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SaGa Frontier/Blank RegionMap Slots

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This is a sub-page of SaGa Frontier.

It's a well-known fact that six of the slots on the RegionMap warp device can't be filled by normal means. However, the Gameshark code 80012B7E 0000 + 80012B80 0000 will enable all the slots on the device, including these six.

Most slots either display no name or "IRPO" mixed with cut-off, mostly unreadable Japanese text, although one does have the name "HQ" listed in plain English, albeit in an unused alternate font. Some also cause graphic glitches, particularly to the "scroll" arrows at the top of the screen.

Three of the slots lead absolutely nowhere. Literally. You end up on a solid black screen where the standard town theme plays. You can open the menu and warp out, and if you walk around far enough, the game will bizarrely loop back to the intro scene of whichever character you're playing as. The other three slots lead to Junk, Margmel, and an area that's completely unused (see below). However, even these areas don't seem to work properly.

  • Junk: This area works fine, except for the fact that the game assumes you're playing as T260G, which makes enough sense, considering he's the only one who ever has access to this region normally. If you so desire, you can even go through all the events there without any glitches. However, this has no ultimate effect on whichever scenario you're playing; you can't continue with T260G's events after leaving the region.
  • Margmel: Rather than warping you to the village itself, the RegionMap warps you instead to the hill where Riki monologues at the beginning of his chapter. Boundaries were never placed here, so you can walk around the entire map, but some places are graphically glitchy, and you can't leave the area.
  • Unused Area: An unused room in Despair, as can be seen here.

There also exists in the game eight unused graphics in the same place as the other RegionMap area names (along with an additional one in the Japanese version). The Japanese version did not omit the names of the unused regions, unlike the English one, but as there are only six unused slots, it's clear not all were intended to be used. The RegionMap itself has undergone cosmetic changes since the demo version.