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Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness

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Title Screen

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness

Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platforms: DOS, Windows
Released in US: December 1993

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

To do:
Plenty more, including unused death quotes, unused items, and many more unused graphics.

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness is darker than the previous three games. However, thanks to Sierra forcing the game out for the holidays, it also suffered from more bugs than the previous three combined. It was mostly patched up for the CD release, at least.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Debug Mode

Where to? dialog on boot (set as Fighter with all skills), but unlike previous QFG VGA games without a handy room list

Most of the debug material is intact, but only in the floppy version although it can be used in both floppy and CD versions. You can download it here or extract 18.scr and 18.hep out of the game[1], then put them in the same directory as the game's executable.

Here are this archive's game's notes, which contains values for room numbers.

Upon starting the game, the player will be greeted with a prompt asking them which level they want to go. Warping to a point in the game besides the title screen will make your character a Fighter with 200 on all stats.

Then, after jumping into the game, the following (working) controls will be available:

Keys Action
Alt + A Show cast (info about all on-screen objects).
Alt + B Change amount of money.
Alt + C Learn a new spell.
Alt + E Show ego information & free memory.
Alt + G Set/Clear flag.
Alt + H Set hour of the day.
Alt + I Get item.
Alt + K Set one of the ego's skills.
Alt + M Show free memory.
Alt + R Show room info.
Alt + S Shift user alterego.
Alt + T Teleport.
Alt + U Return user control.
Alt + X Set all the ego's skills.
Alt + Left Mouse Button Instant movement/placement.
Ctrl + L QA Logger.
Ctrl + S Play sound.
Shift + / Help for the debug mode.
(Source: HWM, ScummVM wiki)

Unused Graphics

QfG4-Status Screen Sketch.png
A sketch of the status screen can be seen at Pic 145.

QfG4-View 120-QfG3 Cast.png
A picture of the Quest for Glory 3 endgame cast can be seen at Pic 120. Sadly, they're never seen in the game itself.

(Source: Boogeyman, Hypnos)

QfG4-Player Throwing Axe.gif
The player throws the axe forward, which is not an actual ability in the game.

QfG4-Thrown Axe.gif
The axe gets thrown forward, which is not an actual ability in the game.

QfG4-Player Axe Misuse.gif
The player accidentally cutting off their own arm with the Battle Axe, which would have likely been seen when trying to use an axe with low strength and/or weapon use stats.

QfG4-Katrina-no sleeves.png
Katrina without sleeves. This does match up with her dialog portrait, yet this is the only frame in View 638 that matches up with it. Her used in-game sprites have her wearing sleeves.

Menu buttons leftover from a demo version.

Tanya walking around.

(Source: Andrew J. Neis, Boogeyman, Divingkataetheweirdo)

Unused Music

Sound cue 472 contains a tune intended for the gypsy camp. Composer Aubrey Hodges said it would have been for the wolves' attack or the burning.

(Source: Andrew J. Neis)

Unused Enemies

Message file 810, which is linked with the combat sequence, mentions two enemies that don't appear in the final game - Tentitite and Nastimost. These appear to be the only mentions of them in the code. There is also a mention of the Elderbury Bush, as if there were going to be a combat sequence with it, but that was instead converted into a puzzle.

QfG4-Crypt Wraith revealed.png QfG4-Crypt Wraith combat.png
Room 510 (Borgov Crypt) contains a cut enemy called Crypt Wraith. It can actually be revealed and fought with (by meddling with the left bottom sarcophagus) via a fan patch,[2] but the combat's background is borrowed from the similar enemy Castle Wraith.

Unused Text

In the hero's room, dialogue sequence 10 6 19 is never triggered (Katrina and Ad Avis scrying on the Hero after Tanya is rescued) because code using it has not been implemented:

You find yourself hearing voices again in your sleep.
You hear a female voice saying, "How could he? How dare he harm her? I'll destroy him. I'll drain him of every drop of blood in his body and watch him squirm!"
The deep male voice replies, "I did warn you. You have no one to blame but yourself. You should have taken control of him sooner."
The woman's voice says, "Oh, shut up. I see him sleeping at the inn. Some Hero. Murdering a defenseless child... I can't believe he would do such a thing."
The woman's voice speaks again, "Wait, the image is shifting. I'm seeing something else."
The female voice says, "I see Tanya. There, at the inn. She's, she's alive!"
The deep male voice says, "Alive? That is impossible. You are being deceived."
The woman's voice speaks, "No. She's sleeping. In some way, he has brought her back to life."
The male voice says, "This farce has gone on long enough. The next time he sneaks into the castle, he might find our coffins. I very much doubt that either of us will be undead OR alive after such an encounter."
The woman's voice speaks harshly, "Silence. I've got to think what to do next..."
The voices fade off as you start to awaken.

In the Squid Stone room (800), it seems there was originally going to be a nest of Badders (noun 3) on the lower right hand side of the cliff. However, these do not appear in the final game, and there is no orphaned code whatsoever that would trigger their appearance. The following are messages associated with the Badders:

You've been bruised and beaten by the Badders until your body is black and blue.  Let sleeping Badders lie!
Battered By Badders
You reach towards the movement below the ledge.  Oh no!  It's a flock of Badders!  Look out!
You can't quite reach the Badders from here.
Waves of cold frost shimmer over the Badders on the rock ledge.
Occasional movement under the cliff ledge betrays the presence of a group of Badders.
You missed the rock pile badly.  In fact, you hit the lair of the resting Badders badly.  This could be bad.
You don't have time for that now!  The Badders are about to attack!  (They're up to bat, so to speak.)


  1. You can use "SCI Resource Viewer" (version "Unversioned") from http://sci.sierrahelp.com/Tools/SCITools.html
  2. https://github.com/AshLancer/QFG4-Enhanced

(Source: Andrew J. Neis)