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Shadow Man (Windows)

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Title Screen

Shadow Man

Developer: Acclaim Studios Teesside
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released in US: July 31, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Shadow Man is a third person action/horror game for Microsoft Windows, based on the Valiant comic book series of the same name.

Unused Graphics

Shadowman Iguana.png
The Iguana Entertainment logo, likely here because the developer was called Iguana UK during development. Because it was renamed during the late stages of development, it goes unused.

Shadowman backdrop.png
A crudely drawn placeholder for the "Book of Shadows" backdrop.

Unused Cutscenes

Two animated cutscenes for the Acclaim and Iguana logos exist, but static images are used instead. They can be seen in-game by editing a save and adding them to the cutscene viewer. As mentioned above, Iguana UK got a name change during development, which is most likely the reason why these were scrapped. The Acclaim logo seems to be somewhat unfinished, as it has no proper audio, just a static hum.

Acclaim Iguana

Unused Text

Some placeholder text for the "Book of Shadows", found in the same folder as the placeholder image.

                Outside Cover

Developer Comments

Some developer comments can be found in musicp.txt, most of which describe where the music is used. Files listed without comments are left out.

"MUSIC_STOP", you can put any crap here, it won't make any difference
"MUSIC_L12_START"	//	19	Start of the level. (Start Point and Teddy save point)
"MUSIC_L12_EVENT"	//	20	Event Music for Ziggurat switches
"MUSIC_L12_ACHIEVE" 	//	21	Achievement Music for Ziggurat
"MUSIC_L12_AWAKEN"	//	22	For when the sisters wake up
"MUSIC_L12_BACK"	//	23	Standard Background version (already included in VSS)
"MUSIC_L12_ALT_BACK"	//	24	Sisters of Blood Areas
"MUSIC_L12_TRIAL"	//	25	Music for the trial room with the blades and swinging hammers
"MUSIC_L12_BACK"	//	26	Looped Battle Music for fighting the Gad Chamber Beast
"MUSIC_L12_BACK"	//	27	play when the baddies is dead
"MUSIC_L12_EPIC" 	//	28	On entry to ziggurat area first time
"MUSIC_L06_BACK" 	//	29	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L07_BACK" 	//	30	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L08_BACK" 	//	31	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L06_QUEST" 	//	32	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L13_QUEST" 	//	33	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L13_BACK" 	//	34	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L07_TRIAL" 	//	35	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L08_CAR" 	//	36	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L11_BACK" 	//	37	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_BACK" 	//	38	Blah blah. 
"MUSIC_L14_CELL1" 	//	39	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL2" 	//	40	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL3" 	//	41	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL4" 	//	42	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L14_CELL5" 	//	43	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_AVERY" 	//	44	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_JACK" 	//	45	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_MARCO" 	//	46	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_MILTON" 	//	47	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L10_BACK" 	//	48	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L18_BACK" 	//	49	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L01_BACK" 	//	50	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L00_BACK" 	//	51	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_BACK" 	//	52	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L03_BACK" 	//	53	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_MILTON_ALIVE" 	//	54	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_BATTY" 	//	55	Blah blah.
"MUSIC_L02_MARCO"	//	56	ya de da de da

E3 Menu

By swapping e3.msc with release.msc, you can access a slightly different menu. The option to start a new game is missing from the title screen and you can only load a saved game. When playing, the option to save your game is missing from the pause menu, but you can still save your game when you are prompted to save before quitting.

Main Menu Pause Menu
Shadowman e3 (1).png Shadowman e3 (2).png

Debug Menu

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Are all the levels in the Test Level menu used?
To do:
More detailed descriptions on the options available, just started documenting this.

By swapping debug.msc with release.msc, you can access a fully functional debug mode.

Unused Areas

In the debug menu there are levels by the name of "Acclaim Swamp Scene," "Iguana Asylum Scene," "Profile Level," "Intro Level," and "Assault Course." These levels can only be accessed by the debug menu.

Acclaim Swamp Scene

This area is solid and can be walked on. It has birds and is a remake of Bayou Paradis, Louisiana. It was used for the canned Acclaim logo cutscene mentioned above.

Iguana Asylum Scene

Another map for a canned cutscene animation, as described above. This doesn't have any collision, so you can't walk around it.

Shadowman 2016-12-11 17-03-47-66.jpg

Profile Level

Crashes upon trying to load.

Shadowman 2016-12-11 17-03-50-03.jpg

Assault Course

A test map, probably used for testing player physics and movement.

Shadowman 2016-12-11 17-04-03-43.jpg