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Rayman 3 (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Developers: Ubi Soft Montpellier, Ubi Soft Shanghai
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: March 24, 2003
Released in EU: March 20, 2003

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Rayman 3 is the third installment of the Rayman series. In this game, Rayman helps take down an army of hooded lums known as "Hoodlums" (get it) who are attacking his world, so he decides to step and fight back, helped by a a green fly and a blue frog-like character who just so happens to have swallowed the main bad guy. Whew.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Text


French English Translation
Snorty : Pfffffff ... pas possible de piquer une ptite sieste par ici ! Snorty: Pfffffff... ain't even possible to have a lil' nap around here !

According to this unused line in GAMEDATABIN\Fix.lvl, a character named "Snorty" was supposed to appear in the game.

Debugging Features

There are two debugging features mistakenly left in the game, both accessible by pressing R+Start. The first is in the first part of "The Fairy Council" (the first level in the game). Holding R+Start will cause Murfy to stop flying until the player lets go.

The second is in the fourth part of "Desert of the Knaaren". Pressing R+Start will cause the text "Salle 01" ("Room 01") to appear in the bottom left of the screen. If the player then holds the R button and presses Up or Down on the D-Pad, the number can be advanced up to 5. Holding R and pressing Left on the D-Pad will then cause Rayman to be teleported to a specific location, depending on what number was displayed.

Unused Xowar Animations

In the fourth part of the world "The Tower of the Leptys", a secret room containing three scrapped creatures will open if the player has gained enough points. One of these creatures, the Xowar, has various animations that still exist in the game, but are not shown off.

(Source: GOT4N)

2D Nightmare

2D Nightmare is a minigame that is exclusive to the GameCube version of Rayman 3. It was intended to be unlocked by connecting the GameCube to a copy of Rayman 3 (GBA) with every level complete. Unfortunately, due to a bug in the GBA version that causes the game to not save the completion state of the final level, 2D Nightmare is inaccessible without using cheats. Similar to the unlockable 2D Madness, 2D Nightmare is a sidescroller minigame set in the world of the first Rayman game. 2D Nightmare, however, takes place in Picture City, while 2D Madness takes place in The Dream Forest.

It can be accessed by enabling these Action Replay codes, then loading a save:

USA Europe

044737EC 746F7564
044737F0 695F3130

04472D0C 746F7564
04472D10 695F3130

Test Map

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Is this really not possible to be loaded? I tried replacing just the sectors with another level, and the level that was working crashed, so it's likely the files are gone.

Present only in the GameCube version is a test map folder named "test", however, a current way to access it is unknown. It's likely that it was meant to be a test map for Mad Trax because its textures are there and the test map is only present in the GameCube version.

Early Levels

The third and fourth parts of the world "The Bog of Murk" appear to have originally been the same map, but ended up being separated. However, both parts have a prototype copy of the other where only a few gems are present, some elements like screws are non-functional, and there aren't any enemies or cages. These areas can be accessed in-game with hacks or glitches.

Unused Items

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The plum one was just an exception, the item replacing is pretty unclear from my point of view, at least from what I tried. -Got4n

There's an unused trap plum. It was scrapped for unknown reasons. It looks like it was a plum that if the player picks, he'd be trapped by the enemy.

(Source: Got4n and RibShark)