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Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)/Unused Objects

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This is a sub-page of Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).

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There's more misplaced objects and rings.

There are two major categories when discussing unused objects in Sonic Adventure: objects that are unused entirely, and objects placed either in areas they're never seen and/or only exist due to being leftovers from another character's version of the stage.

Special thanks to the author of the SET Fixes mod (supercoolsonic) for extensive research into this area, discovering the vast majority of the objects listed on this page.


SonicAdventure JumpPanel9.png

9th Jump Panel
Jump Panels can go up to 9, but only 8 of them are ever used. The 9th panel was used in the AutoDemo version of Speed Highway 3, but the sequence was removed in the final game due to the stage being redesigned.

Rocket HS (#15)
A sealed rocket that fires horizontally. Vertical sealed rockets are used in Red Mountain, but the horizontal variant is never used anywhere.

This generates a random large fish for Big to catch. It appears in the object list of every stage accessible to Big.

It has the following IDs:

  • Emerald Coast: #76
  • Hot Shelter: #85
  • Twinkle Park: #87
  • Icecap: #119

Unused Enemies
Some stages have enemies in their object lists that are never placed anywhere:

  • Icecap: Rhinotanks
  • Casinopolis: Unidus

Emerald Coast

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OIWAPO.png

O IWAPO (#41)
A tall rock similar to the ones that appear alongside the whale area in Act 1. However, it uses the same textures as the platforms over the small pond in Act 2. It also has some quite buggy collision.

SonicAdventure OKOMOMO.png

O KOMOMO (#57)
A square-shaped light. This object was used in the AutoDemo above the small island in Big's stage, but was taken out for the final game.

SonicAdventure K2.png

K2 (#64)
A long, small grass bush. An otherwise minor piece of scenery that never made the cut - it works perfectly, even generating leaf particles when walked through by the player.

Mistakes & Leftovers

That bit in the distance is the terrain with the checkpoint before the triple loops. This spring is present in all versions of the game.

Act 2 Spring
Through certain glitches, other characters can access the Sonic version of Emerald Coast. Completing the first part of the stage dumps the character in a void below the playable level on a lone spring, an area not visible normally anywhere. This is the default starting point for characters other than Sonic (geometrical coordinates 0,0,0), but the presence of the spring evokes questions. There are actually two springs, both loaded into the exact same spot.

Act 3 Sonic Leftovers
There are many leftovers from Sonic's Emerald Coast in Act 3 (Big's stage), including dash panels, rings, and springs. There's only being one dash panel where the first loop would be instead of multiple ones, which points to the leftovers being from an early version of the stage as it's consistent with what appears in the AutoDemo. DX removed these leftovers, but in doing so also removed the objects seen in the cutscene - making the area completely empty.

These objects can also be seen in the AutoDemo.

Windy Valley

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OTURIBR.png

O TURIBR (#54)
A bridge that collapses when you walk over it, similar to the bridge that appears just before the end of Act 1. However, this one is a lot shorter. Notably, it fits perfectly over the short Light Dash path in Act 3.

SonicAdventure Tumbleweed.png

O BALL (#69)
A tumbleweed object. It moves in a fixed cycle when approached and can't be interacted with by the player in any way. However, the animation is very short and has a noticeable skip back to its starting point when it reaches the end of its cycle. The first variable for this object increases the speed and distance the object flies out.

O SETSMO (#33)
An effect generator that creates dusty wind. Its first variable is used to control the frequency the effect generates, while the second variable increases the size of the effect. The object is mostly functional but has the tendency to cause extreme graphical glitches, which is likely the reason it never appears in the first place.

B LEAF (#40)
An effect generator that shoots leaves in a horizontal pattern. Its first variable increases the speed of the leaves. A similar object with the same name was used in the early version of the stage, but shot leaves vertically instead of horizontally.


Unused IDs

SonicAdventure FlipperLxRx.png

FlipperLx (#35)/FlipperRx (#37)
Small flippers, leftover from the early version of the NiGHTS pinball table.

(Source: Sonic Retro (image))
SonicAdventure Dtarget2.png

Dtarget2 (#49)
A larger version of the regular drop target squares. Despite being larger, it behaves in exactly the same way and drops the same rewards.

SonicAdventure Saico.png

Saico (#68)
A small 2D object for the NiGHTS pinball table resembling one of that game's rank crystals. When touched, the crystal starts spinning and continues to cycle until it stops in a random rank. The object does not produce any sound and has a minor issue where the "E" texture appears blank whenever it lands on an F rank.

SonicAdventure PianTama.png

PianTama (#73)
A small egg. It rocks back and forth slowly until touched, whereupon a Nightopian flies out. After the Nightopian hatches, the egg loses its collision.

