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Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne/Models & Animations

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This is a sub-page of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

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  • Replace all animations with videos for convenience. It just becomes too much of a hassle. + We have an animation importer now, so creating renders shouldn't be difficult. Just lazy, that's all.

Unused Models

Lisa Silverman


Lisa Silverman from Persona 2. Animations for the model can be seen in the videos here. The internal file name is "yuuko", likely referring to the Nocturne character Yūko Takao. In fact, the model was used as a placeholder for both Chiaki and Yūko in the prototype.

Placeholder Isamu Models


In the early stages, this very model was used as a placeholder for Isamu. The internal file name is "isamu".


Both of these models were used as placeholders for Isamu early on. However, one interesting thing is that the model on the right actually differs from the one on the left (which is the one used in the final game). The colors are bland in comparison. These are shown inside the debug menu model viewer because of how the jacket breaks when creating a 3D render. Note that there are also duplicates of these demi-fiend models used for different cutscene sets where the protagonist is the one that has them.

Placeholder Hikawa Model


A recolor of the demi-fiend model used as a placeholder for Hikawa early on. Internal file name is "hikawa" and the animations can be seen in the video here. Same case with the Isamu models, the jacket breaks when creating a model render.

Placeholder Manikin

Shin-Megami-Tensei-III-Demi-Manikin-1.png Shin-Megami-Tensei-III-Demi-Manikin-2.png

A texture-less version of human Demi-Fiend is used as a placeholder for a Manikin in the Gozu-Tennoh cutscene. There is a bit of animation where his head tilts upwards.

Placeholder Enemy



This placeholder demon was seen in the "making of" video Atlus released for Nocturne. It was used as a placeholder with 2D-pictures superimposed over the face to signify which model that would replace it later on. In the making of documentary, Cu Chulainn and Gemori are the ones that have the placeholder model. The model is located within dds3.ddt\model\devil\grp00\, and is accompanied by some animation data.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Animations

Prototype Battle Model

To do:
There are more models that have unused animations. Especially the placeholder model which cannot load the animations yet

There is an unused battle model for the Demi-Fiend which is still in the game files. It has 28 animations, where only 6 of them are unique. All of those that aren't specified just use the '00' animation. This model was once used in the prototype as seen in the making of documentary.

00 01 04
SMT-III-Nocturne-battle-animation-00.gif SMT-III-Nocturne-battle-animation-01.gif SMT-III-Nocturne-battle-animation-04.gif
05 06 07
SMT-III-Nocturne-battle-animation-05.gif SMT-III-Nocturne-battle-animation-06.gif SMT-III-Nocturne-battle-animation-07.gif

Prototype Hikawa Model

Hikawa has a leftover prototype chair model from one of the first events in the game.

01 02 03
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-48-1.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-48-2.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-48-3.gif
06 07 08
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-48-6.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-48-7.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-48-8.gif

Prototype Chiaki Placeholder

Yuuko Takao was at one point used as a placeholder for Chiaki.

01 02 03
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-1.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-2.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-3.gif
04 05 06
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-4.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-5.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-6.gif
07 09 0B
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-7.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-9.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-B.gif
0C 0D 0E
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-C.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-D.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-E.gif
0F 10 11
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-F.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-10.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-71-11.gif

Prototype Hikawa Placeholder

Hijiri was at one point used as a placeholder for Hikawa.

01 02 04
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-1.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-2.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-4.gif
05 06 07
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-5.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-6.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-7.gif
08 09 0B
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-8.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-9.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-B.gif
0D 0E 0F
SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-D.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-E.gif SMTIIINocturne-Unused-Animations-79-F.gif
(Source: Original TCRF research)