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Smurfy Snowboard

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Title Screen

Smurfy Snowboard

Publisher: IMPs
Platform: HTML5
Released internationally: 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Can't get enough of the sled level from the 16-bit games? Smurfy Snowboard has ya covered.

Unused Graphics

  • It appears as though the game was going to be translated into Dutch at some stage. The flag is never used in the game.


  • In Smurfette's sheet, there's a pure magenta block in the corner. In Papa Smurf's sheet, this area contains a sprite that doesn't apply to Smurfette (who has less sprites overall).


  • There's also a duplicate Papa Smurf sprite in Smurfette's sprite sheet, probably used for size comparison.
  • Finally, a sheet with only Papa Smurf's snout from his game over pose. It's labelled as 'pif' which is sometimes used in the comics as a sound effect, so maybe something was going to fall on his nose.