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Rambo: The Video Game (PlayStation 3)

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Rambo: The Video Game

Developer: Teyon
Publisher: Reef Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: April 8, 2016
Released in US: April 29, 2014
Released in EU: February 21, 2014
Released in AU: February 21, 2014

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Rambo: The Video Game takes you on an on-rails tour of the first three Rambo films. It received a critical slaughtering upon release and Reef Entertainment went quiet soon afterwards, only to return two years later with a patch and free DLC.

Unused Audio

Level 1

Seven months in shackles, think you can still fight?

Level 3

This Rambo, he's the devil!
This Rambo, he's the devil's work!

Level 6

A lot of cut lines for Co, compiled here into a single file.

Do all americans fight good like you?

Guns must be lucky charm for you, Rambo.

Russian soldiers more deadly than Vietnamese, be careful.

Russian commanders treat Vietnamese soldiers like dogs, beat them until they are savaged.

Grenade, by the ammo crates.

You are true warrior, Rambo.

You fight very good.

How can you be expendable? You fight like no other.

When mission over, (I pray) you take me to america?

I must tell truth, sometimes you frighten me when you fight. So angry.

You have such good skill with just bow and arrow. You're amazing.

Only a pistol, and you still make them afraid.

Rambo, throw grenade!

I hope my father is proud of what I do.

I know my father would have been so proud to fight beside you, Rambo.

Rambo, you are man worth dying for, I know that.

In war, true nature of a man is made clear. You fight hard, but you are good, honest man.

Additonally, the following line has two alternate takes that are left unused.

Used Unused

Developer Notes

Download.png Download translation_eng.csv
File: Rambo2014_Translation_eng.zip (59 KB) (info)
Download.png Download subtitles_eng.csv
File: Rambo2014_Subtitles_eng.zip (32 KB) (info)

There are two spreadsheets which contain the subtitles and menu text used by the game, both of which have a section for comments by the developers. The files provided have these notes translated into English.

There is also a plain text file named _bugs, which contains the following:


2. ekran wyboru misji psuje sie  po powrocie z ekranu wyboru kontrolera 	--
5. wszystkie skile winny byc zaznaczalne	--
6. nie ma kosztu skila wyswietlanego	--
7. nie dzialaja zadne skile w grze	--
//10. press x to start powinien sie dopiero pojawic po skonczeniu odtwarzania filmiku	--
11. ekran summary nie dziala, 	--


1. Action bar	--
2. combosy	--
3. QTE zmiany: usuniecie tla, bocznych animowanych paskow, strzalka tylko przy tapowaniu, qte na pada	--
4. -score: brak napisu	--


1. powiekszyc obrazki przycisków kontrolera
4. brak potwierdzenia wyjscia z gry

Which roughly translates to:


2. mission selection screen breaks after returning from controller selection screen 	--
5. all skills should be markable	--
6. there's no skill cost displayed	--
7. no skills in the game are working	--
//10. "press x to start" should only show up after finishing video/cutscene playback	--
11. "summary" screen doesn't work, 	--


1. Action bar	--
2. combos	--
3. QTE changes: removal of background, animated sidebars, arrow only while tapping, qte for a gamepad	--
4. -score: text missing	--


1. enlarge the images of controller buttons
4. missing quit game confirmation

Placeholder Subtitles

Some cutscenes have .srt files to go with them, which include notes in Polish.


The only file to not have a video file to go with it. It contains the following:

A teraz mamy subtitle do cutscen na silniku - 10 sekund textu
olejne 10 sekund po pol minutowej przerwie - bierze pod uwagę LsTime..

Which roughly translates to:

And now we have subtitles for cutscenes on the engine - 10 seconds of text
further 10 seconds after half a minute pause - takes LsTime into consideration..


The following is paired with multiple cutscenes.

Pierwsze 10 sekund textu
Kolejne 10 sekund po pol minutowej przerwie

Which roughly translates to:

First 10 seconds of text
Further 10 seconds after half a minute pause


The subtitles roughly translate to:

Oh gosh, good to see you lads!
Birdies are waiting for you
We've got your back! Move the top!


The subtitles roughly translate to:

Go, go, go!
Let go, n****r!
No: go, go, go!.


The subtitles roughly translate to:

How I'm running away!
Faster, guys!
Where's that Rambo?
Graphics designers must have stuffed him under the terrain
Mikolaj! Mikolaj, Mikolaj, Mikolaj!

Unused Graphics

Level Renders

The files for each level contain level render images, some of which are very early looking.


Test Levels

To do:
Can they be accessed?

There are six sets of files for test levels titled test_lvl, test_lvl_hind, test_lvl_karol, test_lvl_krzysiek, test_lvl_pawel and test_lvl_weapon.