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Rent A Hero

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Title Screen

Rent A Hero

Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: September 20, 1991

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

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Not to be confused with the 1998 video game called Rent-a-Hero, Rent A Hero is a game featuring a kid who goes up beating people on the streets after getting a combat suit. He also needs to do a bunch of odd-jobs to pay for the combat suit he's wearing, hence the game's title. This game would later get remade for the Dreamcast and Xbox; however, like this game, the remake was only released in Japan.

Sound Test

Rent A Hero-soundtest.png

Press Up + A on the title screen. You have to wait for the Start/Continue to show up (or just press C to skip the animated text).