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Red Dead Redemption 2/Locations

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Guarma is a fictional Caribbean island that is visited in the game's fifth chapter. The time spent there is very much bolted on rails, with little to do outside of story missions, and the player being unable to venture too far from the small playable area else they are killed by invisible snipers.

Earlier in development, the island was called "Guama" and it was intended for the entire region to be explorable. Numerous maps can be found in the game's files, as well as remnants of scrapped missions. There remain a number of oddities leftover from the island's earlier design.

Nuevo Paraíso

Mexico was originally intended to feature in the game, with fully detailed terrain for the entire region being present in the game but no buildings (other than LOD for El Presidio, which can be viewed from across the river). Textures and LODs for all Nuevo Paraíso buildings can be found in the files for the initial PS4 release of the game but are unused. There is also coding present to recognise the different regions of the territory, which also go unused.

It's possible to explore Nuevo Paraíso through the use of glitches or modifications. The area even has a unique exploration theme, made up of ambient tracks for Mexico from the first Red Dead Redemption game.

Unused interiors

The game contains a number of unused interiors, some of which are complete and many of which are not.


Strawberry is particularly notable amongst the game's settlements as every single building in town has some kind of interior.

Name Description Exterior Interior
Doctor A fully complete and highly detailed interior exists for Strawberry's doctor's office, and is briefly seen in the mission "The Wheel". The doctor himself, Wheeler, curiously doesn't actually exist in-game despite Abigail saying goodbye to him during a cutscene.

The game's explanation as to why the good doctor is missing is somewhat contradictory; the owner of the general store mentions that he hasn't been seen in months, while a newspaper article mentions that he only left town following the massacre that occurs when Arthur breaks Micah out of jail.

The interior is not normally loaded until "The Wheel", so the building is usually seen with opaque windows and a "Gone fishin'" sign on the door.

RDR2 Strawberry Doctor.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Doctor Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Doctor Interior 2.jpg
Elegant house A house located opposite the Welcome Center, possibly intended to be the residence of Mayor Timmins. Most of the house is empty and untextured, but a small and rather elegantly furnished study can be found inside. Strangely, a photo frame floats in mid-air behind the desk instead of being placed on top of it.

The study lacks a door, and most of the decoration is laid out across two perpendicular walls, which would suggest the room was intended for a cutscene viewed from a north-westerly perspective.

250px RDR2 Strawberry House Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Strawberry House Interior 2.jpg
The Tracker's Hotel The ground floor is long, but has basic textures and is empty inside. A smaller room upstairs looks much the same and is also empty...save for a single white bucket situated on the floor. Strangely, generic NPCs can sometimes spawn inside of this room. RDR2 Strawberry Hotel.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Hotel Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Hotel Interior 2.jpg
Skinny's house Micah briefly enters Skinny's house during "Blessed are the Meek?" to kill Skinny and his wife. Normally it's not possible to see inside as the player is blocked from even stepping on the porch, but the entrance hallway and stairs are fully detailed. The upstairs loft is completely empty and unfinished however. RDR2 Strawberry Skinny.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Skinny Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Skinny Interior 2.jpg
Henry Elsom & Sons Carpentry The inside of this building is textured but mostly empty, with foliage clipping through the walls. An NPC will pop out of the doors to ambush the player during "Blessed are the Meek?", and it's possible to get inside if you are quick enough to run in before the doors close and lock shut. There's an upper level containing a distinctive wooden chest, but the chest, floor, and supports all lack collision.

It's likely the interior simply exists to facilitate the ambush during the mission, but the presence of the wooden chest is an unusual detail as there is no way the player can ordinarily see it.

RDR2 Strawberry Carpenter.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Carpenter Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Carpenter Interior 2.jpg
Safehouse On the south-western edge of town, a large building advertises a furnished apartment within for rent. In-game files indicate that this was intended to be a safehouse that could be acquired by the player. The inside has basic textures and is completely empty, though there's a strange wooden artifact on the wall near the north-eastern corner. RDR2 Strawberry Safehouse.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Safehouse Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Strawberry Safehouse Interior 2.jpg

Emerald Ranch

Name Description Exterior Interior
General store Emerald Ranch features a near-finished general store right across from the closed-down saloon. The layout appears to be fully complete, but there is no lighting and no items on the shelves.

