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SaGa Frontier/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of SaGa Frontier.

The following text was translated by GlitterBerri, with commentary by Robert Seddon.


I ended up pulling dialogue out of SaGa Frontier's field files with, of all things, Firefox (for ease of SHIFT_JIS decoding), since although I understand a fair amount of its field script by now, there's a lot I still don't know about how it works with other parts of the game data. The result is basically context-free dialogue, but in concert with available information about The Essence of SaGa Frontier it provides some insights into what the game was once intended to be like. Below is GlitterBerri's translation of the unused Japanese text Square never bothered to translate (leaving out the テストです – 'it's a test' – that appears on several maps, and any debug room text), with my commentary added to try to make some sense of it all.

Most of the map descriptions were taken from here.

0x009 - Junk battle arena

Japanese Translation
よぉ! ポンコツ!!まぐれもここまで続けば、モノホンだぜぇ~~。俺っちも、あやかりてぇ! Yo! Loser! If you got this far by chance, you're the real thing~~ I need your luck!

0x011 - Koorong street

Japanese Translation
ルーンを刻んだ石?こんな町中に、そんなでかい石があるわけ無いだろう。 A stone engraved with runes? There's no reason for such a big stone to be in the middle of this town.
石?地下の下水道の、そのまた下に洞窟があるんだ。石ならそこにごろごろしてるぜ Stones? There's a cave beneath the underground sewer. There are stones scattered all over the place down there.

It is unknown if these are additional lines planned for the chap who directs you to Annie or Dr. Nusakan if asked about Koorong's Rune Stone.

0x04F - Koorong, Dr. Nusakan's operating room

Japanese Translation
これは、変わった患者が来たな。 What have we here...you're an odd patient.
私を人間に戻して! Change me back into a human!
これを見ろ。紫を作るのは簡単だ。だが、これから青と赤が作れるか?無駄なあがきはよせ。お前は、その運命と共存するしかない。 Look at this. It's easy to make purple. But will we be able to make blue and red from now on? Cease this pointless struggling. There is nothing for you but to live with your fate.
やっぱりダメなのね‥‥一つ聞いていい。私、今でも女だよね。血をもらったからって、半分男になったりしないよね? I knew it was hopeless.... Let me ask one thing. I'm still a girl, right? I won't become half male because I received blood, right?
妖魔の血は、お前達人間の血とは異なる。単なる物質ではない。お前はオルロワージュの妖力を受け継いでいる。女殺し、というわけだ。普通の人間の娘などいちころだ。そんなつもりは無いよ。いやだよ、そんなの。ならば自分の力で押さえるのだな。 The blood of mystics is different from your human blood. It is not mere substance. You are inheriting Orlouge's spirit power. He killed a woman, you see. Knocked off a regular human girl. He didn't intend for that to happen. He didn't want that at all. So he used his own power to prevent it.
なぜ、こんな所で医者をやっているの? Why are you practicing medicine in a place like this?
リージョン界は広い。 面白い病がたくさんある。 多くの病と出会いたい、それだけだ。 The region worlds are wide. They abound with interesting diseases. It is simply my wish to encounter as many as I can find.
あなた、異常だわ。 You're weird.

One of the lost scenes from Asellus's quest: not much new information (why would it bother Orlouge, not the most pleasant of souls, that he unintentionally killed a human?), but her being told to accept her fate like this would have added a little more depth to her predicament.

0x066 - Yorkland, scenic view; plus outside area with dancers

Japanese Translation
聞いたぞ  お前、出稼ぎに行かないつもりだと? I heard that you don't intend to go look for work in the city?
だって、俺はオヤジの後を継ぎたいもん。 I want to follow after my old man.
若いうちに都会で、沢山の情報と人間にもまれねば 老いぼれを気づかって未来を狭める必要はない。 If you go to the city while you're young and make people and information your business you won't have to narrow your future, following after a senile old man.
オヤジが都会に行けば出世するだろうなぁ。 If my old man went to the city, I'm sure he'd be a success.
ヒヒ~~ン Neigh~
この村は、人も馬も長生きなんだ。 In this village, humans and horses live a long time.
編み込みは、働く女の身だしなみよ。 Braided hair is the sign of a working woman.

