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Sega GT 2002

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Title Screen

Sega GT 2002

Developer: WOW Entertainment
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Xbox
Released in JP: September 12, 2002
Released in US: September 3, 2002
Released in EU: November 8, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Sega GT 2002 is the second game where Sega goes full on Polyphony Digital. It was a commercial success and received favorable reviews from critics, as well as being bundled with Jet Set Radio Future with some Xbox systems in late 2002.

To do:
Check the demo from OXM USA 12 for differences, as it is dated about a month before the final build.


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Most of these graphics are inside ZIP archives from sprite.afs unless stated otherwise.

Old Menu Backgrounds

Pic_spr_adver.zip and pic_spr_adver01.zip contain old menu backgrounds from December 2001 and January 2002 respectively.

SegaGT2002 a ms back01.png

SegaGT2002 a ms back201.png SegaGT2002 a ms back 301.png

Menu Mockups

Inside of pic_spr_adver99.zip are mockups for the Main Menu, Select A Car Maker, and the Official Race menu.

Main Menu

SegaGT2002 MainMenuMockup.png

Select A Car Maker

SegaGT2002 CarMakerSelectMockup.png

Official Race

SegaGT2002 OfficialRaceMockup.png

Interestingly, this shows off a track that was only seen in a trailer.


Rensyuu.dds and rensyuu2.dds are two textures with an unknown purpose. It is possible that they may have been placeholders of some kind.

SegaGT2002 rensyuu.png

SegaGT2002 rensyuu2.png

Coming Up At 2002

Also present in pic_spr_adver99.zip is what appears to be a coming soon screen that is probably leftover from an event build.

SegaGT2002 ComingUp.png

On Sale

Inside of pic_spr_onsale.zip is a graphic likely from a demo build. The date listed is the same day the game released in Japan.

SegaGT2002 onsale.png

Event Build Leftovers

The pic_spr_title00.zip archive has leftover graphics from when the game was shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2001 and Tokyo Auto Salon 2002.

TGS 2001

SegaGT2002 a tgs moji 01.pngSegaGT2002 a tgs moji 02.png

"This version of the game was made especially for TGS from modified parts of the retail release."

Tokyo Auto Salon 2002

SegaGT2002 auto rogo.png

Unused Text

Light Test

Found at 0x1B4C98 in the game's executable.


Build Dates

Beginning at 0x1E030E and throughout the executable are build dates for several game components.

ADXENC/XB Ver.1.04 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:24
ADXF/XB Ver.6.24 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:21
ADXXB Ver.1.38 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:22
ADXXTL Ver.4627 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:22
AIXP/XB Ver.1.26 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:26
CFT/XBOX Ver.1.10 Build:Jun  7 2002 17:00:02
CRI DCT/XBOX Ver.1.669 Build:Jun  7 2002 16:59:39
CRI MPS/XBOX Ver.1.669 Build:Jun  7 2002 16:59:40
CRI MPV/XBOX Ver.1.702 Build:Jun  7 2002 16:59:41
CRI SFD/XBOX Ver.1.702 Build:Jun  7 2002 16:59:58
CRI SFH/XBOX Ver.1.10 Build:Jun  7 2002 17:00:01
CRI SFX/XBOX Ver.1.02 Build:Jun  7 2002 17:00:02
CVFS/XB Ver.2.24 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:27
LSC/XB Ver 2.07 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:27
MFCI/XB Ver.1.03 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:28
MWSFD/XBOX Ver.2.11 Build:Jun  7 2002 16:59:56
MWSFDXTL Ver.4627 Build:Jun  7 2002 16:59:56
RNA Ver.3.24 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:31
RNADMY Ver.3.01 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:31
RNADS Ver.3.06 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:31
SFH/XBOX Ver.1.10 Build:Jun  7 2002 17:00:01
SVM/XB Ver.1.07 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:28
WXCI/XB Ver.1.45 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:29
XB Ver.6.06 Build:Jun  7 2002 14:01:28
XL for XB Ver.1.66c Build:Aug 20 2002 16:18:54
XL_VERSION : 2001/07/25 Rev.02 Build on XDK 2001 JULY