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Return to Monkey Island

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Title Screen

Return to Monkey Island

Developer: Terrible Toybox
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: September 19, 2022

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Return to Monkey Island is the long-awaited sixth entry in the Monkey Island franchise, 13 years after the last entry. It was created by Ron Gilbert, who had worked on the first two games.

Unused Graphics

Unused Achievement Icons

RTMI UnusedAchievement1.png RTMI UnusedAchievement2.png RTMI UnusedAchievement3.png RTMI UnusedAchievement4.png RTMI UnusedAchievement5.png RTMI UnusedAchievement6.png RTMI UnusedAchievement7.png

From a sheet containing all the achievement icons.

Mop Tree Critters

RTMI Moptreecritter01.png

RTMI Moptreecritter02.png

RTMI Moptreecritter03.png

Early artwork depicting three small animals. Probably used in conjunction with:

RTMI MoptreeRVbg-hd.png

An unused mockup depicting the Mêlèe Island mop tree.

Early End Stingers

Artwork depicting various post-credit sequences.

RTMI EndStingers 1-hd.png RTMI EndStingers 2-hd.png RTMI EndStingers 3-hd.png RTMI EndStingers 4-hd.png RTMI EndStingers 5-hd.png RTMI EndStingers 6-hd.png

Note that they are numbered from 1 to 6 in the files.

Monkey Head Eye Prising

RTMI MonkeyHead EyePrising-hd.png

Probably a cut cutscene of Guybrush removing the eye from the giant monkey head on Monkey Island with the knife.

Picking Up Evidence

RTMI PickupEvidenceCU-hd.png

A closeup of Guybrush picking up a shovel, a key, and/or a map from a shelf.

Pirate Stuff

RTMI PirateStuff.png

Putra's spritesheet contains two sets of crates: one finished, the other just titled "PIRATE STUFF".

More Early Artwork

RTMI GuybrushCU-hd.png

Close-ups of Guybrush.

RTMI MurrayCU-hd.png


RTMI GBWithSwords-hd.png

"Guybrush with Swords"

RTMI GBNervous-hd.png

Close-up of Guybrush looking nervous.