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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.09/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.09.

New to v0.09

These unused graphics have only been found in v0.09 thus far.

EG ChipSet

A brightened version of the ChipSet used for the Witch's Island. Strangely, the red tentacle in the manhole is not brightened.

Yn009 EGChipSet.png

FC World Tree

A tiny tree that was removed in v0.10.

Yn009 FCWorldTinyTree.png

Poniko's House

A duplicate of the inside of Poniko's house with the lights turned off exists in the ChipSet folder. It isn't any different from the version that's used in the Panorama folder.

Stairs Map ChipSet

The only remnant of the Stairs Debug Map from older versions. The map itself is no longer present in v0.09.

Yn009 StairsMapChipset.png

Thumbs.db Images

There are a few hidden images in the Thumbs.db files in v0.09, including scrapped backgrounds for rooms that would have been in the White Desert!

Thumbs.db Image Used Image (If available) Japanese Filename Translated Filename Folder Location Date Modified Notes
Yn009-Event26Thumb.png Yn009-Event26CharSet.png イベント26.png Event 26 CharSet 11/26/2005 (06:46:14 UTC) An earlier version of a multipurpose CharSet.
  • The background is black instead of green.
  • There are additional tiles for the Mall's escalators.
  • There are some puddles (?) above the red tentacle tiles.
(Source: Chie495)
Yn009-FCChipThumb.png Yn009-FCChipSet.png FC.png FC ChipSet 11/13/2005 (13:34:00 UTC) A slightly earlier version of FC World's ChipSet.
  • Most of the monochrome tiles for the FC Dungeon are missing.
  • The tiny unused tree is placed in the upper right corner instead of the bottom.
  • Some duplicate FC Dungeon tiles that were present in the upper right corner in the used image are also not present.
Yn009-Department2Thumb.png N/A デパート2.png Department Store 2 ChipSet 8/29/2005 (13:33:38 UTC) A second ChipSet image for the Mall.
  • A darker escalator can be seen in the middle.
  • The tiles in the upper right corner are copied from the used image.
  • The tiles in the bottom right corner are slanted, baring slight resemblance to the path that would lead to the Mall Roof in v0.10.
Yn009-DirtChipThumb.png Yn009-DirtChipSet.png 土.png Dirt ChipSet 11/13/2005 (05:59:36 UTC) A slightly earlier version of the Barracks Settlement's ChipSet.
  • The Seahorse is still colored purple, like in v0.08.
  • The Hot Spring House's cube coloring looks to be reversed.
Yn009-BasicChipThumb.png Yn009-BasisChipSet.png 基本.png Basis ChipSet 11/26/2005 (06:15:34 UTC) An earlier version of a ChipSet used for several maps, including Dark World and Candle World.
  • There is a large, unknown black object with an arched top on the left side of the image.
  • There are fewer of Dark World's floor patterns.
  • Below Dark World's floor patterns is an unknown object.
Yn009-SandChipThumb.png Yn009-SandChipSet.png 砂.png Sand ChipSet 9/18/2005 (10:49:12 UTC) An earlier version of the ChipSet used for the Wilderness.
  • In the lower right corner, there are several purple structures, possibly related to the purple poles that are used.
  • Next to the ground tiles is an unknown object.
  • The chunk of stairs in the center of the image is missing, being just a solid color instead.
Yn009 EG001Thumb.png N/A EG001.png EG001.png Panorama 9/6/2005 (04:23:06 UTC) Some kind of green landscape. The EG name is shared with an unused ChipSet.
Yn009 monoBackground08Thumb.png Yn009 monoBackground08.png モノ背景08.png Mono Background 08 Panorama 11/13/2005 (09:07:30 UTC) An earlier version of the Underground Lagoon in White Desert B. The second eye above the water is missing.
(Source: Chie495)
Yn009 monoBackground09Thumb.png N/A モノ背景09.png Mono Background 09 Panorama 9/18/2005 (08:25:36 UTC) One of the scrapped background images for the White Desert. Given the presence of a red tentacle, it could have been connected to other areas in the White Desert that have them.
Yn009 monoBackground10Thumb.png N/A モノ背景10.png Mono Background 10 Panorama 9/25/2005 (12:48:54 UTC) The other scrapped background image for the White Desert.
Yn009 backgroundCharacter10Thumb.png Yn009 Picture9.png 背景キャラ10.png Background Character 10 Panorama 8/20/2005 (1:11:18 UTC) One of the frames from the Aztec Rave Monkey event. Considering how it was in the Panorama folder, it probably was intended to be used as the background for one of the worlds accessible from the Nexus, like how Forest World and Block World also use the Aztec Rave Monkey.

