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Rugrats: Totally Angelica (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Rugrats: Totally Angelica

Also known as: Les Razmoket - 100% Angelica (FR)
Developer: Art[1]
Publisher: THQ[1]
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: May 5, 2000[1]
Released in EU: September 8, 2000[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics


Rugangel repter.png

Reptar misspelled as Repter, probably cut due to being misspelled.


Chris Griffin?RugratsTAPS1 Woman.png

Two random people meant to be seen in the fashion show audience.


Rugangel fachion.png

The ending cutscene map has an unused sign, also likely cut due to being misspelled.


Rugangel fin.png

An unused ending graphic. When the game is completed, you get thrown back to the title screen without this graphic appearing.


RugratsTotallyAngelica P GAME03.BIN-26- p00.png

RugratsTotallyAngelica P GAME03.BIN-30- p00.png

Words to live by.

The save screen has some Engrish messages that aren't seen, probably for good reason.


RugratsTotallyAngelica N GAME02.BIN-8- p00.png

Some numbers.