Some of this is clearly incidental text, like an alternative line for the woman with braided hair, but we also get to hear Lute talk about his father, presumably when leaving Yorkland in his opening scenes. Given how ridiculously quickly the avenge-your-father's-murder plot of Lute's quest is introduced and finished, it's annoying to see this morsel left out.

0x080 - Baccarat, scenic view from outside

Japanese Translation

どちらまで(仮)? ・カジノフロア ・バーフロア ・ホテルフロア ・駐車場 ・利用しない


Where to (temporary)? ・ Casino floor ・ Bar floor ・ Hotel floor ・ Parking floor ・ Don't use

Debug text, presumably from before the lifts were implemented. F_MOUSE→ probably has something to do with sprite movement; there are similar lines in the debug rooms, and an F_BORO→0C in the Junk crater (map 0x007).

0x091 - Rootville, fiery cave

Japanese Translation
はい、本当です。 Yes, it's true.
それじゃ、 ここに飛び込めば‥‥ 焼き尽くされるでしょう。

・ゾズマを信じる ・あんな奴信じられない

Well, if we plunge in here.... we'll be burnt to a crisp.

・Believe Zozma ・Don't believe him

私もご一緒しますわ。 I shall accompany you as well.
白薔薇‥‥ いいの? White Rose... are you sure?
オルロワージュ様はアセルス様の 教育をお命じになりました。 アセルス様について行くのが 私の役目です。 I have been charged by Lord Orlouge with the education of Lady Asellus. It is my duty to accompany her.
ありがとう、白薔薇。 Thank you, White Rose.
白薔薇姉さま‥‥ご無事で。 アセルス様を御護り下さい。 Be safe, White Rose.... Please protect Lady Asellus.
ありがとう、紅姫。 Thank you, Princess Kurenai.

Another scene cut from Asellus's quest, showing why Kurenai was included in the game; in the final version she's still present in Rootville, but after greeting Asellus she serves no function in the plot at all. This escape scene apparently follows the unused scene in Asellus's bedroom (0x1A9 below) and leads to arrival in Mosperiburg (0x1F3 below).

0x094 - Koorong, outside port

Japanese Translation
そっとしておいてください Please put it down gently.

Goodness knows. Judging from its position in the file, this line may have been intended for the merchant.

0x0D6 - Baccarat, hotel rooms

Japanese Translation
鼠のフラグを初期化する Initialize mouse flag

Debug text.

0x0E6 - Scrap, Caballero Factory large room beneath gunners

Japanese Translation
フラグ初期化 Initialize flag

0x124 - Shrike, outside map

Japanese Translation
武王はデッカイ龍をあやつってシュライクを統一したっていう神話があるんだ。 今はシュライクには龍はいないけど、昔はいたんだろうな。 The legends say that King Mu controlled a giant dragon and united Shrike. There are no longer any dragons in Shrike, though it seems there were in the distant past.

A little background information on Mu's Tomb, maybe also accounting for the EarthDragon boss in the Bio Research Lab.

0x135 - C.T.C Building, lobby

Japanese Translation
上へ参りま~す。 Going up~

0x155 - TimeLord's Region, 5th room

Japanese Translation
砂を落とす Drop sand

Maybe it's placeholder text.

0x16B - Shingrow Palace, room with strange glowing machinery

Japanese Translation
やめろ!! Stop!!
アルカイザー!! Alkaiser!!
仲間を助ける。 I'll help my friends.
行こう、ベルヴァを倒すんだ。 Let's go defeat Berva.
レッドは? What about Red?
彼なら大丈夫だ。 Red'll be alright.

Another scene in which Red has just turned into Alkaiser out of sight; it sounds pretty similar to the one that takes place on entry to Red's final dungeon, so maybe it was removed to avoid repetition.

0x16D - Shingrow Palace, three circular cages

Japanese Translation
ここは‥‥どこだ? キーキーどこへ連れていく! Where is this place...? Keekee, where are you taking us?
アルカイザー!! Alkaiser!!
行こう、ベルヴァを倒すんだ。 Let's go defeat Berva.
レッドは? What about Red?
彼なら大丈夫だ。 Red'll be alright.

