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SaGa Frontier II

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Title Screen

SaGa Frontier II

Developer: Square Product Development Division 2
Publishers: Square (JP/EU), Square EA (US)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: April 1, 1999
Released in US: January 31, 2000
Released in EU: March 22, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

The eighth SaGa game, and the in-name-only sequel to SaGa Frontier, SaGa Frontier II managed to go to the exact opposite extremes of its predecessor. Whereas SaGa Frontier was considered too open-ended and confusing, its sequel was largely considered too linear and restrictive. And it feels every bit as incomplete as the first game. Beautiful storybook pastel graphics and mellow piano soundtrack, however.

Unused Items

Given the game's relative incomplete feel, there are, naturally enough, a few items that went unused. Note, however, that due to the fact that a gigantic number of items are only dropped by enemies (including many dropped only by bosses), it's possible that a few of these items are not, in fact, unused. Just insanely difficult to obtain.


  • Galatyn - This sword isn't technically unused, but can't be obtained in any legit way. It's equipped on Fake Gustave during the single war battle in which he's playable. Judging by its appearance, it seems to be a Beast-type sword, yet has no attached "anima". Moreover, if hacked into your inventory, its description appears to be more in line with armor than a sword ("Armor Def 10, SP Enhance 5"). Nowhere does it mention attack power. It's also unbreakable, despite being neither a quell nor made of steel.
  • Seven-Star Blade - This weapon, likewise, is not actually unused... but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be; in the North American release, anyhow. It was available as one of the prizes in the PocketStation minigame, "Go! Go! Digger", but as PocketStations never saw a stateside release, the only way to get one of these was either to import, or use a GameShark or similar device. Statistically, they're the game's best sword, with an attack power of 77 and no anima type. However, they can only be used seven times before breaking, and they're insanely expensive to repair, so this may not be much of a loss.


  • SLIME MAIL - Yes, the name is in ALL CAPS in the game, suggesting right away that it's just not possible to obtain this. The original SaGa Frontier had many playable monsters, each with a hidden set of equipment, which accounted for many odd items like this one. There are no playable monsters this time around, but it's very likely that this and a few other similarly-named items were used in the same fashion. It's very weak, with only 8 defense and no readily-apparent special effects.
  • SKELTON MAIL - Still in ALL CAPS, and featuring a misspelling, to boot. Presumably also monster-only. 13 defense, no obvious special properties.
  • Bone Armor - It wouldn't be surprising at all if this armor could be obtained normally via a random drop, but if it is... no one has come across it yet. 17 defense.
  • MEGA SLIME MAIL - More unused ALL CAPS armor. This one is actually suit-type armor. Only 8 defense.
  • Mystic Veil - Seems to be a normal, perfectly valid helmet, but like the Bone Armor, nobody seems to know where to get one. 7 defense, and its description states that it "Stops Psyche", whatever that means.


  • Egg - A mysterious item with no effect. Given that one of the game's plot threads involves a strange cursed artifact known as "The Egg", it's possible you were supposed to obtain it at one point, but this idea was scrapped.

Unused Graphics

There are three item/skill icons that are not actually used.

  • Sgf2-steelhelmet.png Steel Helmet - This graphic isn't "unused" in that it's hidden from view; no, it can be easily seen in-game on the item sort menu, as one of the ways you can arrange items by type. Where it's "unused" is that there are no steel helmets in the game, period. Not even any dummied-out ones.
  • Sgf2-unusedicon1.png Duel Marker - This panel-like graphic was assigned to the various duel commands. Normally, it's impossible to view these such skills on the menu, but they can be hacked in with GameShark or a similar device.
  • Sgf2-unusedicon2.png Glitchy Pointer - This icon appears to be a corrupt version of the game's menu pointer, with an odd palette. It's assigned to various enemy-only skills, and can't normally be seen.