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Sonic Adventure 7

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Title Screen

Sonic Adventure 7

Also known as: Sonic Adventure (title screen), Sonic 3D Blast 5, Sonic 8, Sonic Adventure 8, Pokémon Jade Version: Special Pikachu Edition
Developers: Makon Soft Studios (Yong Yong)
Publishers: Makon Soft Studios (Yong Yong)
Platform: Unlicensed Game Boy Color
Released internationally: 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Sonic Adventure 7 is proof that remaking a terrible Game Boy game in SUBLIME GREEN, BRILLIANT BLUE, and RADICAL RED won't make it any better. If anything, doing that makes it worse.

If you wanted a Pokémon version, here you go.

To do:
  • Any more Sonic 3D Blast 5 leftovers?
  • Add screenshots and any more important info for the alternate versions of this game.

Unused Graphics

No thanks, I don't want tar all over my hands.

These tiles are loaded into VRAM on the title screen. An earlier version of the game would have likely flashed "PUSH START" on the title screen, much like Super Mario Special 3.

Should have been called Bright Green Hill Zone.

The Green Hill Zone title card from Sonic 3D Blast 5 is loaded into VRAM on the Game Over screen, proving that it came before Sonic Adventure 7.


Sonic 3D Blast 5


The original version of the game, released sometime in 1997-98.

  • The game doesn't have Game Boy Color support, meaning that the palette can be changed through the BIOS unlike SA7.
  • The ROM is 256kB in size. The other versions are 512kB.
  • The intro graphics are taken from Sonic 3D Blast, and have more frames by comparison.
  • The "Start" screen from SA7 is the map screen from the Saturn and PC versions of Sonic 3D Blast here.
  • The level order is different, with the first Zone resembling Green Hill from the official games.
  • Some of the music is different in this version, with the tracks that are present in the other releases being played in a higher pitch than normal.
  • This version has problems on certain emulators, such as refusing to detect it as a Game Boy ROM.

Sonic 8


A minor hack of Sonic Adventure 7, released in 2000. Also known as "Sonic Adventure 8" on the packaging.

  • The intro is noticeably shorter, with only two frames. The graphics here are different too, and are made up of hastily-edited graphics from the rest of the game as well as a screenshot of Sandopolis Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • The intro music has been reverted to the track from Sonic 3D Blast 5, and is now used for the title screen as well.
  • The "Start" screen is different, with the graphics taken from Sonic 3D Blast.
  • The title cards are also different, and now feature the Sonic Adventure logo from SA7's title screen.
  • The Zones have been swapped around again, with the Flying Battery-inspired Zone (the second level in S3DB5 and fourth level in SA7) being the first one in this version.
  • The in-game graphics have been recolored, but they don't use any more colors than SA7.

Pokémon Jade Version: Special Pikachu Edition


In 2001, the game was reskinned with a Pokémon theme and features the following (mostly cosmetic) edits:

  • The intro stills have been replaced with images of seemingly-random Pokémon and some of the characters from the anime.
  • A story has been added to the game, which appears after the title screen.
  • The Zone title cards have been replaced entirely, and are now written in Comic Sans.
  • Some of the sprites have been changed, with Sonic being replaced with the Pikachu sprites from Pokémon Adventure.
  • The palettes for the stage backgrounds have been updated, and now use more than 4 colors.
  • The Zone order has been reverted to that of SA7.
  • The songs for Stages 1 and 5 were swapped, as were the intro and title screen themes.
  • The controls have been updated very slightly, as you can now move left and right at any point while jumping upwards.
  • The code to end the stage when touching the goal post appears to be broken, as doing this now crashes the game. As a result of this, everything beyond Stage 1 is now inaccessible without hacking.