SonicAdventure UeAlEgg.png

UeAlEgg (#84)
A generator object that spawns the giant clock object in the Reala section of the NiGHTS pinball table. A similar object (#83: SitaAlEgg) is used to spawn the clock in the NiGHTS section.

KB1 (#135)/KB2 (#136)
Billboard objects. These are exactly the same as the "SONIC" and "NiGHTS" billboards, but have "Galaxy Rose" and "Emerald Line" signs instead.

SonicAdventure FKAFKB.png

FKA (#144)/FKB (#145)
Small sets of stairs. The first version is longer than the other, but neither are able to be walked up by the player - they'll just slip back down the bottom.

SonicAdventure KDAM.png

KDAM (#174)
A smaller version of the rectangle that Knuckles can dig into on the first floor of the stage.

SonicAdventure SLOTISU.png

SLOTISU (#175)
A generator that creates a line of four chairs. Judging by the object's name ("Slot Chair"), these were intended to be placed around the slot machines in the main area near the Sonic statue. It makes an appearance in early screenshots.

SonicAdventure WSR.png

WSR (#185)
A variant of the smoke generator used in Act 2 (WSR2). The generator is similar to the used version, but creates white smoke instead of orange-tinted smoke. The effect is around the same size as Sonic's head.

A collision sphere that only becomes visible in Debug Mode. As its name suggests, touching it will damage the player. Its first variable is used to scale the object.

SONZ (#113)
Unknown. Doesn't appear in-game and doesn't do anything.

O SMOKE (#124)
Doesn't appear in-game and doesn't do anything. It was probably a generator for some kind of smoke effect.

CRECT2 (#176)/CCAP (#178)
Two unused collision spheres. CRECT is a duplicate of the common collision sphere object used in the game, while CCAP seems to be a combination of the cylinder and sphere collision objects.

LETSGO (#189)
Appears as a collision sphere in Debug Mode, but the purpose of this object is unknown. Doesn't seem to do anything in-game.

O MUD (#194)
An unused mechanic for the sewers. When placed, Sonic and Tails gradually look more "dirtier" as they move through the stage. The palette that this object reads from to create the effect is found in the file PL_9MB.BIN. Since this object isn't placed anywhere, both the palette file and the dirt effect go unused.

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure DtargetBug.png

Broken Dtarget objects
There is a bug that exists with the Dtarget objects. A large ring appears a certain distance away. It's supposed to encircle the Dtarget objects, but is positioned incorrectly. When all three targets are knocked down, the ring lights up.

SonicAdventure ExtraMareSign.png

Extra Mare sign
An extra Mare sign is placed just outside the NiGHTS area of the NiGHTS pinball table. It never appears usually because it has incorrect variable values, but can be seen if the issue is corrected.

It's likely a leftover from an earlier version of the stage.

SonicAdventure JackleCard.png

Jackle Card
There are 10 cards in total for the NiGHTS pinball table, but only 9 of them are able to be collected by the player. This is because one of the cards never appears - the Jackle card. The Jackle card works just like any of the other cards on the table, but the card generator never uses it for some reason. This means the table's "Straight" bonus (collecting all five Green or Red cards) is only possible with green cards.

Unused door behavior
The giant doors at the end of Act 2 have the ability to close behind you when you pass under them. However, it can cause a lot of problems with the camera, which is the most likely explanation as to why they never normally do this.


Unused IDs

SonicAdventure Hashra10c.png

Hashra10c (#46)
A large, rocky column. It has full collision but no top or bottom. It was intended to act as support for the overhanging ledges at the first set of trick ramps in act 3.

(Source: MainJP)
SonicAdventure Kareki123.png

Kareki01 (#52)/Kareki02 (#53)/Kareki03 (#54)
The dead trees that infamously appeared in multiple early materials for the stage, including the AutoDemo. Each one has a different model. They don't have fully modelled collision, but this seems to be intentional as they still have enough to be recognised as an obstacle by the snowboard.

SonicAdventure OMOKUABC.png

O MOKU A (#57)/O MOKU B (#58)/O MOKU C (#59)
Flat, 2D trees that appear to be low-poly versions of the evergreen ones. These can be seen placed along the sides of the stage in very early materials of the stage, though the texture they use in many shots is different - early materials show them using a more cartoon-like snow texture, whereas the final game uses a more realistic one. MOKU A and MOKU B are actually placed in Act 3 for both Sonic and Tails, but they're never seen normally because they're hidden inside large rocks. They can be seen (in different spots) in the AutoDemo.

(Source: Sonic Retro (image))
SonicAdventure ODRYAB.png

O DRY A (#60)/O DRY B (#61)
Just like how there are low-poly versions of the evergreen trees, there are low-poly versions of the unused dead trees as well! They were used in the AutoDemo, but don't make any appearances in the final game. Despite there being three dead tree models, there are only two low-poly versions.

