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SAS: Zombie Assault 4

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Title Screen

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Platforms: Adobe Flash, iOS, Android
Released internationally: March 2014 (Closed Beta), May 11, 2014 (Open Beta)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Split this article into two separate articles: one for the Flash version and one for the iOS/Android/Windows/Mac version (the mobile/PC version is essentially a remake (arguably a de-make) that was built on completely different code, and has different unused content that warrants a separate article).
    • Maybe outright remove the mobile asset downloads and the section about mobile-exclusive weapons too?
  • Test maps
  • An unused dialogue portrait for Combot after becoming infected; probably related to the unused text at the beginning of Zombie Pods.
  • Is it possible to re-enable Necrosis' tentacle attack with hacks?
  • Maybe move the unused weapons/armour to a sub-page?

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is the fourth main entry in the SAS: Zombie Assault series. Ditching the previous games' settings in zombie-infested buildings, this game takes its players to the far-flung future of 3104, where the occurrence of yet another zombie outbreak threatens the fate of the trans-galactic human race. Can the S.A.S. stop the zombies from eradicating all of mankind? Who knows, this game was never really finished.

Download.png Download SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Android graphics files (Part one)
File: SAS_4_ZA_Android_files_part_one.rar (11.1 MB) (info)
Download.png Download SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Android graphics files (Part two)
File: SAS_4_ZA_Android_files_part_two.rar (12.9 MB) (info)

Unused Weapons and Armour

To do:
Upload the muzzle flash animations for the weapons that have them.


TEMPLATE-DONT-SPAWN (I'm not an RIA T7! I promise!)
Template, do not spawn...

TEMPLATE-DONT-SPAWN is a weapon seemingly used for testing. It is an SMG manufactured by Z-Arm Tech that uses the same art as the RIA T7, but uses the top-down textures of the CM Sonic Drill.

This weapon's stats, graphics, and mechanics have changed numerous times over the course of the game's updates. At one point, it had a damage stat of 1,000,000, and at another point, it had a damage stat of 6. Below are its base stats as of the current (and final?) version.

  • Category: SMG
  • Automation: Full Auto
  • Damage type: Chemical
  • Damage: 1337.0
  • Pierce: -56.0
  • Rate of fire: 1.00 rps
  • Clip size: 60
  • Reload time: 6.60 sec
  • Movement penalty: 50.0%



template-DONTSPAWN (the capitalisation and hyphen makes all the difference!) is an armour part seemingly used for testing. It is a helmet manufactured by Z-Arm Tech that has no graphics associated with it, which causes the game to display a loading spinner in its place.

  • Category: Helmet
  • Physical defence: 0.00
  • Heat defence: 0.00
  • Toxic defence: 0.00

CM Sonic Drill

blurry blueish straight cone of sonic energy
Standard CM Sonic Drill
Red CM Sonic Drill
Black CM Sonic Drill

The CM Sonic Drill is a laser weapon manufactured by Critical Mass. This weapon, despite being essentially complete, was never released. Instead, it appears that it was reworked into the CM Laser Drill, a premium weapon that has similar stats and a nearly identical build.

Although it was never released, art for a black variant was added in the February 3, 2015 update.

  • Category: Laser
  • Automation: Full Auto
  • Damage type: Energy
  • Damage: 34.0
  • Pierce: 1.00
  • Rate of fire: 1.00 rps
  • Clip size: 500
  • Reload time: 2.00 sec
  • Movement penalty: 0.9%


Huge cannon that is robotically power assisted
Standard HIKS R40
Red HIKS R40
Black HIKS R40

The HIKS R40 is an LMG manufactured by Harris Intelligent Kill Systems. This weapon, despite being essentially complete, was never released. Instead, it appears that it was reworked into the HIKS M1000, a championship weapon that is nearly identical in terms of design, with the only differences being the addition of a number "1000" on its body and its use of a giant drum magazine instead of a box magazine.

Although it was never released, art for a black variant was added in the February 3, 2015 update. Additionally, in an early trailer, the art for the Heavy class has them holding an HIKS R40, though it was swapped out for an HVM 008 in the final game.

  • Category: LMG
  • Automation: Full Auto
  • Damage type: Physical
  • Damage: 500.0
  • Pierce: 1.00
  • Rate of fire: 1.00 rps
  • Clip size: 5000
  • Reload time: 0.00 sec
  • Movement penalty: 1.00%

For unknown reasons, the texture used for the top-down view of the HIKS R40 has a colour filter that changes it from blue to black, even though the graphic is assigned to the regular variant, not the black variant. As such, both the unmodified graphic and the graphic with the filter removed are shown below.


Sadeye (So sad...)

The Sadeye is an unimplemented championship weapon manufactured by Rancor. Only the graphics for it exist; it was never fully implemented, and as such, it has no stats, and it has no strings for its name and description. Interestingly, despite it not being used, its art is used in the championship update banner and in a championship notification prompt.

Standard HIKS M1000

Standard HIKS M1000 (Not so special now)

Art for a standard variant of the HIKS M1000 exists, even though championship weapons are normally only available as black variants. The other championship weapons, the RIA Trident and CM X-1 Furie, don't have art for standard variants, and none of the three (four?) championship weapons have art for red variants.

Black Turrets

Art for black versions of turrets were added in the February 3, 2015 update, although they were never implemented. They don't have stats, and they don't have top-down textures.

Zombie Mech Weapons

The following weapons are used internally by the Zombie Mech boss, but they all have names and descriptions. Some of them are even functional if hacked into the player's inventory!


Standard Zombie Missile Launcher - now with seeking capabilities

The ZombieSeekingMissileLauncher is a weapon that can be currently hacked into this game and is not available otherwise.

