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Rockin' Pretty

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Title Screen

Rockin' Pretty

Also known as: Happy * Star * Band (JP/KO), Diva Girls: Making the Music (EU)
Developer: Arc System Works
Publishers: Aksys Games (US), 505 Games (EU), Arc System Works (JP), CyberFront (KO)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: May 21, 2009
Released in US: July 29, 2009
Released in EU: May 22, 2009
Released in KR: February 21, 2012

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Dev Text

The game has various scattered development text. It mentions PictoChat and other things.

Internal Name

The internal name at the beginning of the US/JP versions is "GIRLSBAND", a likely placeholder title. The EU version updated it more appropriately to "MAKETHEMUSIC".

Regional Differences

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Lots. Korean version hasn't been looked at, for one. Summarize the storyline differences.

In a move utterly baffling to Princess on Ice owners, the US version of this game used its Japanese character cast, while the EU version was westernized again.

The US and Japan title screen backgrounds are little more than a palette swap, with changes to the lighting, but Europe received a new graphic.

Japan US Europe
Happy Star Band jp ds title.png Rockin' Pretty us ds title.png Diva Girls - Making the Music eu ds title.png

Each version changed the text color at the top of the screen. The EU version moved the "menu" button over to the right side, and changed the area name font.

Japan US Europe
Happy Star Band jp ds map.png Rockin' Pretty us ds map.png Diva Girls - Making the Music eu ds map.png

The EU version recolored the instrument icons, swapped the guitar and bass players, and removed the "exit" button.

Japan/US Europe
Rockin' Pretty us ds instruments.png Diva Girls - Making the Music eu ds instruments.png

Other Differences

The European version jumps right to the map when starting a new game, skipping the prologue text.