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Proto:Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen.
This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes. logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

This prototype of Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen dated June of 1994 was found on a development disc for the Sega Channel. Though the original BIN file was oddly missing, two LZSS compressed copies ("YU_YU.GI" and "YU_YU.SA") were still there.

ROM Header

Prototype Final
(C)SEGA 1994.JUN
GM G-004103-00
(C)SEGA 1994.JUL
GM G-004122-00

The ROM header dates the prototype one month earlier than the final release. The "GM" code is copied from Gunstar Heroes.


The Treasure logo screen and intro sequence are missing from the prototype. It jumps straight from the Sega screen to the title.

Prototype Final
YYHMT-Title-Proto.png YuuYuuHakushoMT-Title-Final.png

The title screen itself was completely overhauled for the final release. The prototype displays the traditional Yuu Yuu Hakusho logo on a solid blue background with no subtitle. The final version uses a unique calligraphy-style logo on a textured background.

The prototype music uses the ending version of "Smiling Bomb" (track 89) rather than the title versions (tracks 92/93), which are still present in the prototype sound test.


Prototype Final
YYHMT-Options-Proto.png YYHMT-Options-Final.png

The options menu was translated from English to Japanese. Controller configuration settings and a help section were added.


One option that was removed from the final menu was "CHECK". Turning this on enables a CPU meter of sorts. Press X at any time to turn it on/off.

Sound Test

"Smooth Criminal" from Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is used as a placeholder in several spots throughout the sound test. Yes, really.

The song stands in for the following tracks:

  • 80 — (blank)
  • 8D — Mountain Peak
  • 8E — Character Select
  • 90 — Continue?
  • 91 — Game Over
  • 95 — Evil World
  • 97~9F — (blank)

Character Select

Prototype Final
YYHMT-Select-Proto.png YuuYuuHakushoMT-Select-Final.png

Younger Toguro is completely missing from the prototype screen. The game crashes at the beginning of the match if you try force-selecting him, so he likely wasn't finished yet.

The characters were spaced farther apart in the final version, presumably to make them easier to select. Jin was also flipped the opposite direction.

Graphics Changes


Kurama's sprite set was almost entirely retouched for the final release.

Character Palettes

The player can choose which palette a character uses by selecting the character with either the A, B, or C buttons. Button A (also Start) selects the default palette, while B and C selects the alternate palettes.


Prototype Final
Color A
YYHMT-Genkai-ColorA-Proto.png YYHMT-Genkai-ColorA-Final.png
Color B
YYHMT-Genkai-ColorB-Proto.png YYHMT-Genkai-ColorB-Final.png
Color C
YYHMT-Genkai-ColorC-Proto.png YYHMT-Genkai-ColorC-Final.png

Genkai's sleeves are the same color as her hair in the prototype. This was corrected so they're the same color as her pants.


Prototype Final
Color A
YYHMT-Kurama-ColorA-Proto.png YYHMT-Kurama-ColorA-Final.png
Color B
YYHMT-Kurama-ColorB-Proto.png YYHMT-Kurama-ColorB-Final.png
Color C
YYHMT-Kurama-ColorC-Proto.png YYHMT-Kurama-ColorC-Final.png

For his default palette, the red used in Kurama's hair, shoes, and belt was made a darker shade.

Kurama's second palette was changed from red and blue to pink and yellow. His third palette was changed from all green to green and white.


Prototype Final
Color A
YYHMT-Hiei-ColorA-Proto.png YYHMT-Hiei-ColorA-Final.png
Color C
YYHMT-Hiei-ColorC-Proto.png YYHMT-Hiei-ColorC-Final.png

For his default palette, the purples used for Hiei's pants were darkened. They were previously the same shades of purple used for his shirt. The turquoise used in his hair and belt was also darkened.

Hiei's third palette was changed from red and green to all green.

Elder Toguro

Prototype Final
Color B
YYHMT-ElderToguro-ColorB-Proto.png YYHMT-ElderToguro-ColorB-Final.png
Color C
YYHMT-ElderToguro-ColorC-Proto.png YYHMT-ElderToguro-ColorC-Final.png

Elder Toguro's second palette was changed from blue and green to red and brown. His third palette was changed from a light brown to a dark brown.

Sonic Crackers Data

Starting at 0x154BC0 in the ROM are leftover graphics from a Sonic Crackers cart. Interestingly, this is not the same cart as the one that's been dumped.

The data consists of Tails' sprites for the overhead "Field" areas. This includes the walking and standing sprites seen in the April 01 build, and a bunch of other, newer animations. It's not clear what the first one is -- it might be an animation for throwing the other player.

Animations for Tails holding the Combi ring (and the other player) back.

A triumphant pose. Not clear where this was meant to play.

Tails' old idle animation, now in three directions!

Tails' staggered animation, which would be triggered after taking enough consecutive damage.

Running animations for Tails.

Players would be able to crouch in the field sections...somehow. Obviously pressing Down wouldn't work.

Spindash animations. Seems like the logical next step after crouching.

The last sprite would presumably be used for a flying animation.

(Source: Original TCRF research)