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Proto talk:Jurassic Park (Genesis)

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I followed the to-do involving playing as the raptor. Here is what I have so far:

I found a way to play as the raptor in his own power station, but I'm not sure how possible it is to recreate it.

The steps I used were:

-Go to player, press right to select (what would be) the raptor
-Go to options, change character to raptor
-Select Raptor's Power Station
-You will be kicked to a glitched main menu.
-Go to "Player", change it to raptor
-Press start and keep pressing A.

At this point the level loaded with me controlling the raptor.

Human enemies as the raptor aren't a OHKO. I found they take two to three hits. The level is very laggy and you constantly hear the buzzing of the electric wires. In addition to being laggy, the game sometimes freezes for 5 seconds at a time. I'm not 100% sure what causes this. Compys don't seem to consistently die when you attack them. Some can be eaten but I came across one that cannot.

The spitting dinosaurs can get back up after being shot by the AI's explosive rockets.
Turns out they can't be killed and get back up after everything. In the final game once they're down... they're down for good. They don't have a "get back up" ability.
Dr. Grant doesn't run at the end of the level. In fact, he strolls along leisurely. I haven't seen this animation in the final game. When you get past the end of the level the next level does not load, meaning you're stuck here.

Game freezes when you die.

How weird. I just tried and got completely different results. I can enter the raptor's Power Station with the raptor just fine. Start the game, press A, go to options, choose raptor, and choose the raptor's Power Station.
The humans not being OHKOable, the lag, the compies and the spitting dinosaur things are true. However, I couldn't see Grant on the end of the level, at all. Also, the game didn't freeze when I died. {EspyoT} 09:36, 19 June 2012 (EDT)