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Rampage: World Tour (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Rampage: World Tour

Developer: Game Refuge
Publishers: Midway Games (US), GT Interactive (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: September 30, 1997
Released in EU: December 1997

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.

Third Player Options

Because the PlayStation only has two controller ports and multitaps did not catch on, this version is only two-player, but options exist for a third player. In the Options menu, use GameShark/Action Replay code 300D6CE4 0002 to set the Game Mode to THREE PLAYERS, and 300E3B5C 0002 to set Controller Config to PLAYER 3. While nothing happens if trying to access the Player 3 control setting, starting the game on the three-player setting brings up a functional player select screen with the third player's character placed right on top of the second. Unfortunately, the third player's controls do not respond, meaning they are unable to play.