Another version of the same scene. It's BlackX troops who are apt to say 'Kee', but beyond that the first line is a mystery.

0x1A0 - Trinity Base, small room south of bunkbed room

This dialogue isn't fully formatted in the game files, so the divisions here are added for readability.

Japanese Translation
こんな連中に捕まってしまうなんて、まだまだだね君は。 Getting caught by these guys, pah! You still have a ways to go yet.
誰? Who's there?
この程度の縛め、ちょっとした力で破れるのに。 Being tied up this tightly sure wears a guy down.
ゾズマ! ここで何を? Zozma! What are you doing here?
アルバイトしてるわけじゃないよ。 妖魔をもてあそんだ連中に、火遊びが過ぎるとどうなるか、思い知らせてやるのさ。 もう数人侵入して、手はずを整えてるところだ。 ずいぶんと仲魔思いだな。 さあ~どうかな? とにかく、楽しい宴になりそうだよ。 Not a part-time job. I'll show those idiots messing around with mystics what happens when they play with fire... Already some of our number have broken in and are preparing... You care about them, don't you? Who knows, eh? Anyway, looks like it's going to be a fun banquet.
ゾズマめ、何をやらかす気だ‥‥? Zozma, what have you done.....?
始まったな。 It has begun.
白薔薇! White Rose!
アセルス様、大丈夫でしたか? Lady Asellus, are you alright?
ああ。ゾズマに会ったかい? Yes. Did you meet Zozma?
いいえ、では、これはゾズマの仕業ですか? No, is this his doing?
うん。 とにかく、逃げよう。 巻き込まれるのもバカらしいや。 Yes. Anyway, let's get out of here. He was a fool to get involved.
君、シップをドライブできる? You can drive a ship?
は、はい、何とか。 Y-yes, somehow.
じゃあ、御願い。 Then, please.

More Zozma, and another escape scene cut from Asellus's quest.

0x1A9 - Chateau Aiguille, Asellus's bedroom

Japanese Translation
いつまで、こんな城にいるつもりだい? Just how long do you intend to stay in this castle?
私だってイヤだけど、 どこにも行き場がないんだもん。 I don't like it here, but I don't have anywhere else to go.
いいこと教えてあげよう。 町外れの焼却炉。 あの炎は別のリージョンからの 炎なんだよ。 I'll teach you something useful. The incinerator outside of town... the flames there come from another region.
火の中に 飛び込めって言うの? You're saying I should jump into the fire?
それは君次第さ。 That's up to you.
じゃあね、 こんどは別のリージョンで会おう! Alright then, I'll see you again in another region!
君が望めばいつでも帰れるさ。 君のリージョンだ。 You can return home whenever you want. Back to your own region.

Preceding the scene with Kurenai above (0x091).

0x1C6 - Chateau Aiguille, throne room

If you're thinking not all the dialogue here belongs on this map, you're probably right. A lot of it is incompletely formatted, too (line breaks are added in this transcript), so maybe someone just took the dialogue for a whole extended scene and dumped it into this file to work on later. (The FFVII team's habit of leaving duplicate scripts lying around their files makes it seem plausible that something like that happened.)