SonicAdventure MizukusaB.png

MizukusaB (#67)
A variant of the underwater plant object that was intended to be placed in Big's stage. It behaves in the same way as the used version, even failing to stop while the game is paused.

SonicAdventure OITA12.png

O ITA01 (#68)/O ITA02 (#69)
Small platforms. Neither of these objects have any collision and their textures appear in a bizarre pattern. They may have been intended to be used as background decorations as opposed to interactable platforms.

SonicAdventure SuisyouR.png

SuisyouR (#78)
The smallest version of the ice crystal object. It was placed all over Acts 1 and 3 in the AutoDemo, but is missing entirely in the final game.

O FUTAM2 (#85)
A duplicate of the small breakable ice square in Big's stage. It has no differences to the used version.

O SnowNewA (#89)/O SnowRockC (#96)/O SnowRockD (#97)/O SnowStoneC (#100)/O SnowStoneD (#101)/O SnowStoneE (#102)/O SnowStoneF (#103)
Various rock objects. Some of them were used in the AutoDemo, but none of them are used in the final game.

O ICEBAR1 (#64)
A variant of the ice bridge seen in Act 2. This is exactly the same type of object as the used version, but reacts to a different switch ID (0). It was used in the AutoDemo version of Act 2 just after the small frozen pool - in fact, there was even a hole for it to appear out of just like the spot the used one is. However, it doesn't work in that version.

The hole in the wall intended for this object was removed in the final game, though for some reason it was added back in for Sonic Adventure DX.

Mistakes & Leftovers

Hidden Breakable Ice
A breakable ice square is hidden below the small frozen pool in Act 2. However, it can't be interacted with as it's obscured by solid geometry.

Twinkle Park

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OBALLTP.png

O BALL (#55)
A bowling ball! This object has unique textures and even a number of (also unused) Tikal hints mentioning it, but is never used. When placed, it generates the same type of door as the used bowling sections nearby. The distance the door generates from the player changes depending on the character - for Sonic it's the same distance away as the launchers he uses in those sections, but for Amy the door is generated a lot closer.

The ball was intended to be used for Amy, as the aforementioned unused Tikal hints mention using the ball to knock back ZERO, which is indeed possible with it. The object was never used because Amy never goes through any of the bowling sections in the final game.

SonicAdventure OPLANT12.png

O PLANT 1 (#79)/O PLANT 2 (#81)
Potted plants. Only half of the plant exists, so presumably they were planned to be placed on walls. Despite never being used, they were redesigned for Sonic Adventure DX.

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure TP2MisplacedHalloweenDecoration.png

Misplaced Halloween decoration
With the Halloween event enabled, one of the decorations in Act 2 is placed out of bounds. It's likely caused by its Z coordinate being negative, since it otherwise points to a spot behind the first checkpoint.

SonicAdventure TrapDoorBehavior.png

Trap door behavior
The trap doors in Act 3 have an unused behavior when their first variable is set to 1. When one of the objects is placed with that value, it reflects in the mirror.

Act 2 Sonic leftovers
There are numerous leftovers from Sonic's version of the stage present when playing as Amy or Big, but they can't be seen normally due to the areas the leftovers are in being blocked off. Amy's layout was cleaned up in DX, but Big's leftovers can still be found.

Speed Highway

The majority of unused objects for this stage were used in the AutoDemo, but removed for the final game.

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OARCADE2.png

O ARCADE2 (#35)
An orange awning. It works just like any of the other awning objects - if you jump on it, you bounce off it. It was used in the AutoDemo version of the stage.

SonicAdventure ONbox4.png

O Nbox4 (#46)
A newspaper stand. It looks similar to the used version of the stand, but has a flat square top instead of a sloped one. It was used in the AutoDemo version of the stage.

SonicAdventure Trashcan.png

O BAKETU (#59)
This object is supposed to be a trashcan, but its textures are no longer in the game and its lid is incorrectly positioned at the object's origin instead of at the top of it. Touching the object causes it to briefly bounce along the ground, then fall through the floor. If the game is paused after touching it the object can be seen in its original spot, but disappears again when the game is unpaused.

O GREENA (#62)/O GREENB (#63)/GREEND (#64)/O Curb (#75)/O Fence2 (#76)
Various environment objects. These were all used in the AutoDemo, but were replaced by an identical generator version of the object in the final game to save space by spawning multiple lines at once from the same object rather than spawning each object individually.

O HeliB (#87)
This is an unused variant of the helicopters used in Act 2 (O HeliA) that is otherwise identical aside from having a different behavior for its light. Rather than simply move back and forth like the used version, the lights on these helicopters follow the player. It was used in the AutoDemo version of the stage.

