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Red Dead Redemption 2/Items

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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  • There were collectible pieces of an animal skin painting that depicted a massacre of Native Americans by settlers, connected to the curse of Valentine. They could've been collected in spots near Valentine, and a man at a campfire still mentions them during a random encounter. Other Native American artifacts for the curse of Valentine were also cut from the game, though it seems they would've been discarded by the player shortly after being unearthed, this includes a Native American mask that would've been sitting in the gunsmith.
  • There were supposed to be more trinkets in the game, but they were cut before the release of the game. They are as follows: A Mayan Trinket, an Asteroid Chunk Trinket, a Bobcat Claw Trinket, a Ghost Alligator Trinket, a Badger Claw Trinket, a Bat Wing Trinket, a Bear Heart Trinket, a Bull Gator Trinket, a Condor Beak Trinket, a Rabbit's Foot Trinket, a Racoon Claw Trinket, a Deputy Star Trinket, a Crane Feather Trinket, a Toad Legs Trinket, a Flower Spun Trinket, a Poisoned Bluegill Trinket, a Futuristic Trinket, a Panther Claw Trinket, a Giant Boar Trinket, a Giant Rabbit Trinket, a Gila Monster Tooth Trinket, a Chelonian Master Trinket, a Little Egret Trinket, a Duck Feather Trinket, a Reddish Egret Trinket, an Eagle Feather Trinket, a Heron Feather Trinket, an Ornate Gold Trinket, a Bull Horn Trinket, a Squirrel Tooth Trinket, and an Oxen Horn Trinket.
    • Some of the cut trinkets still spawn in game. The Bull Horn Trinket can be found in a chest inside the Blackwater Sheriff's Office. The Rhodes Fence has the Squirrel Tooth Trinket, Toad Legs Trinket and Turtle Shell Trinket. The Turtle Shell Trinket was released when the game came out for PC.[1] Other initially cut trinkets like the Ram Horn, Buck Antler, Javelina, and Snowy Egret trinkets were later added to Red Dead Online.
    • The cut Squirrel Tooth trinket was actually used for the UI picture for "Private" lobbies for the online mode pre Red Dead Online.
    • An alternate version of the Squirrel Tooth Trinket, featuring an actual tooth, can be found in an icon within the game's files.
    • The icon for the cut Deputy Star Trinket depicts it as simply being a single badge as opposed to being multiple badges put together.
  • Several herbs which can be collected in Red Dead Online were intended to also be available in single player.
    • Additionally, there is two cut herbs known as "Crow's Garlic"[2] and "Salt Bush"[3].
  • An item known as an "Oats Bag" would've allowed you to feed your horse automatically.
  • A cut version of the Boar Tusks, called a "Boar Tusk", can be found inside of the Rhodes Fence just outside of the player's reach.
  • Icons for rotten meat, reading glasses (intended to have been used for an item request), regular pirate rum, a lost relic, a chicken egg, a pocket shaving kit, poison tonic, and health serum exist in the game files.
  • A skeleton key was supposed to unlock a chest during a treasure hunt on Guarma.
  • Marko Dragic's robot can be spawned in as an NPC and gives a unique item called scrap metal when looted. Its description says it could've been used in crafting.
  • Early trailers for the game showcased a bigger horse blanket than the one used in the final game, as well as different saddlebags. Horse holsters were also cut from the game and they would've held rifles as opposed to them floating like in the final game.
  • Like in Red Dead Redemption, the player was originally able to obtain pardon letters that would've alleviated them of their bounties.
  • Documents exist in the game that went unobtainable in the final game for one reason or another, these include a letter that would've been looted from the cut character Mr. Pattison, a letter that cannot be picked up in the shack with a fallen tree, letters dropped from foremen that do not spawn in the game, Doc Wormwood's bounty poster (which initially loads into the Valentine Sheriff's office for a moment before disappearing), a coach robbery tip for a moonshine wagon in Bluewater Marsh (with variations for 1899 and 1907), an invitation to the party in "The Gilded Cage", a restraining order from Gavin, a letter about Dzoavit's Claim, two letters from Brenda Crawley, a letter from Deborah MacGuiness that would've been received after mailing in your first dinosaur bone, a Scarlet Fever handbill, a paper related to H. Fischer's home business, and a letter that Simon Pearson is supposed to send John in the epilogue despite him never doing so. Some other documents, namely the one that Abigail leaves to John in "Motherhood", the Letter from Tilly, Molly's Poem, Bill's Dishonorable Discharge, the Letter from Lenny's Father, the Letter to Micah to Amos, The Case of the Deceitful German, The American Inferno, Existence and Oblivion, the Diary, The Castle Above the Glen, The Castle Above the Moor, The Castle in the Field of Lavender, Mary-Beth's Notebook, the First Bank Robbery Newspaper Scrap, the New England Examiner Scrap, the family Daguerreotype from “The Iniquities of History II", and the bank document from "Home of the Gentry?" have functionality to be added into the player's inventory, but can only be accessed via glitches.[4][5]
  • A cut version of the Jail Cell Key, called "Jail Cell Keys", can be found inside of the Rhodes Fence just outside of the player's reach.
  • Josiah Trelawny was supposed to request an Eagle Talon and Leopold Strauss was supposed to request reading glasses.
  • Lettuce was originally supposed to be an item that could either be consumed or fed to a horse.
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