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Sakura Taisen Jouki Radio Show

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Sakura Taisen Jouki Radio Show

Also known as: Sakura Wars Steam Radio Show
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: November 13, 1997

BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Sakura Taisen: Jouki Radio Show is one of those Sakura Wars spin-off games that has the members of the Flower Division hosting a radio show, which features interviews with the cast from the games and clips from the live shows accompanied with minigames.

CD Warnings

If you play either disc on a CD player other than a Sega Saturn, there is a warning featuring Ayame on disc one and Chisa Yokoyama (the voice of Sakura Shinguji) on disc two.

Disc 1
Ayame: "Oh dear. This is a Sega Saturn CD-ROM. You might break your precious CD player if you play it on there by mistake. Keep it together, okay, Mr. Captain?"
Disc 2
Chisa: "Hey, you there! This is a Sega Saturn CD-ROM. You won't be able to experience the true power of this ROM this way. Please place it in your Sega Saturn and enjoy! This is a request from Chisa Yokoyama, AKA Sakura Shinguji!"
(Translation: MattoBii)