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure Swing.png

Misplaced Swing
There is a swing in Speed Highway floating in mid-air near Tails' section. The swing only exists while playing as Sonic, so it's never seen.

Early Act 2 Layout
Leftovers from an early version of Act 2 remain as part of Act 1's object list. The version of the stage this layout is copied from predates the AutoDemo, as the same layout can also found hidden under the stage in the AutoDemo. There is notably a capsule at the bottom, which is consistent with the AutoDemo's object layout and not in the final version of the Act.

Unused Missile Variable
The first variable of the missile that appears in Tails' stage can actually be used to adjust the scrolling speed of the missile's UV lights. However, since only one missile is ever seen this property is never truly shown.

Red Mountain

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure o komokosu.png

o_komokosu (#23)
Spider webs, complete with their own unique texture. This object uses its rotation to determine how curved the web is, and its variables to stretch it out.

SonicAdventure o untei3.png

o_untei3 (#27)
A fully functional smaller variant of the bars used at the top of the mountain near the end of Act 1, having only one "segment". Like the used versions, this is intended to be attached to a wall.

SonicAdventure ORELAYP.png

O RELAY P (#49)
A piece of the zipline that appears to be attached to a wall. It seems to be intended to be placed somewhere along the paths of the ziplines in the stage, but it's not known where. The object is animated, but has no collision or sound. Its first variable is used to determine the initial frame of the object's animation.

SonicAdventure OTURI34.png

O TURI3 (#65)/O TURI4 (#66)
Two unused variants of the bridge object. These may have been intended for the areas where BREAKSTEP1 is used in Acts 1 and 3, as they fit in perfectly over the spaces those objects occupy.

SonicAdventure HATAKI.png

HATAKI (#78)
A catapult! All of its variables are used to control how the object behaves: The first one determines the speed the catapult launches, the second one determines the speed the catapult reels back after launching, and the third one (if used) controls the "weight" of the object - how long it takes for it to reach top speed when launching. There are various holes in its collision - for example, if the catapult launches while the player is standing on it, they'll just fall through after it reaches a certain point.

However, if it slams into the player and crushes them, it'll cause damage the same as any other "crush" object in the stage.

A duplicate of O BREAKSTEP1, the crumbling bridge objects. There doesn't seem to be any difference between the two, other than this one being unused.

O BLOW2 (#82)
Unknown. This object doesn't do anything, nor is it ever used anywhere.

O BLOW (#81) is a used variant of this object that loops the sound of the lava geysers, but it was mistakenly placed outside the boundaries of the stage so it never gets activated normally.

Mistakes & Leftovers

Unused BREAKSTEP behavior
The first variable of both BREAKSTEP objects can generate additional bridges when set to values higher than 1.

At first glance this appears to be the same as the used second variable (block count), but extra segments generated with this property fall independently to each other, rather than all at once.

Unused Flamethrower behavior
The fire-breathing skulls in this stage act differently if their first variable is set to 1: instead of breathing fire periodically, they instead breathe it indefinitely. It was used in the AutoDemo's version of Act 2, but left out in the final game.

Act 2 Sonic leftovers
Some objects from Sonic's version of Act 2 exist in Gamma's version of the Act. They can't be seen because Gamma never gets to this part of the stage. The dash panels were removed in DX, but the rest of the layout exists in all versions.

Sky Deck

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure TOWER I.png

TOWER_I (#61)
An unused decoration. Its properties must be set to "1,1,1" for it to appear correctly. It has no animations, but has complete collision and textures for it.

SonicAdventure COLDFAN.png

COLD FAN (#63)
A giant fan. Its properties must be set to "1,1,1" for it to appear correctly. The propeller inside stops briefly after each spin it makes, but it's not known if this was intended or not.

SonicAdventure LANTERN.png

A small white post decoration. Its properties must be set to "1,1,1" for it to appear correctly. It has unstable collision, making it easy to clip through by simply jumping on it.

SonicAdventure CTRLTOWER.png

A tower decoration. Its properties must be set to "1,1,1" for it to appear correctly. It has an animation that behaves similarly to the one used for COLD FAN. The object was intended for Act 2, even making an appearance in one of the screenshots for the game's website.

SonicAdventure CARRIER3.png

CARRIER3 (#82)
Sky Deck has a number of objects that spawn additional models to add the rest of the Egg Carrier to the stage. However, for whatever reason the variant intended for Act 3 is unused. It fits in perfectly over that Act if placed, though properties must be set to "1,1,1" for it to appear correctly.

It was used in the AutoDemo version of the stage.

SonicAdventure OVENT.png

O_VENT (#124)
Long, black rectangles with a kind of flapping effect similar to being blown by wind. The greater the gap between their first and third variables, the more wildly they'll move. It doesn't have any collision or textures.

