounds in some menus are different.