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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (Wii)

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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

Developer: Toys for Bob
Publishers: Activision (US), Square Enix (Japan)
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: July 13, 2013
Released in US: October 16, 2011
Released in EU: October 14, 2011
Released in AU: October 3, 2011

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is the game that made toys-to-life games popular (for a time). And it also stars a certain purple dragon.

Early Character Names

The Skylander's initial names are left over in the game files for both the XPEC-developed and Wii/Wii U versions.

Final Early
Whirlwind Air Dragon
Sonic Boom Gryphon
Warnado Sky Turtle
Lightning Rod Storm Giant
Bash Rock Dragon
Terrafin Land Shark
Dinorang Dinorang
Prism Break Gem Golem
Sunburn Fire Dragon
Eruptor Eruptor
Ignitor Flame Knight
Flameslinger Fire Elf
Zap Sea Dragon
Wham Shell Crab
Gill Grunt Gill Grint
Slam Bam Yeti
Spyro Spyro
Voodood Skull Orc
Double Trouble Wizard
Trigger Happy Golden Cheat
Drobot Metal Dragon
Drill Sergeant Drill Bot
Boomer Bomb Troll
Wrecking Ball Force Field Grub
Camo Life Dragon
Zook Bambazooker
Stealth Elf Stealth Elf
Stump Smash Ent
Hex Shadow Maid
Chop Chop Pandoran Elite
Ghost Roaster Ghost Eater
Cynder Cynder

Moreover, some of the names of NPCs are left over in text data in the home console versions of Spyro's Adventure that were developed by XPEC, and it's yet to be confirmed if these exist in the Wii/Wii U versions.

To do:
Continue to search through the game text files to find more.


Final Early
Cali Bodi
Persephone Nari
Hugo The Historian

Debug Minion

To do:
Find a good video of this character and its abilities.


There exists an unused Skylander (known as "Debug Minion" in the files). Its moves include teleporting and using a rainbow attack. This only exists in the Wii U port and some ports of Skylanders Giants

Version Differences

On the Skylanders collections menu, if you have the soul gem for a character and press A on their icon, a gameplay demo of the Skylander plays. For some reason, this was changed on Wii discs with ID of RVL-SSPP-EUR-B0, which instead plays a short clip of the Skylander in the clouds (as seen in the character trailers).