WARNING: This object can crash the game when viewed in Sonic Adventure DX: Preview's object placement editor.

BLOCK_0 (#46)/BLOCK_1 (#47)/BLOCK_2 (#48)/BLOCK_3 (#49)/BLOCK_4 (#50)/BLOCK_5 (#55)/BLOCK_6 (#56)
These are all unused copies of the (non-falling) block segments used in Act 2. Aside from the inability to spawn enemies, they're identical to the used versions. BLOCK_2 is used, but not in the way it was intended - instead, it's used to fill in missing geometry around the giant cannon at the end of the act. They only appear if their first variable is set to 1.

SCOPE (#73)
This object contains the target reticle graphic used by several hazards in the stage. Its scale can be adjusted using its variables. It's not known if this is the same object called by the hazards, but it never appears on its own like this.

E ACLIFT (#89)
Individual aircraft enemy generators for Act 2. These were probably used with the unused BLOCK objects, but the objects used in the final game have these enemy generators built into the object themselves rather than placed separately.

S_WING (#83)/S_MAP (#84)/S_OBJ (#85)/S_ENG (#86)
Unknown. None of these objects appear in-game or seem to do anything.

NEXT ACT (#88)
The object that takes the player to the next act. While this is used in other stages Sky Deck's transitions are handled by destroying cannons, so the regular object is never needed. It was used near the cannons in the AutoDemo.

TRAIL (#120)
An object that periodically fires a set of small white lines. It has no collision and doesn't seem to do much else, but the lines will move around the player if they stand in their path, as if trying to avoid them.

SND_ENG (#121)
A generator that plays the same sound effect used by the Egg Carrier in Red Mountain. However, it's never used.

T COLLI (#122)
A collision object that remains invisible outside debug mode. Its first variable determines its shape, while the second variable scales it. The shapes it can take are a flat horizontal cylinder, a flat vertical cylinder, and a sphere respectively. The player is not affected by it, but the lines generated by TRAIL collide with this object - the lines will avoid these objects similar to how they avoid the player.

W_WALL (#126)
Unknown. Doesn't appear in-game and doesn't do anything.

HOMING (#135)
Unknown. Doesn't appear in-game and doesn't do anything.

O_SIGNAL (#136)
Unknown. Seems to be able to produce bright colors when its variables are given certain values, but doesn't seem to be visible outside debug mode.

Lost World

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure Ashikabe02.png

Ashikabe02 (#37)
An unused platform for the snake room in Act 1. It was used in the AutoDemo.

SonicAdventure LostWorldMovingGate.png

Gate (#47)
A thin door that continuously moves up and down, even while the game is paused. It was used in multiple spots in the AutoDemo, but replaced by the regular doors in the final game. Getting crushed by the door doesn't do anything to the player, though it does have the potential to push them through the floor.

SonicAdventure OFOG LI.png

O FOG_LI (#75)
A giant light, similar to the one unused in Emerald Coast. It only appears if its first variable is set to 0. It seems to be broken in Sonic Adventure DX, appearing much darker than it should be and very stretched out.

SonicAdventure LostWorldSwitchOff.png

Aokiswitch (#78)
Name translates to "Blue Switch". A reskin of the standard switch object, complete with all of the same behaviors. It has very round collision and is easy to walk over despite its size. It seems to have a problem displaying the top half in Sonic Adventure DX.

O Dou1 (#71)/O Dou2 (#72)
Unknown. Doesn't appear in-game and doesn't do anything.

Mistakes & Leftovers

Act 2 Sonic Layout
Knuckles is usually confined to the room with the light panel puzzle when playing as him in Lost World. However, if you manage to enter Sonic's section of the level through cheats or glitches, it turns out that these areas are populated with objects.

This layout appears to be from an earlier version of the stage, as many objects are in different locations or missing, and there are also some that aren't usually supposed to be there. Some objects, such as the Boa Boas, are in the object files for the AutoDemo version of this stage.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Final Egg

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure O UP ARM FIX.png

O_UP_ARM_FIX (#28)
An already broken vertical claw. It can be scaled with its variables, something it shares with the other claw objects. It was likely intended for Amy's stage, as she can find a broken horizontal version of the same claw in her stage. There is a vertical claw that appears near the beginning of Act 1, but it's operational in both layouts.

SonicAdventure OROTDOOR.png

A small yellow door that swings open when approached. There are a small number of places the door may fit, but ultimately it was never used.

O GATE_B (#45)/O GATE_D (#47)/O GATE_E (#48)/O GATE_F (#49)
Various generator objects that create doors in various areas of Act 3. Most of the doors are incorrectly rotated and do not open, and only GATE_B works correctly. GATE_D can be opened by pressing a switch with ID 0. That switch was placed in the upper area of the room the door spawns in and can be seen (without the door) in the AutoDemo version of the stage, but was replaced with item boxes in the final game.

