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Qwirks (Windows)

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Title Screen


Based on: Puyo Puyo
Developer: Big Bang Software[1]
Publisher: Spectrum HoloByte
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 1995

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

At first glance, this game seems to be just another localization of Puyo Puyo. However, you'll soon find out that this game has a few unique... Qwirks.

To do:
  • Everything on this page was discovered through gameplay and going through the game's directories. See if there have been any mistakes in this page by going through the game's code and figuring out which script triggers which asset.
  • SLIDE.WAV and DEFAULT.WAV are the same sound. Go through the game's code and figure out which sound is used.
  • See if any animations for the enemies in the game's challenge mode are unused. They're stored in the FLC format, making them easily viewable in programs such as VLC Media Player.
  • See if there are any unused levels made for the game's puzzle mode.

Unused Graphics

Source File Graphics Description
SPRITE.BMP I just flew in from the eighth dimension and boy, are my arms tired! HA! These unused graphics suggest that the clear qwirks were supposed to be animated, just like their Compile-developed counterparts, the nuisance puyo.
SPRITE.BMP No wands, no wings... Unused graphics suggest that Bigelow was meant to be fully animated.
COSMO.BMP Just blobby alien things. Cosmo has his own dedicated sprite sheet. While only one graphic in this sheet was used, the abundance of graphics in this sheet suggests that he was meant to be fully animated like his Compile counterpart, Carbuncle.
SPRITE.BMP Batan kyu! What appears to be bottom part of the Geodome playfield (stages 1-8 in Challenge mode) opening up. Presumably, this was supposed to be used when one of the players lose.
SPRITE.BMP White qwirks.png It appears that the qwirks were meant to flash white at some point during gameplay. Possibly during transmigration.
SPRITE.BMP Tinyqwirks0.png Tinyqwirks1.png Tinyqwirks2.png Tinyqwirks3.png Tinyqwirks4.png Tinyqwirks5.png Small graphics of a clear qwirk and the five crystal qwirks. Possibly meant to be used in the game's nuisance tray.
SPRITE.BMP Be not afraid. It appears that "angel qwirks" would fly around your playfield when you lose, just like in Puyo Puyo.
SPRITE.BMP Disintegration.png Some sort of disintegration effect. Most likely playfield related.
SPRITE.BMP Unknown gfx.png Heavily dithered graphics. Purpose unknown.

Unused Music

Unused Ending Track

ENDING.MID, as the name suggests, is a song meant to be played during the game's ending. However, this track is not used anywhere in-game.

Unused Sounds

Filename Sound Description
A seventh transmigration sound. In-game, the sixth transmigration sound is repeated when you transmigrate 7 or more groups of qwirks in a chain reaction.
A modulated voiceclip of a person saying "cool".
A high-pitched laugh.
A voiceclip of a man shouting "yeah!". Some readers might find this sound somewhat familiar.