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Purble Place/Media Center Purble Place

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Media Center Purble Place is a full-screen version of the game that is embedded into the game's executable. While it is technically used since it can be launched from Windows Media Center, it is not documented in any Help menus. Notably, it also contains a whole bunch of unused content the normal game doesn't.

MediaCenterPurblePlace Title.png


To do:
There may be more.
  • The dialogs in this version look different, instead of using the Windows aero, they use a blue radial.
  • Notably, the only way to change the options in this version is by right-clicking the screen and clicking the Options button.
  • Just like changing the options, the only way to show a hint in this version is by right-clicking the screen and clicking the Hint button.
  • This version is in full-screen compared to the normal version, that doesn't have a full-screen option.
  • The Help section is missing in this version.