SonicAdventure ODRUM.png

O DRUM (#54)
These are a variant of the drums found at the beginning of Gamma's stage. However, they're unable to be pushed. If the drum is attacked by the player, it explodes leaving behind multiple pieces of shrapnel nearby on the floor. The explosion does not harm the player, or enemies such as ZERO.

SonicAdventure OSuikomi.png

O Suikomi (#59)
A large metal ring that fits perfectly into the shaft of Act 2. It has no collision, but was used twice in the AutoDemo version of the stage.

SonicAdventure OBigLight.png

O Big Light (#62)
A huge light machine that generates a light effect when the player is nearby. The closer the camera is centered on the glass of the object, the brighter the light it creates becomes. It has no collision at all.

E HIYOKO (#21)
Name translates to "Chick". This is the remainder of an untextured duck object that appeared in the AutoDemo. In this version, the object simply points to (and spawns) an Egg Keeper, with the enemy in question behaving no differently to any of the other Egg Keepers in the stage.

An invisible object with the only purpose of removing ZERO from existence if he approaches it.

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure GSHOOTERShooting.png

Unused GSHOOTER Behavior
The GSHOOTER objects (the objects lined up on the wall in the first Beat room in Act 3) have the ability to shoot Beats out just like the other generators, but since the max number of beats the object can shoot is set to 0 normally, they never do anything. This can be fixed by setting the object's second variable to anything above 0.

Unlike the regular Beat shooters, these ones don't run out of Beats.

SonicAdventure FECapsule.png

Act 1 Capsule
There is a lone capsule sitting out of bounds near the beginning of Sonic's Final Egg. You can reach this with a well-timed Spin Dash jump, meaning the level can easily be completed in under 10 seconds in this version of the game. Other instances of oddly placed capsules in this stage match up to the locations of rings in test layouts, so it's assumed that this capsule was also a ring originally. It was removed in DX.

Sonic Leftovers
Acts 1 and 3 have some leftovers from Sonic's version of the stage when playing as Amy and Gamma respectively. They were removed in DX.

GATE Behavior
When playing through Gamma's stage, it's notable that he can't open the gates at the beginning and end of his stage. All of the gate objects specifically do not open when playing as Gamma, including the ones that only appear in Sonic's stage.

Conversely, GATE_G - a GATE object normally only used in Gamma's version of Act 3 at the beginning of the stage - will open normally if approached by Sonic despite this gate not appearing in his version of the stage.

Hot Shelter

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OHAGURUMA23.png

Two gear variants. These work just like any of the other gears, with the same variables and behaviors. They're just never used.

SonicAdventure ODARUMA.png

O DARUMA (#68)
A large box with a lightning effect inside. This object is affected by gravity, falling if placed in midair. Where it was meant to appear is unknown, though.

SonicAdventure OHAKO.png

O HAKO (#69)
A platform with blue sides. This object can by pushed by the player and falls if it reaches a gap. However, it can easily become stuck inside walls.

A pulsating blue light. It has no collision, but can be scaled with its variables.

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure HotShelterObjects1.png

Unobtainable Life Box
A life box appears in the large room of the first Act above the area where Amy presses the switch to release water. The path used to get to its location is blocked, however, making it impossible to obtain. It was removed in DX.

Act 1 Big leftovers
There are a number of leftovers from Big's version of Hot Shelter that can be seen when playing as Amy. All of these were removed in DX, with the exception of the glass over the large tank. Despite that, the glass can't be seen from Amy's route in DX anyway due to transparency issues.

Station Square

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OPOWERBOX.png

A round metallic pedestal of some kind. Other than some slightly glitchy collision, it works fine.

SonicAdventure ChaoCard.png

A card similar to those used to access Speed Highway and Twinkle Circuit can be found among the objects for Station Square. The card has the same texture used for the Chao Stadium doors, and both this and its associated text indicates that the Chao Races were unlocked through using the card, though it doesn't activate anything in the final game.

A message appears when the card is picked up, which will be in Japanese regardless of the language setting:

Japanese Translated
チャオカード… チャオスタジアム会員のしるし Chao Card - Proof of Chao Stadium membership
(Source: Sonic CulT)
SonicAdventure UnusedNPCBoy.png

Unused NPC (Type #23)
There are many different types of NPCs in the game. Some of them only have one minor appearance and others are only used in cutscenes, but only one manages to be truly unused: a variant of the young boy wearing a cap, which can be found if the NPC type is set to 23. (Left is the used version, right unused.)

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure DuplicateClock.png

Duplicate Clock
The clock at the top of Station Square's City Hall has another clock behind it. This is a leftover from an early design, as the clock sits at the same height in the AutoDemo's object layout for Chaos 0.

