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Proto:Zelda's Adventure

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Zelda's Adventure.

To do:
Rip the maps and graphics and compare to the final version.

A prototype of Zelda's Adventure dated August 5, 1994 was found in October 2012 inside a box of CD-i testing discs. It was released by GameTronik in Summer 2013.

According to the CD's label, this build is Version 1.10 and was made in the second phase of testing. As a result, there are only a few changes between it and the final game. Interestingly, the catalog number on the disc's label, 690 2292, is for the unreleased NA version of the game.

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

Opening/Menu Differences

Proto Final
ZeldAdventure Title Proto.png ZeldAdventure title.png

A rather crude registered trademark (®) symbol was added to the logo.

Proto Final
ZeldAdventure GanonScroll Proto.png ZeldAdventure GanonScroll Final.png

Ganon's name in the Scroll of Shurmak is spelled correctly in the prototype. It was "corrected" to Gannon in the final version for some unknown reason.

Proto Final
ZeldAdventure DemoScreen Proto.png ZeldAdventure DemoScreen Final.png

Some extra copyright text was added to the demo screen. Because of this, the background and "PRODUCED BY VIRIDIS" text had to be shifted upwards. In addition, a (less crude) ® symbol was added to the logo.

Map Differences

Proto Final
ZeldAdventure ShurmakRiver Proto.png ZeldAdventure ShurmakRiver Final.png

A small part of the river north of Shurmak's hideout was rotated for the final game.

Proto Final
ZeldAdventure SwampMerchShoes Proto.png ZeldAdventure SwampMerchShoes Final.png

The cut Alligator Shoes item can be acquired in the prototype. It appears next to the merchant in Vendoss Swamp, and can be picked up without paying him any Rubies.

Proto Final
ZeldAdventure GubashaLowder Proto.png ZeldAdventure GubashaLowder Final.png

An extra Lowder was removed from this North Gubasha Desert map. It is immobilized until Zelda kills another Lowder and leaves and re-enters the area, after which it'll teleport to the center of the map and work properly.