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Skullgirls/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Skullgirls.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Butt grabbing and a dead guy.

This page contains all the unused graphics from Skullgirls.

Arcade Interrupt Graphics

Skullgirls arcade interrupt.png
Assets made for the Japanese arcade version of Skullgirls, where single-player gameplay is interrupted if player two joins mid-match. Since this situation cannot occur in the Windows release, these assets go unused.

Unused Character Selection Graphics

Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect pedestal name squiggley01.png
An alternate spelling of Squigly's name meant to be used in the character selection screen.

Skullgirls charselect data charcoin squiggley01.pngSkullgirls data charcoin squiggley glow01.png
An early version of Squigly's character coin graphic. Her final one has a thinner jaw.

Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect pedestal name unknown01.pngSkullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect portrait name unknown01.png
Skullgirls charselect data charcoin unknown01.png
Character graphics for "Unknown" meant for in the character selection screen and versus screens.

Early HUD Icons

Early Final
Skullgirls Eliza EarlyMugshot.png Skullgirls Eliza FinalMugshot.png
Early Final
Skullgirls Beowulf EarlyMugshot.png Skullgirls Beowulf FinalMugshot.png
Early Final
Skullgirls RoboFortune EarlyMugshot.png Skullgirls RoboFortune FinalMugshot.png

Early HUD mugshots for Eliza, Beowulf, and Robo-Fortune can be found alongside the graphics for the HUD. Eliza's pose is the same as her neutral Story Mode portrait which was used in several pieces of placeholder art during her development, while Beowulf is in his idle pose. Robo-Fortune's is almost identical to her final one, albeit low quality and looking off to the side. It is unknown why they exist within the game.


Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect portraits fukua01.png
Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect pedestal name fukua01.png Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect portrait name fukua01.png
Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-data charcoin fukua glow01.pngSkullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect data charcoin fukua01.png Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect select icons fukua01.png Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect select icons fukua02.png Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-charselect select icons fukua03.png
Character graphics exist for Fukua, a palette-swapped version of Filia with a very curious origin.

A version of Fukua was eventually made a playable character in the April 1st 2014 update.

Skullgirls Fukua Super old.png
Her unused character portrait was reused for her Blockbuster reel image until the Eliza update where it was updated with her modern appearance.


Valentine 00 neutral-ESRB.png
Valentine's "normal" cutscene portrait has an unused variant with less revealing clothing. Her outfit also has a red cross, which could be this design was made very early before the censorship of that particular part.

B&W Black Dahlia

Skullgirls BW Dahlia.png
A black and white version of Black Dahlia's Story Mode portrait.

Temporary Beowulf Portraits

Skullgirls Beo temp.pngSkullgirls Beo eyesclosed.png
Skullgirls Beo templeer.png
Located amongst Beowulf's cutscene portraits are three placeholders.

Beowulf's Chair

In the Digital Art Compendium, there are several sketches of characters lounging on Beowulf's chair, The Hurting, that can be found in either the "grabmode" folder in Beowulf's frame dump, or the "Sketches" folder in Beowulf's Character Art categories respectively.


Original Season Pass 1 (Updated during Annie's beta phase) Season Pass 1 (Updated during Annie's Full Release)
Skullgirls Filia sitting on Beowulf's chair.png Skullgirls-Filia01 beowulf 1p.png Skullgirls Filia sitting on Beowulf's chair version 2.png

Originally, the image of Filia sitting was left uncolored. In the Season Pass 1 update during the open beta for Annie, the image was updated to be colored in Sepia-Tone, with a bit of shading. Another sketch of Filia sitting can be found in Beowulf's Character Art folder, but it is mostly similar to the original sketch. The only difference is that The Hurting is colored, and Samson's body is more transparent.


Skullgirls Peacock sitting on Beowulf's chair.png

Peacock is slouching, watching something on an unplugged TV with her buddies Avery and George.

Skullgirls Parasoul sitting on Beowulf's chair.png

Parasoul is doing a royal perch.

Skullgirls Ms. Fortune sitting on Beowulf's chair.png

Ms. Fortune quietly rests on The Hurting.

Skullgirls Painwheel sitting on Beowulf's chair.png

Painwheel is struggling to sit on The Hurting because the Buer Drive is in the way. At least she's trying her best.

Skullgirls Valentine sitting on Beowulf's chair.png

Valentine is sitting on The Hurting while being... restrained?

I turned myself into a chair, Marie! Boom, big reveal!

Double is turned into a chair... while letting a chair sit on top of her.

Skullgirls Eliza sitting on Beowulf's chair.png

Eliza sits on a chair in a way that's akin to an Egyptian hieroglyph.

Annie Frames

Skullgirls Annie unused hitsun frame.png
A frame of Annie and Sagan making an anime-esque strained face. This can be found in the hitstun folder.

Skullgirls Annie unfinished tag out frame.png
An unfinished frame of Annie's tag out animation.

Mrs. Victoria

Skullgirls Rough MrsVictoria.png
A rough placeholder image for Mrs. Victoria can be found alongside the graphics for the Class Notes stage. The final game uses an animated version instead.

Marie and Umbrella Assets


Nerf Marie!
Skullgirls Marie Eyes.png
Skullgirls data charcoin marie glow01.pngSkullgirls charselect pedestal name marie01.pngSkullgirls charselect portrait name marie01.png
Marie, the final boss, has graphics for the character select screen. No corresponding character select portrait or face icon exist. It was likely she was intended to have been included as a playable character. Marie was later included as a potential candidate in the DLC voting campaign during the 2013 Indiegogo Fundraiser, but lost to Eliza and Beowulf. An eye-level image intended for the HUD when using a team is also present.

Marie has an image intended for the Blockbuster reel that appears when a character activates their Blockbuster. Even though she does gain meter, she has no Blockbusters defined so this image is never seen.


Umbrella, Parasoul's kid sister, was supposed to be included but was dropped early in development in lieu of Valentine and Double (Squigly suffered a similar fate, only to be reintroduced as DLC later on regardless). Umbrella also did not survive the DLC voting campaign during the 2013 Indiegogo fundraiser. She was announced as a DLC character in 2021 as part of the first season pass, and released in 2022.

I am a shadow...the true self!
Umbrella has a shadowed portrait for Story Mode, which goes unused. In regular gameplay, the shadowed portraits are used in Story Mode when Double imitates the player character.

Joke Story Mode Images

Skullgirls Eliza Weird.pngSkullgirls Beowulf weird.png
Two joke images found alongside Eliza's and Beowulf's Story Mode graphics, respectively.

Filia Story Mode Frames

Skullgirls FiliaHarrassment Lines.pngSkullgirls FiliaSkull Lines.png
Unfinished versions of used frames from Filia's Story Mode.

Filia Story Mode Animation

Skullgirls Filia unused story mode cutscene animation.gif
A close up of Filia's face that was possibly meant to be used for her alternate story mode ending.

Fukua Story Mode Image

Fukua's entire Story Mode is a joke, by the way.
A joke image found with the ending graphics of Fukua's Story Mode.

Peacock Story Mode Image

Skullgirls Peacock Corpse.png
Peacock grinning at her mutilator's corpse. She never does this in-game, but the image is available in both the gallery and the Digital Art Compendium.

Placeholder Graphics

Skullgirls-UI-Win-Textures-MainMenu-header lobby.png
A temporary multiplayer lobby header.

And a controller image or something. Graphics for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 pads are in the game but aren't used by the PC version.

A test level background? Well, it has Test Poo Ver 1.0.

Skullgirls uv map.png
A UV map.