Strangely, the only indication of the building being a shop at all is a sign on the very side of the building, and a mannequin that can be seen through one of the front windows.

RDR2 Emerald Ranch Shop.jpg RDR2 Emerald Ranch Shop Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Emerald Ranch Shop Interior 2.jpg


Name Description Exterior Interior
Church of Rhodes The town's church features an empty interior with basic textures. This is notable, as most churches in the game do not feature any kind of interior whatsoever. The floor lacks collision, causing the player to sink through the foundation.

Given that a mission takes place in the graveyard, and the church's reverend Herbert P. Grimshaw exists in-game and can be found outside, it's possible that there were greater plans for this location at one point in development.

RDR2 Rhodes Church.jpg RDR2 Rhodes Church Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Rhodes Church Interior 2.jpg
E.J. Paulson Jr. Doctor Rhodes contains a doctor's office at the north-eastern edge of town, however the building is inaccessible to the player. An unused NPC called E.J. Paulson was intended to serve as the town's doctor here, but he was scrapped and the interior was never completed.

The inside is completely empty, though the windows on the inside appear to be completely finished. There is an odd glitch causing the doorframe to be transparent, however.

RDR2 Rhodes Doctor.jpg RDR2 Rhodes Doctor Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Rhodes Doctor Interior 2.jpg
Safehouse As with the house in Strawberry, there was supposed to be a player safehouse in Rhodes too. It's extremely unfinished, with odd details such as an empty painting frame as well as Charles Châtenay's painting from the art exhibition in Saint Denis.

A portion of the room containing a bed can be viewed from outside through a window, so there might have been an intention at one point to repurpose the building for a Peeping Tom" scenario (which occurs in Strawberry and Valentine).

RDR2 Rhodes Safehouse.jpg RDR2 Rhodes Safehouse Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Rhodes Safehouse Interior 2.jpg


Name Description Exterior Interior
Mitternachtsbierhalle Some NPCs will mention that Annesburg's saloon has recently closed down. However, unlike the defunct general store across the road (which does not have any interior at all, and is plastered with notices that it has closed down) the town's saloon still has the external appearance of being in active operation yet is inaccessible to the player. The interior is very large but empty, save for a long partition that creates a weird sort of entrance hallway which doesn't really fit the German beer hall design that the exterior of the building would imply.

Unlike other unused interiors, the walls have no collision on the inside so it's possible to walk through them to the outside. Given the lack of any visual detail supporting the saloon having closed down, it's possible that this was a change made late in the game's development.

RDR2 Annesburg Saloon.jpg RDR2 Annesburg Saloon Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Annesburg Saloon Interior 2.jpg


Blackwater appears to have the most unused areas of any settlement in the game, though this may partially be because of the map being ported over and modified from the first Red Dead Redemption game.

Name Description Exterior Interior
Benjamin P. Lockhart Photographer The fully-detailed photography studio in Blackwater is accessible only in Red Dead Online but it still exists in Story Mode, albeit without any lighting or NPCs present. RDR2 Blackwater Photography.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Photography Interior 1.jpg
E. Woodcock Upholstering and Finishing Curiously, the interior of this inaccessible furniture store has shelves laid out similarly to the game's other shops. As the shelves are unsuitable for displaying furniture, it's likely that this was originally an accessible type of shop (possibly a gunsmith, which Blackwater lacks) before being converted into a generic background business.

There's a short hallway at the back that leads to an exterior door that can actually be opened. On the outside of the building, there are stairs that lead to the upper level, and a small dead-end hallway lies behind this door, but it's not connected to the rest of the interior. Notably, the collision for the ground floor is too high, making the player appear to be floating above the ground while inside and allowing them to clip through the interior walls.

RDR2 Blackwater Shop.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Shop Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Shop Interior 2.jpg
Surgery Along the main street in the town is a nondescript building with "Surgery" printed above the door. Posters on the windows advertise the building for rent, indicating that the surgery has closed down. The inside contains two empty rooms, though they are completely separated from one another as there is no doorway in the wall to connect them. The back room has a short hallway leading to the back door.

It's possible that this was intended to originally be a functioning doctor's office for Blackwater. The town conspicuously lacks one, despite being a major settlement and featuring one in the first Red Dead Redemption game (albeit in a very different location).