Shared with v0.08

These graphics were also unused in v0.08 or earlier versions.


The wake-up pinch sprites for the 8-bit version of the unused Blindfold effect still exist.

Yn009 FCBlindfoldWakeUp.png

Greyscale Madotsuki

Wake-up pinch sprites for Greyscale Madotsuki still exist.

Yn009 GreyscaleWakeUp.png

FC World Stone

A second stone graphic exists in FC World's tileset, but is never used. It has a different design from the other stone graphic used in version 0.10.

v0.06 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 FCStoneUnused.png Yn010 FCStone2.png

Shared with v0.10

Many of v0.10's unused graphics are also present in v0.09. They are listed here for reference, with more details available on v0.10's page.





Yn Chair-RidingMadotsuki.png Yn-UnusedChairAnimation.gif

Crick in the Neck




Yn GreyscaleMadotsuki.png

Traffic Light

Yn-StoplightUnlit.png Yn-FCStoplightUnlit.png



CharSet Grahpics

Madotsuki's Room


The chair is able to face two other directions on its own. The in-game version is in the middle for reference.


Hat & Scarf


The in-game version is in the middle for reference.

Eye Palm



Yn-unusedumbrella.png Yn-unusedOpenUmbrella.png

FC World Square



Yn unusedKinoko.png



The Mall

Yn010 Elevator.PNG
The elevator that is used is on the left for reference.

The friendly toriningen in the Mall has sprites for facing other directions, but it only ever faces forward.



These CharSet graphics of NASU are part of the unused NASU Link event in v0.09, but can't be seen during normal gameplay.

Neon World

Unused Used
Yn-NeonFloorUnused.png Yn-NeonFloorUnused2.png Yn-NeonFloor.png

There are differently assembled variants of one of the floor patterns in Neon World.

Submarine Fish


Train Passenger


ChipSet Graphics

Madotsuki's Room

Yn MadotsukiRoomAutoTile.png Yn-madotsukisroom.PNG YumeNikki-cracked-window.png Yn windowReflection.png Yn-MadotsukiRoomUnusedFloorTiles.png Yn-MadotsukiRoomUnusedWallTiles.png

Barracks Settlement

Yn-BarracksSettlementJellyStalk.png Yn-BarracksSettlementSmallJellyStalk.png

Dotted Tiles


FC World

Yn-fc.PNG Yn-FCGoblinTile1.png Yn-FCGoblinTile2.png

The Infinite Road

Yn-FloyagOutline.png Yn-RoadManhole.png

The Mall



Neon Tile Path Pyramid


Number World


Lamp World


Pink Sea


Puddle World


Yn-PuddleWorldTiles1.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles2.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles3.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles4.png

Sewers Graffiti

Yn SewersGraffiti.png

Sky Garden

Yn-SkyGardenGateNoLight.png Yn-SkyGardenGateNarrow.png Yn-GhostWorldGateNarrow.png Yn-SkyGardenBush.png

Stairway to the Sky

Yn-StairwaytoSkyBlock1.png Yn-StairwaytoSkyBlock2.png Yn-StairwaytoSkyBlock3.png

Static Maze

Yn-PurpleStaticMazeGate.png Yn-PurpleStaticMazeGateSingle.png

Table & Confetti

Yn-ForestWorldTable.png Yn-ForestWorldConfetti.png

Teleport Maze


White Desert

Yn-WhiteDesertDots.png Yn-WhiteDesertEye.png Yn-WhiteDesertPlants.png Yn-WhiteDesertTiles.png

Windmill World


The Witch's Island


Unused Pictures

3-Line Message Window

Yn 3LineMessageWindow.png

Leftovers from Older Versions


Yn buyo.png

The only sprites of the Squish-Squish NPC that are used in v0.09 are the flabby-looking sprites, though the rest of the sprites can be found in the debug map.

Dream World TV

Yn006 dreamTV.PNG

The image on the TV found in v0.06 is no longer used.

Pink Gate


The pink gate found in earlier versions still remains in several ChipSets.

Static Maze Light

Yn006 LadderLight.png

The light at the bottom of the ladder in the Static Maze from v0.04 and v0.06 can still be found in FC World's ChipSet.