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Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando/Unused Voice Clips

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This is a sub-page of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

Early HelpDesk cues

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Should a used equivalent of these files be uploaded for comparison reasons? Add a description for each voice clip, if necessary.
Pretty sure there are still some unused clips left, I'm looking into it.

These help messages were supposed to be played in earlier versions of the game, but they were disabled when there was no use left for them. Some cues received an audio update, so some of these were just made redundant.

E3 Only help

Defeating enemies gives you experience. Experience is used to increase your max health and upgrade your weapons.

Hold Triangle and select a weapon icon with the left analog stick.

Destroy all six transponder towers. Transponder towers emit the green beams.

Expose the power rods with the bolt crank. Press Square to attach the wrench, then walk around the platform.

Hit the exposed rods to destroy the towers.

Congratulations! You've won the race. Press the Start Button to play another challenge.

Equip the swingshot and use it on the green target. Press Triangle to bring up the quick select menu.

These ones appear to have been used in an early E3 build of the game.
Transponder towers were later renamed to just transponders, and the power rods inside them were renamed transmitters. You can force these messages to appear on the Help menu, and they will have E3 Only as a title appended to them.

Platinum weapons related help

Congratulations! You have the choice to go back in time before you defeated Qwark, or play a new game in Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is a good way to earn a lot of bolts by playing a tougher version of the game. You get to keep all your weapons, and you can upgrade them to platinum weapons using platinum bolts.

Your platinum weapon has just upgraded! It is now more effective against enemies.

You have purchased a platinum upgrade! Platinum upgrades give weapons greater ammo capacity and can be upgraded an additional level.

Your platinum weapon has just upgraded! It is now more effective against enemies.

These help messages became obsolete once Platinum weapons got shafted in favor of Mega weapons, and platinum bolts were re-purposed into value for mod shops.

Level related help

Progress is saving. While this icon is on the screen, do not remove the memory card or turn off the power.

This message is mute in the final game.
Feltzin System

You've just collected ore. Ore can be traded for ship upgrades.

Ore was later renamed after Raritanium, a rare mineral found in the first game.

Buried deep beneath the planet's surface is precious ore. This mining vehicle can be used to dig up the ore. Ore can be traded for spaceship upgrades.

See above.

Early vendor remnants

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Early in development, vendors looked and acted entirely like their R&C1 counterparts, with some figurehead appearing on the right side of the screen. MegaCorp vendors would have featured the HelpDesk girl in a much more soothing tone, which is the exact same as the one in the tutorial cinematic, likely making her the official voice of MegaCorp.

Weapon vendors

Choose a weapon.

MegaCorp, the first name in weapons!

Each weapon comes with MegaCorp's gold warranty service.

Let us satisfy all of your destructive urges.

Make a statement with weapons from MegaCorp.

Having trouble getting your point across? Let MegaCorp weaponry do the talking for you.

Choose a weapon or ammo.

Welcome to the MegaCorp Weapons Emporium!

Armor vendors

Our armor gives you the ability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it!

Welcome to MegaCorp Armor Outfitters!

Just released: Duraplate armor!

Now offering Electrosteel armor!

Are you embarrassed to go out some days? You need the added protection of Electrosteel armor, the most form-fitting, most comfortable armor we've ever created.

Selling the finest armor in the Bogon galaxy!

Electrosteel, guaranteed not to chafe or pinch.

Investing in your protection!

Just released: Duraplate armor! Duraplate is the perfect choice if you're always on the go.

Duraplate won't slow you down. You can enjoy all your favorite activities with lightweight Duraplate.

If you're not safe, we're not doing our job.

Making your life a little safer one day at a time.

We protect you.

Take control with our new Carbonox armor!

Tetrafiber gives you confidence where other protection fails.

Try our new Tetrafiber armor!

We're working to keep you safe.

Now available: Carbonox armor, the ultimate in full-body protection!

Sign up today for our free catalogue.

We offer the lowest prices in the Bogon galaxy, guaranteed.

If we don't sell it, you don't need it.

General thanking

Thank you for your purchase!

Thank you for your purchase.

Thank you for your purchase!

Thank you for your purchase.

Mod vendors

I ain't got all day, pal.

Speed it up, pal. Let's go. Chop-chop.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Hurry up, buddy. I'm double-parked.

You guys are keepin' me in business all by yourselves.

Put what you got in the slot, and I'll take care of it for you.

Whatever you got, put it in the slot.

Ah, you again. You know the drill.

Let's go, pal. I got a manicure appointment to get to.

You two are, ah, on the level, right? Good.

I could, uh, get in a lot of trouble for this...

All right, whatcha got this time?