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Sid Meier's Civilization II (Windows, Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen

Civilization II

Developers: MicroProse, Varcon Systems (Mac)
Publishers: MicroProse, MacSoft (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: February 29, 1996
Released in EU: 1996

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Take over the world or reach Alpha Centauri before those pesky Aztecs do!

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Page was built from the MGE version; other versions should be checked as well

Unused Civilizations

CITY.txt contains the default city names for all civilizations. In addition to a note at the top advising players to exercise caution in editing the file, there are listings of city names for several civilizations not available to the player until later games.



RULES.txt also contains a leader entry for the Arabs:

Saladin,    ...,     0, 5, Arabs,       Arab,        1,  0,  1,     4, Ayatollah, Ayatollah, 2, Sultan, Sultana

Saladin would be the male leader, although he does not have a female counterpart the way used civilizations do. The Arabs would have used the teal color, and their AI is set to be aggressive yet civilized. The Sultan titles would be used for Monarchy, and Ayatollah would be used for Fundamentalism. Given that the Arabs precede the unusually-late Persians in CITY.txt and use the same color, it's likely they were the original choice for the third teal civilization before being cut.

The Arab civilization was made available beginning in the Play the World expansion of Sid Meier's Civilization III.


Chan Chan
Tambo Colorado
Huanuco Pampa
Machu Picchu
Tarma Tambo

As with the Arabs, the Incas have corresponding leader info in RULES.txt:

Atawallpa,  ...,     0, 1, Incas,       Inca,       -1,  1,  1,

Once again, a male leader (Atawallpa) is listed without a female counterpart. The Incas would have used the white color, and their AI is set to be rational, expansionist, and civilized.

The Inca civilization was made available beginning in the Conquests expansion of Civilization III.



Barbarians cannot obtain settlers/engineers, build cities, or develop into a civilization. This list is also abnormal in the presence of "17" as a city name and the lack of the @STOP line the actual civilizations have at the end of their lists, evidently a holdover from an earlier file-reading format (where "17" is the number of city names on the following lines). Even utilizing the game's cheat menu to manually control the Barbarians, spawning yourself a settler, and trying to build a city won't use these city names; the first (white) civilization's names are used instead -- it is not clear if modifying the section to use the @STOP format would work.

Unused Technology

As can be seen in Describe.txt which contains Civilopedia descriptions, Civilization II includes 10 placeholder slots for technological advances for scenario building. While this serves as a good template for scenario builders to work from, they remain unused as scenarios read from an edited copy of the appropriate files in their own directory.

-1,			; User Def Tech A
-1,			; User Def Tech B
-1,			; User Def Tech C
-1,			; Extra Advance 1
-1,			; Extra Advance 2
-1,			; Extra Advance 3
-1,			; Extra Advance 4
-1,			; Extra Advance 5
-1,			; Extra Advance 6
-1,			; Extra Advance 7

The same technologies appear with dummy entries in RULES.txt:

User Def Tech A,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; U1
User Def Tech B,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; U2
User Def Tech C,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; U3
Extra Advance 1,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X1
Extra Advance 2,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X2
Extra Advance 3,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X3
Extra Advance 4,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X4
Extra Advance 5,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X5
Extra Advance 6,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X6
Extra Advance 7,    3, 0,  no,  no,  0, 0    ; X7

Beyond these, there exists a single unused technological advance: Plumbing. With an identifier of -1, it is rendered inaccessible in normal play the same as the placeholders; in RULES.txt, it can be seen that it was to be available for research after the prerequisites of Construction and Pottery. In the PlayStation version, this reappears under the variant name "Plumber", where it shares a Civilopedia entry with the used technology Sanitation.

Unused Units

Similarly unused placeholder units for scenario building or modding also appear in Describe.txt...

-1,			; Extra Land
-1,			; Extra Ship
-1,			; Extra Air
-1,			; Test Unit 1
-1,			; Test Unit 2
-1,			; Test Unit 3
-1,			; Test Unit 4
-1,			; Test Unit 5
-1,			; Test Unit 6
-1,			; Test Unit 7
-1,			; Test Unit 8

...and in RULES.txt:

Extra Land,   nil, 0,  1.,0,  1a,1d,  1h,1f,  5,0,  0, no,  000000000000000
Extra Ship,   nil, 2,  4.,0,  4a,2d,  2h,1f,  5,1,  2, no,  000000000000000
Extra Air,    nil, 1,  8.,4,  8a,8d,  2h,2f, 10,0,  0, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 1,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 2,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 3,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 4,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 5,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 6,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 7,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000
Test Unit 8,  nil, 0,  1.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,1f,  4,0,  5, no,  000000000000000

These units also have corresponding unused icons in UNITS.gif. Extra Land somewhat resembles a samurai, Extra Ship is some sort of sailboat, and Extra Air is a hot-air balloon/zeppelin sort of thing; all three have a red and yellow stripe pattern on them.