Like the template-DONTSPAWN armor piece, it doesn't have an image, resulting in a loading spinner where the image should be. It doesn't have an image for the top-down view (when the player is holding it during a mission) either, making it appear as if the player isn't holding anything. This weapon will be removed on refresh.


Standard Zombie Machine Gun

Like the ZombieSeekingMissileLauncher weapon, but has very low damage.


"Standard Zombie Flamethrower, wait! Zombies with flamethrowers?!?!?

The ZombieFlameThrower is an unobtainable weapon, that can only be obtained using hacks. It also disappears if it isn't equipped in both the Mobile version and the PC version. This weapon doesn't have textures. This weapon has a very high capacity (10000), and if you try to upgrade Capacity to Level 12, your mag size turns negative due to limits of 4 byte integer value.


Standard Zombie Minigun, now were just being silly

This weapon cannot be hacked into the player's inventory.


Standard Zombie Rocket Launcher

This weapon cannot be hacked into the player's inventory.

Unused Augments

During the closed beta of SAS: Zombie Assault 4, there were two augments that were removed in the final game: Accelerated and Enhanced Range. The icons for these augments still exist in the final game, along with a third augment that was never implemented.



Presumably, this augment would increase the velocity of the weapon's projectiles. Most weapons use hitscan, so it's likely this would only apply to weapons that shoot projectiles with travel time. Namely, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and disc-throwers.

Enhanced Range

Increases effective range of weapon, decreasing damage drop off.



Presumably, this augment would allow semi-auto weapons to be made fully automatic.

Unused Text


Get on the damn ship! I'm not waiting around!

This dialogue was meant to be used in the Vaccine mission, and would have been spoken by the dropship pilot. It appears that, like some other dialogue in this mission, this would have occurred if the player only had a certain amount of time left to get to the ship.

Zombie Pods

Cleanse biothreat... SAS squad... Continue iteration of biomatter incubation... Perfection can be achieved...

This dialogue was meant to be used at the beginning of the Zombie Pods mission, and would have been spoken by Combot (who has been infected at this point in the plot, and would have used an otherwise-unused dialogue portrait).

Unused Type of Strongbox

All strongboxes have a number (except a Black strongbox), the number 0 is unused.

This number inside red circle.

Unused Graphics

Necrosis Tentacle

SAS4-Necrosis tentacle.png

During the closed beta, Necrosis possessed an attack where would lash out at players with a very long-ranged tentacle (video). Due to negative feedback regarding how deadly the attack was and how difficult it was to avoid, the attack was outright replaced in the public release with a completely different attack where it sprays out a volley of projectiles. Despite being removed, the animation and textures for the tentacle still exist.

Onslaught Doors


The ramp doors on the Onslaught mission have an unused animation where they slide open. In the final game, the doors can only open from zombies tearing them down, which uses a separate animation.

Debug Version

Debug version of SAS 4 was discovered by some hackers. Debug got patched and the link does not work anymore.

Mobile-Exclusive Weapons

  • Contagion
"While it may not pack the punch of the average LMG, Rancor's Contagion unleashes a powerful burst of chemicals upon impact raining acid doom over a small area."

The Contagion is a mobile-exclusive Premium LMG added to SAS: Zombie Assault 4 in the 1.9 update. It costs $9.99. Although it is a Chemical weapon, it lacks damage over time.

  • Ahab
"Large harpoon projectiles skewer their mark, both hindering movement greatly and causing a mass hemorrhaging of blood."

The Ahab is a mobile-exclusive Premium Sniper added to SAS: Zombie Assault 4 in the 1.9 update. It costs $17.99. It is also the only weapon that deals physical damage that also deals damage over time.

  • Calamity
"A truely terrifying weapon, each pull of the trigger launches a quick burst of 5 incindiary rockets incinerating anything they come into contact with."

The Calamity is a mobile-exclusive Premium Shotgun added to SAS: Zombie Assault 4 in the 1.9 update. It costs $34.99. Being a unique shotgun for having the ability to shoot 5 thermal rockets and also having moderate damage it is not a weapon to make fun of, sadly however, it is a mobile exclusive.

  • CM 369 Starfury
"Rather than piercing the Starfury's projectiles fragment upon impact, splitting off in random directions and hitting anything too close."
CM 369 Starfury.

The Starfury is a Premium mobile exclusive weapon added on the 24th of November 2016. It costs $26.99 NZD. It is a unique SMG in the fact that rather than piercing in a straight line, the projectile fragments when hitting the first zombie can possibly damage a further 2 zombies if the fragments hit them. These fragments appear to split off anywhere 40 degrees either side of the initial shot fired. However the description suggests that the fragments have a small range where they will deal damage. The Starfury is also a energy weapon, similar to the sunflare.

  • T-189 MGL
"The perfect tool for propelling any specialist's augmented grenades. Lobs frag grenades to bounce off obstacles and explode after a small delay or upon impact."
T-189 MGL.

The T-189 MGL is a Premium mobile exclusive weapon added on the 24th of November 2016. It costs $36.99 NZD. The MGL is a unique rocket launcher since it actually fires grenades. If the fired grenade doesn't hit any zombies it will act like a normal grenade, but if it does touch a zombie it will explode. This is the only gun in the game to receive benefits to grenades, from both the Grenade Mastery, and the Grenade Damage passive skill.

  • Banshee
"Intellegent seeking rounds with EXTREMELY wide spread in Shotlite's prototype Banshee SMG, wears down large groups of enemy hostiles with mass confusion"

The Banshee is a Premium mobile exclusive weapon added on the 24th of November 2016. It costs $44.99 NZD. It is a unique SMG with the ability for its rounds to seek out targets and has the highest base damage of all the non-premium SMGs. With a pierce of 2 it has yet another advantage over other SMGs.