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Shining Wisdom

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Title Screen

Shining Wisdom

Developers: Camelot Software Planning, Sonic! Software Planning
Publishers: Sega (JP/EU), Working Designs (US)
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: August 11, 1995
Released in US: June 27, 1996
Released in EU: July 11, 1996

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Shining Wisdom is Sega's thoroughly mediocre take on The Legend of Zelda. Now with 90% less references to Shining Force!

To do:
  • Find a way to get a proper Japanese script up. The script uses an unknown encode in addition to SHIFT-JIS.
  • Basically anything and everything related to Enemy stats and Working Designs.


To do:
I probably won't be getting to this any time soon, but this text gets loaded into memory, so it's most likely still possible to activate it.

Hidden in X04.BIN in plaintext is what appears to be remnants of a debug menu.

ヌ<    ロジックデータ オーバー アイテム モタセル   アイテム ステル    アイテム ソウビ   アイテム ソウビ ABC   アイテム コスウ    ソウビ アイテム ABC   アイテムメイ シュトク SHININGW_   aaa SW-         Mars     X = メッセーシ 3/20  Y = モーション 3/25  Z = トリカーイベント   A = トコテモ セーフ    B = キャンセル   C = フラクセット TR = マッフキリカエ    TL = インチキハラメータ  SELECT CHAPTER :    MP :    X  :    Y  :    :       ?     0 : 0     :   MOUND_AFTER ROYAL_AFTER GUDO_AFTER  CASL_E_AFTER

Additionally, a removed map "M000.MPD" and "M000.BMP" are referenced at the very end of X01.BIN.

Track 02

If inserted into a CD player, this will play, it is a different file to the Sonic! Software Planning logo, as that is stored in SONILOGO.CPK.

Unused Item

Action Replay code Icon Item Description Notes
* 36006140 0001 Blast Gloves Pick up heavier objects Gets placed in the equip slot. Similar to the Power Bracelet in Link's Awakening.
N/A zzz zzz Placeholder item.

Unused Text


Original Translation Original Translation Original Translation Original Translation
ノペースト (?)Paste ヒュージラット Huge Rat ガラムソルジャー Galam Soldier ゴブリン Goblin
グリーンペースト Green Paste ダークドワーフ Dark Dwarf ホブゴブリン Hobgoblin ゾンビ Zombie
ゴーレム Galam クラーケンレッグ Kraken Leg インスマンス "in-su-man-su" (Soulsower) オーク Orc
ポーン Pawn ナイト Knight ラット Rat バブルペースト Bubble Paste
スケルトン Skeleton ヘルソルジャー Hell Soldier リザードマン Lizardman ウォーム Worm
ダークナイト Dark Knight オークロード Orc Lord デビルアーミー Devil Soldier [DEVIL ARMY] ケルベロス Cerberus
マッドマン Madman ドラゴンニュート Dragon Newt パープルウォーム Purple Worm エグゼキューター Executor
ヘルハウンド Hellhound ミノタウロス Minotauros サイクロプス Cyclops バーストロック Burst Rock
ヒドラ Hydra カオスウォリアー Chaos Warrior デスゴッド Death God イビルビースト Evil Beast
パイロヒドラ Pryo Hydra ゼオンガード Zeon Guard ギズモ Gizmo オオコウモリ Giant Bat
バンパイアバット Vampire Bird イビルクラウド Evil Cloud ガーゴイル Gargoyle ハーピィ Harpy
レッサーデーモン Lesser Demon ワイバーン Wyvern ハーピィクイーン Harpy Queen ペガサスナイト Pegasus Knight
グリフォン Griffon ミストデーモン Mist Demon ホワイトドラゴン White Dragon デーモン Demon
カオスドラゴン Chaos Dragon デビルグリフォン Devil Griffon アークデーモン Arch Demon ガラムアーチャー Galam Archer
ハンターゴブリン Hunter Goblin デスアーチャー Death Archer クラーケンアーム Kraken Arm ボウシューター Bow Shooter
ルーク Luke ダークスナイパー Dark Sniper ボウマスター Bow Master ボウライダー Bow Rider
ヘルガンナー Hellgunner ホースマン Horseman ガラムメイジ Galam Mage ウィッチ Witch
マスターメイジ Master Mage ダークマダム Dark Madam クイーン Queen ウィザード Wizard
ネクロマンサー Necromancer カオスウィザード Chaos Wizard デーモンマスター Demon Master プリースト Priest
デスモンク Death Monk ブラックモンク Black Monk ハイプリースト High Priest ビショップ Bishop
ダークビショップ Dark Bishop マスターモンク Master Monk シャーマン Shaman イビルビショップ Evil Bishop
ブルー Blue ダークスモーク Dark Smoke クラーケンヘッド Kraken Head タロス Taros
キング King ウィラード Willard ザルバード Zalberd カミーラ Carmilla
プリズムフラワー Prism Flower レッドバロン Red Baron ゲシュプ Geshp オッドアイ Odd Eye
ガラム Galam ゼオン Zeon ファルコン Falcon マスターメイシ Master Mage
ファルコン Necromancer ブルー Blue
(Source: [1] Lord Oddeye sama)