Japanese Translation
そのころ、針の城では、 こんな事件が起きていたのです‥‥ This is what was happening at the Chateau Aiguille around that time...
イルドゥンを陥れそこなったな、セアトよ。 Ciato... you tricked and caused harm to Ildon.
何用だ、ラスタバン。 オルロワージュ様に取り入ったところで、貴様の妖魔の格が上がるわけではない。 What is your business, Rastaban. You aren't making nice with Orlouge to advance yourself as a mystic.
何を! What!
お前では、私に傷一つ点けることは出来まい? 妖魔の格とは、そういうものだからな。 やってみなければ分からん! 来るか? お前が負けても、オルロワージュ様には黙っていてやろう。 You cannot hurt me at all, can you? Such is the character of the mystics. If you don't try, you'll never know! Coming? I promise not to tell Orlouge if you fail.
ラスタバン!! Rastaban!!
ハ、ハ、ハハハハハハハハ、勝ったぞ、ラスタバンに勝ったぞ!! 力が、力がみなぎってくるぞ!!ハハハハハハ そうだセアト‥‥壁を越えろ‥‥破壊しろ‥‥ Ha, ha, hahahahahahahaha, I won, I won against Rastaban!! The power, the power is swelling!! Hahahahahaha. Right, Ciato.... overcome the barrier.... destroy....
後にイルドゥン様は、 これがラスタバン様の企みだったのだと 語ってくれました‥‥ After that, Master Ildon told me that this was all Rastaban's plan.
この街に上級妖魔が住んでいる。 There are greater mystics living in this village.
こんなごみごみした所に? In this squalid place?
変わり者なんだ。 They're people who've been transformed.
君と一緒か。 Like you?
まあね。 タイプはかなり違うけどね。 Something like that. But they're a different type.
そいつは医者をやってるんだ。 普通じゃ治せないような類のことを専門に扱っている。 That guy's working as a doctor. His specialty is treating the kinds that don't heal normally.
普通じゃ治せない‥‥私は‥‥ Don't heal normally.... I....
ここは普通の研究所に見えるだろう? でもね、妖魔の研究をしてるんだ。 もちろん、人間に捕まるのは弱い下級妖魔だけどね。 This looks like a regular research laboratory, right? It's really for researching mystics. But of course the ones caught by humans are lesser mystics.
見学の方ですか? どうぞ。 Visitors? Go on in.
良くいらしたわね。 私はナシーラ。 ここの主任研究員よ。 Welcome. I am Nashiira. I am the head researcher of this lab.
妖魔の研究をしているんですか? Are you researching mystics?
え、まさか。 ここでは植物を中心に生命力の謎を解こうとしているの。 あなたの生命力を測定してみない?

・測ってみる ・やめときます。

Why, certainly not. We are aiming to solve the puzzle of the life force found in plants. Would you like to try measuring your life force?

・I'll try ・I'll pass

この数値‥‥あなた、妖魔なのね! しかも、最上級の。 These numbers.... you must be a mystic! But the strongest kind.
私は人間です。 I'm a human.
ありえないわ。 これだけの妖力値が出る人間はいない。 それにしても、すごい値だわ。 あなた、一体何者?

・しらばっくれる ・全部話す

That is impossible. There are no humans with this much magic power. Nevertheless, these numbers are amazing. Just what sort of person are you?

・Feign ignorance ・Tell her everything

きっと、機械の調子が悪いんですよ。 さようなら~。 Your machine mustn't be working. Goodbye now~
すごい話ね。 この数値を見てなかったら、信じられない所だわ。 いらっしゃい、あなたにだけ見せたいものがあるの。 ちょっと刺激が強いと思うけど、大丈夫?

・たぶん。 ・やめときます。

That is an incredible tale. If I wasn't seeing at these numbers, I would not be able to believe it. Come here, I have something that I want to show you alone. I think it will effect you strongly, though. Is that okay?

・Maybe. ・I'll pass.