SA Ads.png

Unseen Ad
In the City Hall section of Station Square, there are two ads which are positioned out-of-bounds near the shop with the Chao Egg. On the other side of these ads are windows; the ad on the left can be seen normally (albeit slightly obscured), but the ad on the right is completely hidden.

SonicAdventure OddBigPowerup.png

Extra Lure Upgrades
Extra lure upgrades for Big are found at the spots Tails gets the Jet Anklet and Sonic gets the Light Shoes, but Big can't reach either of these areas. The upgrades are a copy of the one located in the sewer nearby, and collecting any of the three will cause the other to disappear.

SonicAdventure HotelKeys.png

Hotel door puzzle
There is a puzzle that appears when the doors to the pool area in the hotel are closed. For most characters these doors are always open, but for Big it can be found before completing Icecap. However, as Big cannot enter the hotel before completing that stage, this layout is never seen.

Two keys are placed on the floor, and Big must put them in the correct holes to open the doors to the pool area. Given this, it's likely that Big was supposed to solve this before he could access Emerald Coast.

The below message appears when Big picks up either key, and will be in Japanese regardless of the language setting:

Japanese Translated
なんだこれ? What is this?
(Source: Sonic Retro)
SonicAdventure CasinoGeometry.png

Duplicate Casino
If the player goes to and leaves the Casino area in Station Square, a duplicate of the casino will appear out of bounds in every other part of Station Square. The duplicate has incorrect textures and no collision at all. This is because the Casinopolis object doesn't unload between maps.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Unused Train behavior
The train between Station Square and Mystic Ruins will eventually return the player to the station after leaving. This is never seen because the game transitions to the next area automatically upon the train leaving. The train moves away, waits for a minute, and then starts moving back. However, the train's position gets set too close to the station when it returns, making the animation look slightly choppy.

Christmas Tree song selection
In a case of unused content from a DLC pack, the Christmas trees placed throughout Station Square in the Christmas 1999 download pack can be made to play one of two versions of Dreams Dreams through changing properties - however, only one is used normally. Christmas trees set to play the alternate song are placed, but only in inaccessible duplicate map IDs of Station Square. Thus, both this property and the other song go unused.

Unused New Year 1999 pine text
The Japanese-only New Year 1999 ("Kadomatsu") DLC has 3 unused lines. The first two reference Casinopolis, an area that has no pines placed in-game. However, this pack received a patch to fix a bug preventing progress in Knuckles' story - it's likely that these lines were associated with pines that were removed for this fix. Other than this, there are two lines for the hotel area associated with pines that don't spawn text boxes, leaving their message unused. These messages are leftovers from the 1998 Christmas DLC, both reading "-Hotel Manager-".

Japanese Translation
We'll be sure to fix the door switch this year -Casinopolis Manager-
We pray for continued success and prosperity in the new year! -Casinopolis Manager-
-ホテル支配人- -Hotel Manager-
(Source: PkR)

Egg Carrier

SonicAdventure OWASHER.png

O WASHER (#32)
A washing machine that bounces around wildly, stretching back and forth. If the player touches it, the object stops bouncing. To make it start bouncing again, simply touch it again.

SonicAdventure ECHeliModel.png

A helicopter with a large searchlight. It was originally found patrolling the areas around the deck, but was removed for unknown reasons. Since it has no object, it can only be seen by viewing its model (209B38 in the PC version's ADV01MODELS).

Mystic Ruins

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure ItemStand.png

This object has two versions that can be toggled with its first variable. Setting it to 0 will cause the center of the object to be the bottom of a switch, while setting to 1 will cause it to be the top of a switch. The lights and switch will briefly disappear when touch, but otherwise it's nonfunctional - even if the two are combined.

(Source: Sonic CulT)
SonicAdventure OCHAOSEMERALD.png

Giant Chaos Emeralds. These are similar to the ones that appear in the past, though those ones are different objects entirely. The red Emerald may be related to the one that appears in the jungle during Tails' story, but the rest are never used in this way.

SonicAdventure OSAMPLESMLSW.png

O SAMPLE S (#35)/ O SAMPLE M (#36)/O SAMPLE L (#37)/O SAMPLE SW #38
Debug objects. These transparent cylinders can be interacted with depending on their size - the smallest can be picked up, and the medium-sized one can be pushed. The others aren't able to be pushed at all.

O SAMPLE M can also be pulled, but only slightly.

O W LEAF2 (#57)
An effect generator. The object spawns a single leaf that falls randomly.

O TORNADO2 (#64)
Unknown. Crashes the game when placed. It may be related to the crashed Tornado 2 in Super Sonic's story.

