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RollerCoaster Tycoon (Windows)

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Title Screen

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Developer: Chris Sawyer
Publishers: Infogrames (EU), Hasbro Interactive (US), Electronic Arts (JP)
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: October 25, 2001
Released in US: 1999
Released in EU: May 18, 1999

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RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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The cult classic PC game which paved the way for many other Tycoon games to come and even got its own pinball table. Also well known for being made by one guy almost entirely in assembly language.


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Prerelease Info

Hidden Developer Credits

RollerCoaster Tycoon Dev Credit.png

In the Haunted Harbor scenario in the Corkscrew Follies (US)/Added Attractions (UK) expansion, there are a few blocks of land in the bottom right corner available for purchase that form CS, for Chris Sawyer.

RCT CS Underwater Easter Egg.png

Another CS can be found hidden underwater in one of the corners of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach scenario in the Loopy Landscapes expansion.

RCT John Wardley Easter Egg.png

In the Alton Towers scenario in the Corkscrew Follies (US)/Added Attractions (UK) expansion, next to the park's Corkscrew coaster are numerous bushes (some nearby trees can be removed to make it more visible) arranged to spell out "John Wardley", the game's coaster designer (who also designed two of Alton Towers' real-life coasters, Nemesis and Oblivion).

Placeholder Text

Inside RCT.exe are placeholder lines for various scenarios, starting at 0x23807A:

Description of Scenario 22 will appear here

This is repeated until reaching number 29, hinting there may have been plans for further scenarios in the base game.

Regional Differences

Many rides, stalls, and scenarios have different names between the US and UK versions.


Bumper Cars Dodgems
Scrambled Eggs Twist
Whoa Belly Launched Freefall
Gravitron Top Spin
Reverse Whoa Belly Coaster Freefall Coaster


Fries Stall Chips Stall
Cotton Candy Stall Candyfloss Stall
Bathroom Toilets


Katie's World Katie's Dreamland
Dinky Park Pokey Park
Aqua Park White Water Park
Mothball Mountain Mystic Mountain
Big Pier Paradise Pier