そう、残念ね‥‥ Is that so, too bad....
じゃあ、こっちへ来て。 Alright, come this way.
ここは妖魔の檻。 妖魔の妖気を抽出しているの。 大丈夫よ、対妖魔フィールドを張ってあるから。 This is the holding area for the mystics. We're extracting their energy. It's quite safe, we've erected an anti-mystic field.
ここはさっきの妖魔に生気を供給している生き物の檻。 This is a jail for living things, it provides the mystics with energy.
生き物って、人間じゃないですか! Aren't those "living things" human?!
そうとも言うわね。 高額の報酬に目がくらんで、自分の命を切り売りしているのよ。 それが、魂を売り渡す行為だって気付かずに。 そんな連中を人間とは呼びたくないわ。 You could say that. Dazzled by the large reward, they're pawning their lives off piece by piece. That is to say, they're selling their souls without realizing it. I do not wish to call people like that human.
あなたがやらせてるんでしょう! You're letting it happen!
仕事の内容を説明して報酬を提示したのよ。 やるかやらないかは本人の意志次第でしょう。 実際、説明を受けた人のほとんどが、引き受けないわ。 大丈夫、彼らの不純な献身も無駄にはしないわ。 この研究の目的は人間の不老不死。 そのために妖魔の生命力に着目したの。 I explained the subject of my work and the reward. Whether they agreed to it or not, the choice was theirs. In all honesty, most who hear the explanation do not undertake the trial. It is alright, their impure devotion is not without cause. The goal of this research is perpetual youth and longevity. It is for this reason we pay heed to the mystics' life force.
妖魔が、そんな研究に協力するとは思えない。 あの妖魔達は無理やり捕まえたんでしょう? I can't imagine the mystics agreeing to cooperate with this research. These mystics were captured against their will, right?
ええ。 でも、妖魔の支配者の了解は得たわ。 下級妖魔なら、いくら捕まえてもよろしいそうよ。 Yes. But we received permission from the ruler of the mystics. It seems as though we can capture as many lesser mystics as we wish.
ひどい。 よく、こんなことが出来ますね。 That's terrible. How could you do something like that.
やっていいことと悪いことがあるわ。 私は、研究のためにすべてを捧げているわ。 もし、この研究が間違いだというのなら、 私の存在自体を否定されているのと同じ。 それより、あなた自身、協力しない? There are things that one can and cannot do. I am sacrificing all for the sake of research. If this research is said to be a mistake, it is the same for me as being made to deny my own existence. Nonetheless, will you yourself cooperate?
なんで私が! Why me!
あなたの妖力、それだけ強い妖力があれば、 あんなザコ妖魔を飼っておく必要もない。 あなたがその気になるだけで、あの妖魔も人間も救うことが出きるのよ。 そんな‥‥あなたには、彼らを救う力がある。 それでも見捨てるのね。

・仕方がない、協力する。 ・冗談じゃない!

If your power has that much strength, keeping those small fry around won't be necessary. If you're bothered by it, you can help those mystics and humans alike. You have the power to save them.

・There's nothing for it, I'll cooperate. ・This isn't a joke!