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure AngelIslandDoor.png

Door in Angel Island
The door that stands between the cave and the outdoor area in the Angel Island section of the Mystic Ruins is usually only ever seen from inside the cave. Despite this, the outer side of the door has its own unique design that is usually never seen.

The door also has an opening and closing animation that's never seen either, as the door is always seen open or closed.

Mystic Ruins (Past)

Unused IDs

SonicAdventure OFALLTREE1.png

A tree that splits in half when approached. It was most likely intended for the burning altar map.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Mistakes & Leftovers

SonicAdventure Tri.png

There is a very small triangle hidden inside the large pyramid of the main area.

Sky Chase

SonicAdventure SkyChaseFurniture.png

TV1 (#2)/ISU1 (#3)/ISU2 (#4)/TANSU (#5)/KABIN (#6)/KAIGA (#7)/TV2 (#8)/REIZU(#9)/SOFA (#10)/TAKAN (#11)/ROCKET (#12)
Various furniture objects, including dressers, televisions, and tables.

Sa flyingdragon.png

BOSS (#18)
Probably the most well-known unused object in the game - the unfinished mechanical dragon boss for Sky Chase. It can be added to either Act, but its textures only load correctly in Act 1. In Act 2, it'll either appear with no textures, the textures of another object, or just simply be invisible (Sonic Adventure DX: Preview).

The dragon will fly behind you menacingly (it moves along the same path as the player) until the level ends. It has no collision detection (well, it does and can hurt the player if they're close to it) and no attacks, but can still be targeted. Without the use of camera hacks or Sonic Adventure DX: Preview's debug features, the boss is near-impossible to see because the camera never moves in front of the player at any point in either Act.

A video of it in action can be seen here. It can be seen breathing fire in various early screenshots including the one on the left, but never does this when added into the game. However, the animations for it doing so still exist.

Additionally, the dragon has a path. It starts after Sonic and Tails arrive at the Egg Carrier from the back, though it goes unreferenced.

TARGET (#17)
Unknown. Doesn't appear in-game and doesn't seem to do anything.

Perfect Chaos

Perfect Chaos is the only boss stage in the game to have any unused objects. Only one of them (the tentacle) has any sort of collision at all.

SonicAdventure Chaos7Decor.png

O CORN (#16)/O TIRE (#17)/O SIGNAL (#27)
Various decorations. A traffic cone, a broken tire, and a broken version of one of the lights that appear in Station Square.

SonicAdventure PerfectChaosTentacle.png

An obstacle that resembles a hand. It throws itself forward attempting to catch the player when added to the stage. The player can't get hurt by the object, though it does have a very small collision box at its base.

SonicAdventure OROAD0.png

O ROAD 0 (#22)
A segment of broken road, similar to the others placed around the stage.

SonicAdventure OWALLABC.png

O WALL A (#29)/O WALL B (#30)/O WALL C (#31)
Various chunks of rubble.

Unused SET Files

Usually, characters that enter stages without their own SET (Object placement) file will use Sonic's. However, sometimes completely unused layouts can be encountered if either that character does have a SET file, or if Sonic was never intended to be there himself. Many of these layouts were created using an older version of the stage's object list, meaning that the objects in them have incorrect IDs - causing the wrong objects to spawn.

  • Sonic has SET files for a number of maps he doesn't go to: Emerald Coast 3 (SET0102S), Twinkle Park 3 (SET0302S), Hot Shelter (SET1200S, SET1201S and SET1202S), and ZERO (SETZEROS). He also has files for two entirely unused maps: Final Egg 4 (SET1003S), and Hot Shelter 4 (SET1203S).
  • Layouts used for early test stages (SET0000S and SET0001S) are still in the game. SET0001S contains only a single ring and can only be loaded by forcing Amy into Hedgehog Hammer's unused second Act. SET0000S crashes the game if any character tries to access it in the Dreamcast version, but it loads fine in Sonic Adventure DX (though in the latter case the layout only contains rings).
  • Tails uses a unique SET file for his cutscene with Sonic in Emerald Coast (SET0101M) due to the capsule needing to be removed. The file is identical to Sonic's version aside from the obvious lack of a capsule - the entire Act's layout is loaded, despite only a small part of it being needed.
  • Tails has SET files for all Acts of Sky Deck. Since he never goes to them, his Acts 2 and 3 have been left very empty, only consisting of a small number of obstacles with incorrect IDs.
  • SETMR01A is the file for the Mystic Ruins Angel Island area as Amy, but it's never used normally since the area never opens up to her. The layout is for the most part identical to the ones used for the other characters.
  • SET9999S is a file that isn't used for any stage. Its only object is a single ring at (-999,-999,-999).

Hidden Rings

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There's a lot more of these. Probably better off as a list than images.

Many stages have rings floating out-of-bounds in impossible locations, usually (0,0,0).