The Test Units' icons are simply copies of the barbarian Leader sprite, numbered 1 through 8.

In RULES.txt, at the end of the comments section describing how to add in extra units, there's this interesting tidbit:

; Ideas:
; Hovercraft,   nil, 2,  8.,0,  0a,1d,  2h,2f,  7,1,  4, MP,  000000000000000

This Hovercraft unit would have been a sea unit with 8 movement points, 0 attack, 1 defense, 2 hit points, 2 firepower, would cost 70 shields to build, and could carry one unit. Its role is set (fittingly) to sea transport; it would be available to build upon discovering Mass Production and would not be rendered obsolete by any technology.

Unused City Icons


CITIES.gif contains an unused seventh city icon style, "MODERN ALT.", which as one would expect depicts a somewhat different modern city design from the used "MODERN" style.

Used Used
Unused 1 Unused 2
CivIIWindowsMedievalLargeCity.png CivIIWindowsMedievalLargeCityWalled.png CivIIWindowsMedievalLargeCityUnused1.png CivIIWindowsMedievalLargeCityUnused2.png

There also exist two unused variants of the largest size "MEDIEVAL" style city. Both seem to include an extra staircase design that was omitted from the used versions.

Extra Flag Graphic

CivIIWindowsBrownFlag.png Present in CITIES.gif is an unused brown flag grouped with the eight used ones for the seven civilization colors plus barbarians' trademark red flag.


A surprisingly large number of terrain tile graphics go unused in TERRAIN1.gif, some of which resemble used tiles, and some that do not.

Early Designs

Used Unused
CivIIWindowsTerrainFish.png CivIIWindowsTerrainFishVariants.png

Two variations of the Fish resource, one of which is simply the used design without a shadow. The other sports a different design altogether, resembling a swordfish.

Used Unused 1 Unused 2
CivIIWindowsTerrainGems.png CivIIWindowsTerrainGemsVariant.png CivIIWindowsTerrainGemsVariant2.png

Two variations of the Gems resource, both of which are smaller and feature a green gem rather than the used design's yellow gem.

Used Unused
CivIIWindowsTerrainIvory.png CivIIWindowsTerrainIvoryVariant.png

A duplicate of the Ivory resource icon, lacking a shadow.

Used Unused
CivIIWindowsTerrainSilk.png CivIIWindowsTerrainSilkVariants.png

Two variations on the Silk resource icon. One depicts only the silk, while the other depicts the silkworm against a leaf. The used design includes both the silkworm and its silk.

Used Unused
CivIIWindowsTerrainWhales.png CivIIWindowsTerrainWhalesVariant.png

An alternative take on the Whales resource icon. The whale is much lighter in color in the unused version.

Used Unused
CivIIWindowsTerrainWheat.png CivIIWindowsTerrainWheatVariant.png

An alternative version of the Wheat resource icon. The unused design is a bit more angular.

Used Unused
CivIIWindowsTerrainMine.png CivIIWindowsTerrainMineVariants.png

Two variations on the Mine terrain improvement, both featuring a glittering gem absent in the used design. One of the unused designs is notably lacking the pink tile used for transparency.

Unused Designs

CivIIWindowsTerrainBrick.png Somewhat ambiguous, appears to be some sort of brick or tower.

CivIIWindowsTerrainCloth.png Resembles a roll of cloth, or perhaps paper.

CivIIWindowsTerrainDeer.png Two designs for a deer tile, but neither is used.

CivIIWindowsTerrainPenguin.png A more obvious brick tile, alongside a penguin.

CivIIWindowsTerrainSkull.png A bovine skull of the sort usually associated with deserts.

CivIIWindowsTerrainSprout.png A sprout of some kind of plant.

CivIIWindowsTerrainTower.png What looks like some sort of tower. Presumably, this would've been a constructable improvement.

A whole mess of unused tiles that are placed in a group. The birds somewhat resemble the used Pheasant resource, although these depict a number of other birds such as turkeys and ducks. The minecart almost certainly was for the Mine improvement, but both the used Mine icon and two unused versions (above) resemble a mine's entrance instead. The skull-and-crossbones barrels may have been the Pollution icon; the final design is simply a large human skull shape. The bears are altogether unused, without an analogue in the used tiles.

Version Differences

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Detailed differences on music, AI, and other gameplay changes

Civilization II received two expansions, Conflicts in Civilization and Fantastic Worlds, as well as the Multiplayer Gold Edition re-release which included the base game and both expansions.


Civilization II (Mac OS Classic) - Confidential.png

This warning screen from earlier versions of the game exists in the Macintosh Gold Edition, but not in the first edition.