あなたは本当に人間ですか? 妖魔よりもずっと魔性を感じる。 悪魔に魂を売ってでも、この研究は成し遂げるわ。 ついて来て、あなた用の特別室に案内するわ。 Are you truly a human? The feeling I get from you is even stronger than from the mystics. I'll accomplish this research even if it means selling my soul. Follow me, I will show you to a special room you can use.
ここは? What is this place?
上級妖魔用の特別室よ。 実際に使う機会が来るとは思わなかったわ。 逃げようとしなければ、フィールドでダメージを受けることはないわ。 It is a special room for the use of the greater mystics. Actually, I didn't think that the chance to use it would ever arrive. As long as you don't attempt to escape, you won't be hurt by the field.
私は逃げたりしません。 こんなことしなくても。 I won't run away. Even without the field.
そうかしら? Is that true, I wonder?
うや やめて‥‥ Uya... Stop....
人間は平気なんだけど、妖魔だと苦しいらしいわ。 やっぱり苦しい、やめる? Humans will not be affected, but it seems to cause pain to mystics. It must hurt, shall I stop?
平気‥‥私は人間だから‥‥ It's fine.... because I'm human....
やっぱり、あなた凄いわ。 You truly are amazing.
これを見て。 この青い薔薇、妖気を吸わせることで産み出したのよ。 いままでのカス妖魔どもの何倍も輝いているわ。 ありがとう。 Look at this. This blue rose was created by absorbing magic energy. It glitters far more than those mystic scum. Thank you.
その薔薇のために‥‥ All for that rose....
大丈夫? すこし、弱めましょうか? Are you alright? Shall we weaken it?
さっきの話は‥‥薔薇のために‥‥薔薇だって私たちと同じ生き物よ。 What you were saying before.... all for the rose.... the rose is alive just as we are.
永遠に生きる価値があるわ。 It has the value of eternal life.
な、なんてこと!!! どうしてこんな色に! What are you talking about!!! Why this colour!
私の中には人の赤い血も流れているのよ‥‥ 所詮、半妖というわけね。 半妖の血では青い薔薇は咲かせられないのね。 The red blood of a human flows inside me.... After all, I am a half mystic. The blood of half mystics cannot cause a blue rose to bloom.
本音は、それか。 あんたの観賞用の薔薇を作りたいだけなんだな。 自分の楽しみのために、他人をもてあそぶな!! So that's your true intention. You just want to make roses to amuse yourself. You can't toy with others for your own entertainment!!
そうね。 こんな連中のために、あなたがその身を捧げる理由はないわね。 あなた、自分で思っているよりもずっと妖魔的よ。 True. There is no reason to sacrifice your body for them. You are more like a mystic than you think.
わたしは人間です。 I'm a human.
ああは言ったけど、やっぱり放ってはおけないわ。 You said that, but it cannot be ignored.
何とかしなきゃ。 I have to do something.
ルミナスのフルド。 下級妖魔って分類になるね。 Furdo of Luminous. Classified as a lesser mystic, huh.
無意味な言葉だけどね。 奴は、下級妖魔としては最高の力を持っている。 それで十分だと思うんだけど、なぜか上級妖魔の力を望んでいる。 Those words don't mean anything, though. That guy's the strongest of the lesser mystics. You'd think that would be enough, but for some reason he desires the power of the greater mystics.
私には関係ないでしょう。 It's got nothing to do with me.
確かに、くだらない奴だけど、1つ面白いことがあるんだ。 自分より上級の妖魔に勝つ方法を産み出したらしいんだ。 He's worthless, certainly, but there is one interesting thing about him. He has come up with a way to win against mystics greater than himself.
それが? And that would be?
興味無いの? 俺はてっきり、君が白薔薇姫を取り戻しに行くものだと思ってたよ。 あの方と戦うことを考えれば、重要な情報だろう? Aren't you interested? I thought for sure you were going to get Princess White Rose back. Won't you need this information if you're thinking about fighting that guy?
オルロワージュと戦う? なぜ? 白薔薇には会いたい。 でも、あの人と戦う理由は無いと思う。 Fight with Orlouge? Why? I want to see White Rose, but I don't think there's any reason for me to fight him.
事を起こしたのはあの方だ。 君のその血の運命に決着をつけるためには、いつかはあそこへ帰るしか無いと思うな。 He's the one that caused all this. If you wish to settle the destiny of the blood in your veins, you'll have to return there sometime.
これはこれは、よくいらっしゃいましたアセルス様。 Well met, Lady Asellus.
どうして私のことを? How do you know me?
オルロワージュ様の血を受けた高貴なるお方の話は、ずいぶんと耳にしております。 アセルス様に工房を訪ねていただけるとは光栄の極みです。 One hears all about the nobles who have received the blood of Lord Orlouge. That Lady Asellus is able to visit the workshop is a great honor.
ずいぶん腰が低いじゃない? ゾズマの話だと、上級妖魔を倒す方法を編み出したって聞いたけど。 Aren't you awfully modest? I heard from Zozma that you'd worked out a way to defeat the greater mystics.
ゾズマ様からですか。 あの方はトラブルメーカー、いろんな噂をあちこちで流しているようですね。 とにかく、私の作品、私のコレクションをご覧になって下さい。 You heard that from Master Zozma? That fellow is a troublemaker, he spreads many rumors. Anyhow, please take a look at my work, my collection.
これって、どうやって作ったの? How did you make this?
う~む、技術の秘密は御教え出来かねますが‥‥他ならぬアセルス様です。 特別にお見せしましょう。 後ほど、御一人でいらして下さい。 準備を整えて御待ちしております。 Hrm... I hesitate to tell you the secrets of my craft, but... well, you're none other than Lady Asellus. I will show you something special. Please tell no one what you see. A moment while I arrange my equipment.
フルド1来ましたね。 いかがですか、私の真のコレクションは? Furdo1 has come. What do you think of my true collection?

Perhaps 'Furdo1 has come' is another placeholder line for the developers.

So, Furdo would have had a larger role in the game, Nashiira and the Bio Research Lab would have had more of a purpose, and not only Zozma but also Ciato and Rastaban would have had more developed roles in Asellus's quest.