RDR2 Blackwater Surgery.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Surgery Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Surgery Interior 2.jpg
Allthewaye Inn The inn features an large, empty multi-storey interior with an unusual stone block texture covering the walls, floors, and ceiling. RDR2 Blackwater Inn.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Inn Interior 1.jpg
Blackwater Hotel The hotel is infamous as the setting of an important mission late into the first Red Dead Redemption game, with the player able to navigate various rooms and hallways of the hotel. In this game, there is simply a large, square, empty room on the ground floor of the hotel and nothing more. RDR2 Blackwater Hotel.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Hotel Interior 1.jpg
J.W. Beard Lantern Maker An empty room exists inside the lantern shop. This building houses Blackwater's gunsmith in the first Red Dead Redemption game, so this is likely just a remnant from when the original map was ported over. RDR2 Blackwater Lantern Shop.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Lantern Shop Interior 1.jpg
Flat Iron Restaurant Next door to the lantern shop is the restaurant, containing equally empty rooms on both levels of the building. This is a completely different building to what is situated here in the first Red Dead Redemption game, so what these rooms were intended for is anyone's guess. RDR2 Blackwater Restaurant.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Restaurant Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Restaurant Interior 2.jpg
Meat Market Eldridge's butcher shop contains an empty interior. This location was also Blackwater's butcher in the first Red Dead Redemption game, so is likely a remnant from when the original map was ported over. All the butchers in Red Dead Redemption 2 have stalls located outside, so an interior here was not needed for this game. RDR2 Blackwater Butcher.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Butcher Interior 1.jpg
S.D. Howell Employment Agency Despite the sign saying "both floors" there's only an interior situated on the ground floor, though it is comprised of multiple, untextured rooms. The main room is disconnected from a smaller set of rooms at the back, which have a distinct doorway between them suggesting a definite purpose to this location at one stage.

Like the furniture shop, the floor's collision is too high making the player appear to float over the ground while inside.

RDR2 Blackwater Insurance.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Insurance Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Insurance Interior 2.jpg
Boat ticket office There's a small ticket booth present at Blackwater's docks that's fully modelled, as well as a square room that's rather detached from the rest of the building. A similar ticket booth exists in Saint Denis. There is code in the game for John to purchase a ticket to travel to Guarma, so it's likely this could have been done in both cities. The sign indicates the Grand Korrigan docks in Blackwater, which raises the possibility of boarding it to travel between the two cities. RDR2 Blackwater Ticket Office.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Ticket Office Interior 1.jpg
Blue house A blue house on the hill leading to Blackwater's church has a large empty interior over two storeys. Notably, this and another house are the only ones to have interiors, all the others in town do not. RDR2 Blackwater Blue House.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Blue House Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Blue House Interior 2.jpg
Green house A green house just up from the blue house also has a large empty interior. Unlike that house, there are a number of oddities with this one:
  • Instead of blinds in the windows, the green siding texture is simply repeated over them.
  • Most of the interior has solid collision, only a small space near the front of the house can be navigated inside.
  • The ground floor appears to have a ceiling, but this vanishes on the upper level, which does not have a floor.
  • A small window in the upper level of the house is fully transparent, so it's possible to view the interior of the house from the outside. Due to its height above the ground though, this is difficult to do without using modifications to the game.
RDR2 Blackwater Green House.jpg RDR2 Blackwater Green House Interior 1.jpg


Despite Armadillo's rather desperate situation in Red Dead Redemption 2, there are remnants of more things that were planned for the town that suggest it was going to be set during a happier time. Not all the interiors from the first game are present here (notably the gunsmith), but a few of them are.

Name Description Exterior Interior
Bank of Armadillo The bank has an almost fully modelled and near-complete interior, appearing much more richly detailed than in the first game. Only the room at the back is unfinished, however, and evidently wasn't planned to be accessible anyway. RDR2 Armadillo Bank.jpg RDR2 Armadillo Bank Interior 1.jpg RDR2 Armadillo Bank Interior 2.jpg
Church The church is accessible in the first Red Dead Redemption game as a film house. A low-poly version of the same interior is present in this game, but lacking textures and lighting. RDR2 Armadillo Church.jpg RDR2 Armadillo Church Interior.jpg
General Practice An untextured interior of the doctor's office from the first game is present in this one. There may have been an intention to have a functioning doctor's office in Armadillo, but was likely scrapped when the plague scenario was devised for the town. RDR2 Armadillo Doctor.jpg 250px