The first line may be two words stuck together, removing the first character gives you "Paste". Buried in this bin is what seems to be an untranslated enemy list to Shining Force II. Being a Zelda clone, enemy names generally aren't needed, so why is this here?


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The first line references an event flag of some kind.
[051][#if 0]

A gigantic block of unused and untranslated text is present at the very end of the file in the European and Japanese versions. The US version replaces this with:

[#if 0]
[Something here #1{05}]
[Something here #2{08}]
[{02}Something here #3{05}]
[Something here #4{05}]
[Something here #5{06}]
[{02}Something here #6{05}]
[Something here #7{05}]
[Something here #8{06}]
[Something here #10{05}]
[Something here #11{08}]
[Something here #12{05}]
[Something here #13{05}]
[Something here #14{08}]

Regional Differences

Given that Working Designs is involved, it's no surprise that many changes were made for the US version. However, unlike most other Working Designs efforts, there exists a more faithful (though somewhat incompetent) translation by Sega of Europe that it can be compared to.

Beyond the Beyond

Japan Europe US
A new developing power is the nation of Strom Sang! This country has been becoming more prominent lately, and they have developed strong ties with other tribes.
What lies Beyond the Beyond? No one knows, for the journey is fraught with boredom and mind-numbing despair. Even the most enthusiastic adventurers became tepid and abandoned the quest.

A reference to Shining in the Darkness (albeit mispelled, as the place was called Stormsong) was rewritten to reference Beyond the Beyond. According to Working Designs head Victor Ireland, this was done as part of their infamous feud with Bernie Stolar, who was at the time head of Sony's US PlayStation division.

Removed Shining References

Japan Europe US
The Parmecia War on the western continent! Bowie & the Granseal Force against the Evil Force which tried to revive the great evil mage lord, Zion! Legend of the war for Palacia! Puck & the Granseal Force fought against impossible odds to stop the revival of Mage Zhaion!
パルメキア Parmecia Palacia
ボウイ Bowie Puck
カズン Kazin Parn
サラ Sarah Salah
ゼオン Zion Zhaion

Many references to Shining Force II, the game's prequel, were scrubbed clean in the American version; only Granseal was allowed to remain intact. It's worth noting that the European version uses an alternate spelling of Zeon.

Item Names

Japan Europe US
Lifeblood Medicine Life Medicine
マジカル Magic Pyjamas Magic Pajamas

Item Descriptions

Item Japan Europe US
Wonder Mirror Mystery magic mirror Mysterious mirror
Miracle Diary Save game anywhere Saves adventure anytime
Shield Orb Goodbye to pain Reduces damage
Power Orb Damage boost Increases attack power
Dazzle Orb Baffle opponents Annoy opponents
Dinky Orb Think small! Make surroundings big
Short Sword Standard issue sword Standard sword
Battle Sword Heavier sword Long sword



Strangely, the title screen is considered its own room, complete with an ID that cannot be seen under normal circumstances. There is also an .ETC script present, but is not only completely untranslated, it doesn't appear to have any unique dialogue in it either. A CHR file (What appears to be the file that controls NPCs) for the map does not exist.

Attempting to swap the .ETC files will just display the Map with the title screen in front for a brief second, then load the File Select.