0x1E0 - Cygnus, pilot's room

Japanese Translation
乗客の皆さん、カオスフラックスが乱れております。 多少の揺れが発生しますので、御注意下さい。 A notice to all passengers; the Chaos Flux has become disoriented. Slight turbulence may occur, so please be cautious.
大丈夫かな‥‥海賊か‥‥参ったな。 I wonder if we'll be alright.... pirates.... we're finished.
おお、無事か。 Oh, you're safe.
このシップはパイレーツに乗っ取られた。 危険だから、ここを動かないで。 俺達が、シップを取り戻す。

・協力する。 ・協力しない。

This ship has been captured by pirates. It's dangerous, so stay here. We'll get the ship back.

・Cooperate ・Don't cooperate

まずは、捕まっている乗客を助けよう。 端末で場所を確認して。 First off, let's help out the passengers who were captured. Confirm the location with the terminal.

One might wonder whether this might also be from Asellus's quest, given that in Red's quest she and White Rose are travelling on the Cygnus during the pirate attack, and it's unclear from playing Asellus's own quest why they would be doing so. (If that's correct, it would mean that Asellus's reunion with Red might have been intended to occur during her own quest too.) On the other hand...

0x1E9 - Cygnus, engine room

Japanese Translation
キグナス飛行シーン Cygnus Aviation Scene

(Repeated six times in this file; doubtless a placeholder from before the cutscenes were ready.)

Japanese Translation
誰だ! Who goes there!
待て、敵じゃない。 今な、捕まってる客や乗員を助けだす算段を相談してたんだ。 お前、キグナスの乗員だろう? 協力しろよ。 Wait, we're not enemies. We've been trying to figure how how to help the captured passengers and crew. Are you the crew of the Cygnus? Let's work together.
パイレーツって何、メイレン? What are pirates, Mei-ling?
簡単に言うと、泥棒よ。 They're thieves, simply put.
ふーん。 Hmm.
君たち、よく捕まらなかったね。 どっかに隠れてて。 You haven't been caught yet, huh. Find somewhere to hide.
あなたたちは? What about you guys?
パイレーツを叩きのめす! We're gonna beat up some pirates!
ワオ! 面白そう!! Whoa! Sounds like fun!!
一緒に行こうよ、メイレン。 いい? Let's go together, Mei-ling. Alright?

So Riki's quest also had cuts: either events were moved to Tanzer or it was decided that the scenes inside Tanzer were sufficient on their own.

0x1F3 - Mosperiburg, large snowy field

Japanese Translation
白薔薇‥‥ White Rose....
燃え尽きずに済みましたわ。 肌も髪も再生しました。 服は燃えてしまいましたけど。 It's finally burnt out. Your hair and skin have regenerated. However, your clothes were all burned.
寒い‥‥ It's cold....
それはアセルス様が 人間の証拠ですわ。 That's proof that you are a human, Lady Asellus.
私は何も感じませんもの。 ここ、どこだろう? I can't feel a thing. Where is this place?
空は燃え、地凍るリージョン、 ムスペルニブルですわね。 参りましょう。 A region where the sky burns and the rest of the land freezes. We are in Mosperiburg. Let us go.
どこへ? Where?
「妖魔の君」の御一人、 ヴァジュイール様の宮殿です。 心配なさらないで。 ヴァジュイール様は オルロワージュ様と違い 陽気な方だとうかがっています。 The palace of Lord Virgil, a lord of the mystics. Do not worry. Virgil is different from Lord Orlouge. I hear he is a merry fellow.

<img style="float: right;" src="http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s168/VanishedOne/SaGa_Frontier_unused/sgf_nudes.png" alt="Unclothed Asellus and White Rose" />Following the escape scene with Kurenai (0x091), and followed by the meeting with Virgil (0x25B below). This and the following scene are what the nude sprites seen in the debug rooms (in the lower section of the adjacent image) would have been for. As shown with a partial rip at the top of the image, the developers made a dedicated PEP file (used for playable characters' field sprites) of Asellus for this section, indicating that she'd have been controllable, but didn't bother doing the same for White Rose, presumably because she and Asellus acquire clothes again in the subsequent scene.

0x256 - GoldenGate, container with computer and crates that you hide in

Japanese Translation
現在2番コンテナ(仮 仮移動先を選択

・最終ターミナル ・第1中継ターミナル ・ちょっと待って

Presently at container #2 (Temporary Choose temporary destination

・Final terminal ・Chapter 1 relay terminal ・Just a minute

More placeholder text for debugging, by the looks of it.

