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Title Screen


Developers: Nintendo R&D1, Minakuchi Engineering
Publishers: Nintendo, Hyundai (KR)
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: January 26, 1990
Released in US: February 1990
Released in EU: September 28, 1990
Released in KR: 1990

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SolarStriker is Nintendo's first vertically-scrolling shooter game, and the only one they made until Metal Torrent for DSiWare.

Stage 0

The large spacecraft in Stage 0

Address CA19 reads the current stage, with values 01-06 being Stages 1-6, and values 07-08 being used for the cutscenes of beating the final boss and returning to the player's mothership Mother Atena respectively at the end of the game. Although CA19 is kept at 00 on the title screen, Stage 0 cannot normally be "played" without cheating.

Stage 0 itself shows a large ship that is presumably Mother Atena. When the game reaches the top of the screen, it loops to the bottom again. Stage 0 can be accessed with GameShark code 010019CA or Game Genie code 005-0AF-E6E.