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Small Soldiers

From The Cutting Room Floor
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Title Screen

Small Soldiers

Developer: Tiertex
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in US: November 1998
Released in EU: 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Small Soldiers is a platform game developed by Tiertex and published by THQ for the Game Boy, based off the movie of the same name.

Unused Music

There are two unused songs; both likely to have been used. Both songs were accessible in the music test, and enhanced when the game is played using a Super Game Boy, so it is likely that they were removed at the last minute.

This song was likely the boss battle with Chip, and is song 5 in the music test.

The other unused song that can be accessed in the music test using the GameShark code 01070EDD may have served for the ending sequence. Game Boy Game Genie code 073-2A9-F72 will enable song 07 to be selectable in the sound test.

Placeholder Screens

Three placeholders screens were likely going to be used as in-game cutscenes, but the first one was probably not since it had the word kill in it. A title screen placeholder exists as well; all complete with Super Game Boy palettes. Access the unused screens via Game Genie code ??4-09F-E6A.

Small Soldiers SGB Unused Screen 1.png

Could have been intended for when your location was discovered by the Commandos. ID: 18

Small Soldiers SGB Unused Screen 2.png

May have been intended for when Chip is Electrocuted then explodes during the chase battle. ID: 20

Small Soldiers SGB Unused Screen 3.png

Could have been intended for anywhere. Because of the location following the previous screen, it may have been intended for a scene where all of the soldiers come out of hiding after Chip's defeat as the first cutscene. ID: 21

Small Soldiers SGB Unused Screen 4.png

Just a placeholder Title Screen. ID: FF

Unused Text

Found at 0x4344 is some text that may have been for an early cutscene.

The gorgonites must escape
from the toy store
by reuniting the gorgonite clan
you have a group to
challenge the commandos

Leader of the
commandos. Chip
leads his men.
from the front.
Leader of the
gorgonites his
prowess is with.
the bow.
Ocula is light
on his many feet
He can run fast.
but is weak
in battle.
Punchit and his
pal scrachit join
to be a
valuable pairing
Back from the
dead he
will wreak
revenge upon
Something about

Unused Levels

A Roof area was planned and text can be found referring to the room not present anywhere in the game.






Small Soldiers SGB Unused Level Bathroom.png

Entering the Game Boy Game Genie code 090-C2A-E6A or modifying the ROM address 0x50C2 to 09 will start you off in an almost finished Bathroom level. Music from the Dumpster area is played and a custom palette setting is shown. Three enemies will shoot at you, there is a sink with frozen water and a toilet that you can walk on. Accessing the upper-leftmost area is impossible since you cannot jump far enough with a running leap. Exiting from either the left side or from the incomplete collision from the far left will lead you out into the Upper Hallway where the door is closed. Oddly, pressing up at the doorway entrance will display the word ENGAGED. The level name can be found with the other level names at 0x45F7.

Super Game Boy Debug Modes

By setting ??C-DEC-E6E you can disable specific Super Game Boy functions that were likely used to test certain features, likely normal Game Boy sound.

  • 00 - No Super Game Boy SOUND commands or palettes will load. Normal Game Boy music will play.
  • 01 - Normal Super Game Boy functions.
  • 02-FF - SOUND command 80800080 will load at startup and whenever the song changes. Likely used to set a specific song for testing. ??5-CCF-E68 can be used to set the BGM flag.