0x25B - Virgil Palace, Virgil's room

Japanese Translation
これは珍客だな。 その格好、よほど暑い所から 見えられたようだな。 This is a rare guest. Looks like you came from a very hot place.
ヴァジュイール様にはご機嫌麗しく何よりでございます。 私、オルロワージュ様に 御仕え致しております 白薔薇と申します。 こちらの方は、 オルロワージュ様の血を受けられたアセルス様でございます。 My highest regards to Lord Virgil. I am called White Rose. I am in Lord Orlouge's service. This is Lady Asellus, who was a recipient of the blood of Lord Orlouge.
ほー、そなたが噂の娘か! オルロワージュも酔狂なことをするよほど退屈と見える。 Hoho, so you are the girl from the rumors! Orlouge must be bored, pursuing such whimsical endeavors.
さっそくで失礼とは思いますが、 アセルス様のために 御召し物を賜りたく存じます。 I apologize for my haste in asking, but might you spare some clothing for Lady Asellus?
うむ。 やはり、この方が良いな。 人間どもなどは裸の方を 好むようだが、理解に苦しむな。 さて、事情をうかがおうか? 妖魔の時はゆっくりと流れる。 アセルス殿の時は 激流の様に流れておる。 なかなか楽しめそうだな。 Hmm. That's much better. It's difficult for me to understand why humans prefer to be naked. Well, let's hear about your circumstances, shall we? Time passes slowly for mystics. For Asellus, time flows as a raging river. Looks enjoyable.
楽しくなんかない! There's nothing enjoyable about it!
白薔薇姫、 何か望みはあるか? Princess White Rose, is there anything you desire?
はい。 どこか別のリージョンへ 送って頂きたいと思います。 Yes. I want to be sent to another region.
よかろう。 では、さらばだ。 Very well. Goodbye, then.

Presumably musing once they've gone:

Japanese Translation
オルロワージュめ、 己の血によって 破滅するやも知れん‥‥ Orlouge, you may destroy with your blood....

0x25F - Virgil Palace, maze over spiked floor

Japanese Translation
邪魔よ。 It's evil.

0x31A - MagicKingdom (destroyed), room south of room with Hell entrance

Japanese Translation
なぜ戦う? これでは連中の意図した通りだ。 いいのか? Why fight? This path is simply following the will of the people. Are you happy with that?
俺は、俺の意志で戦う。 キングダムの道具として働くんじゃない。 この封印の向こうにいる敵を叩きのめして、すべてを終わらせる! I fight with my own will. I won't function as a tool of the kingdom. I'll knock down the enemies on the other side of this seal and finish them all!

An unused moment of self-reflection for Blue/Rouge?

0x31D - MagicKingdom, room with 'MORI' angel statue, and slime that warps you, in a bubble

Japanese Translation
ここから先は帰れないかも(多分) 準備はよくって?

・覚悟完了 ・ぼくやっぱりかえる

We might not be able to turn back beyond this point (Maybe) Is your equipment alright?

・I'm ready ・I've gotta change

0x338 - Kyo, Mind Magic shop

Japanese Translation


・Don't discard Evil Magic

・Discard Evil Magic

Presumably this was to be used if the player took Zozma to Kyo and let him learn Mind Magic, requiring him to give up the opposing Evil Magic he knows, or there was to be a way for human characters to learn Evil Magic.


In conclusion: the major disappointment is that although his sprite was made for the title screen, we don't get to see any apparent remnants of Fuse's quest, the eighth story that might have tied up some loose ends. It's also a shade irksome that we see a little more character development for Lute, for whom it's so sorely lacking, though there's still no clear sign that his quest was ever intended to be much more involved than it ended up being.

On the positive side, however, we get a pretty good picture of what Asellus's quest might have looked like, though it's still a fragmented one. Princess Kurenai's existence in the game turns out to have a point, and the actions of Zozma, Ciato and Rastaban become more explicable. Indeed, this perhaps stands out more than Asellus's own character development, except in the scene with Dr. Nusakan: the politics of the Chateau Aiguille ended up pretty sketchy in the final game, and it now turns out that this aspect of the storyline might have developed rather more smoothly.